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84785069_o> The Templar’s Castle affair in 2001. I’m now going to demark myself from David Icke. Though he also talks about the satanic practices of the Royal family, they add all the reptilians. David icke’s sole purpose is to set us to false leads. This story is very serious and was completely covered up to blackmail the perpetrators.

In 2001, most likely in the Maritime Alps & very likely between mid-May & mid-august, France was plagued with rumors among the public services that the masses never heard about unfortunately. Each year, a great satanic ceremony was settled in a temple castle in Cagnes sur Mer by Royal Family.

The cream of the Satanist elites was to be present with many members of the MI5 & MI6. The program included orgies, tortures & murders of a high number of children & adults. Thus, they have a great quantity of preys that were locked down in the basement, where the rituals also took places. Let’s add all these people were completely high, almost hypnotized & gambling games got even more confusing.

What happened in 2001 is that many victims actually escaped [ 10 ]. This caused a great mess in the surrounding countryside and also the intervention of the local police. They called the English military that expatriated the English Royal family members, especially William & Philip, hidden until the waist under potato bags [ 11 ]. This way, most of the French cops & the English military men present never knew who the people were swiftly hidden away in the back of an anonymous van.

84785378_oEverything could have gone for the best of a movie shot during the rituals in the castle would not have ended up in foreign secret services. The CIA & the Mossad seems to own their copy, and a number of copies are available for sale all over the world.

Apparently many English Satanists are under the threat of blackmail which costs them a lot since this affair comes out.

Why do not we, the good people have any right to know anything about this story and more about all the geopolitical consequences as we go to bear its aftermath 12 years later? Now it is clear that nothing has changed, as impunity reigns over those cocaine-addict psychopaths who rule the world.

Question: How many children and adults (mostly women) were massacred during those blood bathed rituals? & When this all damn things will ever stop ?? http://dondevamos.canalblog.com/archives/2013/06/23/27496212.html

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  1. David Icke really ticked me off when he said many pizzagate followers were believing too much and and not questioning enough. the problem is not questioning too little. The scope is so wide and vast, its not possible to believe too much. David is not trying to relieve some of the guilt. I knew sooner or later he as going to have to come out, just like Alex Jones. Now they are both out. Good riddance! Jones/Watson denied Hampstead from its beginning. May they rot in hell.

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