Ricky Dearman is UKCallum is…….

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 Ricky Dearman’s Facebook page






Here, you can see he keeps doing it on some of his profiles.

It’s one of the ways you can tell it’s Dick.

Of course there are other ways,

We will get to them eventually.




This link is broken, profile deleted 17.6.15

The Sound Affects  profile on YouTube has a link to his Google+ account

as well as a link to Hoaxtead Research,

Dick uses the profile “Scarlet Scoop” on WordPress.com.



He joined YouTube at the end of October, 2014 as “Pleiadian Reborn”.

He had been interviewed by police in mid-September and knew

something was happening, he began creating profiles on Facebook, Google+ and Youtube.

The GFL connection

(“Galactic Federation of Light”)

He was using the email address gfl@reborn.com while commenting on

HampsteadResearch.com as Scarlet Scoop.

When you comment on WordPress.com, your email address & IP number are captured.


(Website taken down)


“Pleidian Reborn” changed to “Constance Waring” (constant swearing),

“UK Gollum”, and then “UK Callum”.

This original profile became “Sound Affects”.

“Sound Affects” was the name of “The Jam” album he loved, not mis-spelt Effects…


The “Sound Affects” profile has recently been changed to

“Spiny Norman”

but the address line remains the same


He has multiple Google+, YouTube, Twitter & FaceBook accounts

Spiny Norman’s Google+ Page

FaceBook account mentioned in photo

Even his logos are similar, “within the ring”

El Coyote from Hoaxtead Research

Scarlet Scoop

Hoaxtead Research

An older profile, “Sound Affects”

He can/will become anyone….

This is where he got his profile photo for Constance Waring…

This is Constance Waring’s Google+ page

It is separate from Sound Affects and her personality is

a born-again christian, but she is no christian.




For the record…


We saved the best for last of course..

Link to Youtube video comments section where the above comment appeared.

REBLOGGED IN FULL FROM https://holliegreigjustice.wordpress.com/2019/07/25/ricky-dearman-is-ukcallum-is/


1 thought on “Ricky Dearman is UKCallum is…….

  1. Ah ! Thanks …I’d noticed the El Coyote ( alias) in comments on various random YT ch.s !!! only because the insane, nasty content ! prompts one to look at ‘ who the fuck is saying THAT ! ‘ .
    There are lots of these kinds of unmemorable comments though, so it’s quite extraordinary to remember only that one… isn’t it ?
    Weird . Perhaps its just his are the most gruesome of all !
    Anyway, good to be able to look up some of these.

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