Robert Green: Conduct of the Daily Mail

From: Robert Green
Sent: 14 October 2017 15:40
To: **********************
Subject: Conduct of the Daily Mail
As some readers may be aware, Guy Adams of the Daily Mail has launched yet another grossly unbalanced attack on Chief Constable Mike Veale for his inspirational and courageous example of carrying out his duty without fear or favour, supported of course, by other senior police officers, with regard to the Heath case.
Yet again, I was also maliciously quoted by the Mail over Hollie`s case. The fact that the allegations were Hollie`s and not mine is not something the Mail has bothered to inform its readers. A few days ago, I had forwarded all the independent expert witness documents fully supporting Hollie`s claims to the Mail`s Editor-in-Chief, Paul Dacre, including one headed by Chief Constable Andrew Brown of Grampian Police, in a letter dated 24th September 2003 to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, which resulted in the CICA granting a financial award to Hollie as a genuine victim of sexual abuse.
Bearing in mind this latest offending article, allow me to remind readers what the Chief Constable`s letter said in its penultimate paragraph.

“Officers who have dealt with Hollie have taken the view that she was a truthful witness, to the best of her ability and an entirely innocent victim.”

It could hardly be clearer, but it seems that Mr Dacre has no regard for the truth, nor any pretence at balanced journalism. A relentless effort by the Daily Mail in support of the Establishment`s obsession in attacking Chief Constable Veale seems to be its chief motivation. The Mail is even prepared to be so unscrupulous as to smear a brave disabled victim of multiple sexual abuse, Hollie Greig, in the process.
I should say that I asked Mr Dacre to confirm that he had personally read all the supporting evidence for Hollie, including that from Dr Frances Kelly, of Grampian Police, Dr Eva Harding, Dr Jack Boyle and Dr Paul Carter. Disappointingly, Mr Dacre has not had the decency to even reply, unless the authorising of this disgraceful article today may be considered to be his response.
I would add that based on Hollie`s allegations and the expert witness supporting evidence, all I asked the police to do was to conduct an adequate investigation into her complaints. That this was never done was confirmed by DC Lisa Jane Evans on oath in court in 2012, admitting that not one of those identified as alleged abusers by a witness, so described by the police themselves as truthful and an entirely innocent victim, was even questioned by the police.
Of course, the police had no right to buckle under political pressure, but the recent discovery from my former MP, David Mowat of Scottish government documents, establishes that the required investigation was blocked by a ministerial colleague of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, Elish Angiolini.
I have been critical of the Daily Mail and its editor, Paul Dacre. If Mr Dacre feels that I have been unfair in my criticisms, he is at liberty to say so. Unlike the Daily Mail, I believe in fair play and in respect and support for victims of horrific sexual abuse.
Robert Green

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