Rae Dawn Chong claims she ‘had sex’ with Mick Jagger when she was 15 & he was 33.

ir Mick Jagger’s relationships have been well documented over the past six decades.

Married and divorced once, he has been romantically involved with many other women including Jerry Hall, Marianne Faithfull and Marsha Hunt.

However, details of one encounter, an alleged two-day fling in 1977 with a 15-year-old aspiring actress, have just emerged.

More than four decades after the encounter Rae Dawn, the daughter of Tommy Chong, a comedian, has broken her silence – albeit accidentally.

Ms Dawn, a three times-divorced 58-year-old grandmother, inadvertently told of the alleged relationship in a taped interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Her indiscretion came after she was asked how she landed a role in the 1985 film, Commando, her best-known role.

‘I got it because I’d been in a Jagger video and then they asked me how I knew Mick and before I knew it I’d blurted out that I’d had sex with him when I was 15. It just slipped out,” she told the Mail on Sunday.

“I feel incredibly bad about it. It’s me and my big mouth. My family and friends knew about it but it’s not something I have ever dined out on.”

Ms Dawn stressed the relationship was consensual and that the Rolling Stone did not know how old she was.

She introduced herself to the rock star, who was 33 years old and married to Bianca at the time, while visiting a friend – the daughter of John Phillips, the lead singer of the Mamas and the Papas.

“He never asked me how old I was and I never told him,” she said.

“It never came up. I remember thinking he was really cute. He had tousled hair. I thought, ‘Oh man, he is beautiful.’

“He said, ‘What are you doing right now?’ I said, ‘Nothing really.’

“He grabbed my hand and we jumped in his limo and went straight to a recording studio. The Stones were there, I was in the background. I remember being in there for hours and hours.

“Then I slept over at his apartment. I knew what I was doing. I was experimenting with Mick. I was having fun.”

The following day, Ms Dawn recalled, the couple went to the group’s recording studio, before going to see a Fleetwood Mac concert at Madison Square Garden in New York, where they were mobbed by fans.

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