ScotCops STILL Gettin Away Wi Murder: 13months & STILL NO CAUSE OF DEATH #Justice4Sheku


Sheku committed NO CRIME

Sheku’s injuries were received IN POLICE CUSTODY


Police Scotland are FRANTICALLY tying to cover their backs & will do pretty much ANYTHING to keep this quiet.


& even tried to SHIP SHEKU’S BODY OUT OF THE COUNTRY They FAILED at that too

The way the ScotCops are carrying on, people might start to think that they are 


Wonder what happened. It’s a real quandary! If only we had police to police the police.


Anguished family of Sheku Bayoh still no closer to knowing what caused his death in police custody 13 months on   12 Jun 2016

THE father of two was pronounced dead following an altercation with up to nine officers in a street near his home on May 3, 2015.

Sheku Bayoh with his partner Collette Bell and their son Issac
Sheku Bayoh with his partner Collette Bell and their son Issac

PATHOLOGISTS working on the Sheku Bayoh investigation have still not established how he died 13 months ago.

He was pronounced dead following an altercation with up to nine officers in a street near his home on May 3, 2015.

Pathologists, including two who worked on the Hillsborough inquiry, have carried out extensive tests since then to try to find what caused his death.

Family members believe Sheku, 31, died from positional asphyxiation caused by the actions of the officers involved.

Petechial haemorrhages were present in his eyes, a sign associated with asphyxiation.

Other causes which have been discussed include the controversial diagnosis of excited delirium, which critics say is often used to try to explain away deaths in police custody.

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Professor Jack Crane, the former state pathologist for Northern Ireland, has been commissioned by the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner to try to find the cause of death.

Bayoh's partner Collette Bell with their son Isaac
Bayoh’s partner Collette Bell with their son Isaac

Another expert involved in the Hillsborough case, Dr Nat Cary, has worked on post mortem tests on behalf of the Bayoh family.

A PIRC report is expected to be delivered to the new Lord Advocate James Wolffe this summer.

The Crown Office and Sheku’s family can then ask for further inquiries to be carried out.

A source said: “The exact cause of death has not been established. Work has been carried out to try to do this and is ongoing.

“It is complex, and critically important to what happens thereafter,
hence the length of time it is taking.”

Other evidence being assessed includes CCTV footage taken from two locations near the spot where Sheku was apprehended by police.

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The PIRC inquiry will also examine the conduct of officers involved. Their interim report was sent to the Crown Office on August 7 last year.

Dad-of-two Sheku was detained in Kirkcaldy by a group of up to nine police officers responding to reports of a man carrying a knife.

Officers restrained him using leg and arm restraints, CS spray and batons.

Sheku, who is thought to have taken the drug ecstasy, was pronounced dead in hospital a short time afterwards.

No knife was found on him but one was found close to the scene.

A female officer, PC Nicole Short, was injured during the incident.

Lawyer Aamar Anwar with Bayoh’s family who are determined to get justice for him

She was treated in hospital and released around the same time as Sheku was pronounced dead.

A PIRC spokesman said: “The Commissioner recognises the tragic circumstances and her investigation is committed to getting to the truth of what happened that day.

“This is a complex and wide-ranging investigation and, as it has progressed, further lines of inquiry have emerged which have lengthened the process.

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“The Commissioner continues to act on the instructions of the Lord Advocate and is committed to delivering a thorough, impartial and independent investigation. A report will be submitted to him in due course.”

Assistant Chief Constable Kate Thomson said: “Police Scotland note that a report into the circumstances relating to the death continues to be compiled by the PIRC.

” Our thoughts are with Sheku Bayoh’s family and friends.

“We are committed to continuing to work with the Crown Office and PIRC to ensure that we fully understand the circumstances that led to his death.” SOURCE SundayMail

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WTF is wrong wi Fife?!

Sheku Bayoh
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