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Court told how man fondled girl pupil in bed Herald Scotland Aug 29, 1994

Ex-pupils tell court of frequent abuse HeraldScotland 2nd Sept 1994  archive


http://www.north-star-news.co.uk/News/1m-price-tag-for-two-Ross-shire-pupils-29032013.htm   archive


26/09/1994  School house parent abused five young girls under his care herald scotland


A HOUSE parent who sexually abused five young girls at the independent school where he worked was sent to the High Court for sentence yesterday.
A lawyer for bearded Adrian Batty, 42, told Dingwall Sheriff Court that he had already received a death threat in Porterfield Prison Inverness.
Sheriff David Crowe criticised Raddery School on the Black Isle — for emotionally damaged children which, he said, had ”behaved in a naive manner” for employing an unqualified man like Batty and allowing him to supervise young girls overnight. 
Batty, who had been remanded in custody since his trial for reports, stood unmoved as Sheriff Crowe told him: ”You were found guilty of five offences of lewd, libidinous, and Indecent behaviour involving five separate girls all under the age of 16.” 
He said what Batty had done to the girls might have been classed as normal behaviour had it happened between consenting adults in private.
“All stated they were unhappy about what was being done to them but they felt unable to complain. It is disturbing that one of the girls thought that this was to be expected in the normal world.” The sheriff added: ”The school was set up to treat emotionally damaged children, some of whom had suffered previous sexual abuse. You must have known in general terms why they were at the school. You were a house parent and you abused a position of trust. It might be mentioned that the school behaved in a naive manner. It was happy to employ you though you had no educational or social work qualifications. It was happy that the night room was moved from the boys’ to the girls’ wing and happy that supervision was carried out by an unmarried man.”
Sheriff Crowe said there was a reporting system to cover incidents of a sexual nature and had Batty felt he was being subjected to sexual advances he could have used it. He had not done this.
Batty, originally from Cumbria but who had been living with his parents in Forres, Moray, was found guilty by a jury on September 7 of indecency charges involving five girls at Raddery between 1983 and 1989.
His lawyer, Mr Neil Ramsay, said Batty had been held since the trial at Porterfield Prison where ”his life has been threatened by another inmate”. He said Batty had found himself in a situation where ”temptations had become a real and accessible demon”. He said Batty’s life had crumbled about him. He was married with two young children and his wife had started divorce proceedings.
The offences came to light when one of the girls involved, now a married woman with two children of her own, was convinced by her husband that what had happened to her was ”out of order”. She had then reported the matter and an investigation was launched.
Before the police inquiry started, the principal of Raddery, Mr David Dean, who was awarded the OBE two years ago for services to education, alerted the Scottish Office and Highland Region. This resulted in a three-month inspection by HM Inspectors of Schools and Raddery now has a child protection officer, a public phone which the pupils can use, and at night two adults are on duty, one male and one female, with only the female being allowed into the girls’ bedrooms.  read in full HeraldScotland  archive

School house father who abused girls is jailed for five years Oct 5, 1994

Paedo Adrian Batty lived in Beechway, Forres.. (map)  

Raddery to Forres & Findhorn is approx 40 miles


Row over ‘offenders’ school  
A HIGHLAND residential school for children with behavioural problems is at the centre of a row with angry residents calling on the Scottish Executive to intervene. Raddery School in Ross-shire, which was founded in 1979, closed in June 2001 due to financial problems. Now multi-million pound plans have been laid to re-open the school with improved facilities. Provisional planning permission to build an education block, sports hall and extra sleeping accommodation at the Edwardian mansion of Raddery House, near Fortrose, was granted by council planners last month. Read in full scotsman

A FARM steading fire could have resulted in poisonous gas sweeping across the Black Isle. And only quick work by Highland Fire and Rescue Service prevented what could have become a life-threatening scenario occurring. Firefighters managed to clear a large quantity of  fertilizer out of the blazing steading before it got a chance to burn, causing toxic fumes to spread across a wide area. And as the firefighters fought the inferno at Wester Craiglands, near Fortrose, Highland Council’s emergency service were considering evacuating homes north of Wester Craiglands within a 4km area, including houses in the Ordhill, Raddery, Upper Raddery and Blackstand areas.
Eight children and staff from the nearby Black Isle Education Centre formerly Raddery School were evacuated.  Read in full  Highland News

17 Aug 2016  Ross-shire school closure deadline nears north-star-news

There is still time for people to submit views on the future of Raddery School.

THE deadline is nearing for the public to submit views on a proposed Ross-shire school closure. Highland Council intends to shut The Black Isle Education Centre at Raddery near Cromarty. The centre, also known as Raddery School, has been catering for boys with behavioural and social issues for around 40 years. The proposal papers and associated documentation are available via this link: highland  SOURCE north-star-news

DAVID DEAN   David Dean OBE  advises Ecologia  in Therapeutic Education

DAVID DEAN KITEZH  A visionary new father for motherless Russia  archive

http://lazyduck.co.uk/david-dean-therapeutic-environments/   archive


June 1995 – Paper – Raddery – The Philosophical Underpinning


MAY 8, 2012  Findhorn, Kitezh and Ecologia Youth Trust  archive  Home / Findhorn 2012 


The Findhorn Foundation, are excited to welcome the founder of Kitezh Children’s Community, Dmitry Morozov and two key members of the Russian foster family community to visit us here in Scotland in May.
There is a strong connection between the Findhorn Community and Kitezh through Ecologia Youth Trust. Liza Hollingshead, founder of Ecologia, which is based in the Findhorn community, shares the story…
Kitezh was founded in 1992, just thirty years after our own community. It is their 20th Anniversary this year. Dmitry Morozov was a radio journalist with a vision to create a new world and Perestroika was the perfect time to do it. He left a prestigious job in Moscow and moved to the countryside, sharing his vision and an invitation to join him with his listeners on Radio Mayak.
When I met Dmitry in 1993, he and his small group had built one house on a large piece of land, and they had started to take orphaned, abandoned children into their family. I remember him telling me that it is easier to change a child’s view of the world, than an adult’s. Little did they know what they were committing themselves to! It was not that simple.
Over the past 20 years, through the vehicle of Ecologia Youth Trust, I became more and more involved in supporting this extraordinary experiment. In 1996 we took a group of our Youth Project teenagers to Kitezh where they camped in a field and learned to eat buckwheat and dill! The following year Dmitry brought a small group of children, all orphans, to Findhorn and they visited other parts of Scotland as well. It was an eye opener for everyone!
We gradually started raising money to build more houses for families at Kitezh – at that time a little went a very long way. £2,000 built a whole house! We also took small groups of people from here to visit Kitezh, including Madge Bray, who introduced the whole concept of therapeutic work with children.
This led to a training programme paid for by a UK Know How fund that introduced top class British Social Workers and Educators to Kitezh including David Dean, then principal of Raddery School on the Black Isle. Play Therapy, Art Therapy and a therapeutic approach to healing early childhood trauma became an integral part of the work with children. And simultaneously, the adults became more aware of their own inner development process, encouraged by Dmitry whose apprenticeship with Svyatoslav Roerich in India had set him on a yogic path long before he founded Kitezh.
In a rare opportunity to hear from the founder of Kitezh, Dmitry will give a talk in the Universal Hall, Findhorn Foundation, on 10th May at 7.30pm. He is joined by Max Anikeev, Director of Kitezh School and a masterful singer of soulful Russian songs, and Zhenya Ryazhskaya, who was here with the Youth Group, and is foster mother, teacher, theatre director among other things. They will also show a short video about the community to give a flavour of the place and the children, many of whom speak excellent English thanks to Andrew Aikman and our many volunteers who spend time there.Over the years, almost all members of Kitezh Community have come to Findhorn – for Ecovillage Training, Experience Week and conferences. Many Findhorn Community members have also visited Kitezh. In 2009 fourteen Youth Project teenagers travelled to Kitezh and then raised the funds for the Kitezh teens to pay them a return visit, including a week on Erraid. So their participation in the Holistic Centres Gathering entitled the Network of Light is very appropriate. We have been building and strengthening this aspect of the Network of Light over the past 20 years, threads of energy passing back and forth between the two communities, giving and receiving.
It promises to be a wonderful evening of inspiration, music and connection with the Network of Light.



Open Letter to foster families Kitezh (translated)  http://kitezh.org/

Dear colleagues and friends of Kitezh!
Moskovsky Komsomolets” newspaper today published an article titled “The Kitezh all sweet, so disgusting”  (archive) in which the adoptive parents are accused of Kitezh abuse of foster children.
Responsibly declare that the article is slanderous, insulting personal and professional dignity of Kitezh and kitezhskih foster families, denigrates children living in foster families. Therefore, we take the article seriously and as a reason for appealing to the courts to restore the good name. We will file a lawsuit against the author of the article and the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” on protection of honor and dignity, as well as to demand an official denial.
Kitezh – a public organization supporting foster families, the existing more than 20 years exclusively for professional assistance to such families, to accumulate and develop best practices for the rehabilitation of the adaptation of orphans and children in difficult situations.
The system of psychological support to foster families in Kitezh is based on the principles of openness, a constant diagnosis of children status, obtain advice of external experts. There is the conclusion of external experts – psychologists for advice and work with children experiencing difficulties in adapting.
In particular, every child in Kitezh is supported by a psychologist, mentor, each family involved in the psychological Review, monitored the psychological well-being of the family. This makes it possible to ensure the safety of foster children in the family, successful development and protection of their rights.
We believe that if the contents of the article were true, it would inevitably impact on the psychological climate in all children’s and adult team, would have led to negative dynamics, and the uselessness of all other measures for rehabilitation.
Also audited the efficiency of Kitezh and service support in Kitezh specialists of federal and regional level.
The experience allowed on the basis of a tripartite agreement to create a service-based psychological support Kitezhskoy school, work life regularly monitored by external inspectors, for example, are putting out the FAQ by test results. READ IN FULL  http://kitezh.org/otkrytoe_pismo   archive

Referencing Kitezh Community

https://www.findhorn.org/2007/10/a-life-devoted-to-children/   archive

Kitezh –http://www.friends-partners.org/ccsi/nisorgs/russwest/kitezh.htm  archive
So what exactly is Kitezh? “Since 1993 Kitezh has functioned as a non-government, non-profit home and school for orphaned Russian children in a community of foster families who live together on a large piece of land in a rural area 300km south of Moscow in Kaluga region near Baryatino… There are 20 permanent resident adults, who care for 30 children as foster parents and teachers. Their goal is to provide for 50 families with 200 children with the long-term intention to create 50 Kitezh villages elsewhere in Russia” (Haven.12). Liza Hollingshead, founder of Ecologia Youth Trust, first met Morosov in 1992, just a year after he founded Kitezh. In 2012 on centersgathering.org, Hollingshead writes “Over the past 20 years, through the vehicle of Ecologia Youth Trust, I became more and more involved in supporting this extraordinary experiment. In 1996 we took a group of our Youth Project teenagers to Kitezh where they camped in a field and learned to eat buckwheat and dill! The following year Dmitry brought a small group of children, all orphans, to Findhorn and they visited other parts of Scotland as well” (CG.3).
Findhorn involvement in Kitezh Community – https://www.findhorn.org/2009/02/ecologia-launches-book-about-kitezh-community/




https://spidercatweb.blog/satanic-ritual-abuse-the-orkney-story/    archive



http://aangirfan.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/savile-military-bbc.html    archive

Lord Lieutenant of Orkney Colonel Macrae & Radio 1 DJ Jimmy Savile,   by Phoenix Photography

Allegedly Jimmy Saville supplied kids to top people such as former UK prime minister Ted Heath.

Sir Jimmy Saville was seen by the witness, victim, taking young boys on board Heath’s yacht the morning cloud…Saville is known for supplying a number of high profile MP’s with children for them to sexually abuse.”



Timothy Geddes has been accused of child trafficking in Panjim in Goa, in India.

“Timothy Geddes, a Winchester University graduate, was a music teacher at Glaitness School, in Kirkwall, in Orkney.

“He quit in 2012 saying he was going to teach in Goa.

“He maintained a regular blog http://tgeddes.edublogs.org/ relating his “experiences” in Bambolim, Goa.”  

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/goa/6-boys-rescued-from-house-rented-by-Brit/articleshow/47054761.cms  archive

DAVE MARROW’S STORY  {Orkney & Military}

Military Army, Navy & RAF


uk answers yahoo question

Orkney, Ayrshire, Cleveland … will the authorities ever learn about child sexual abuse cases? {March 2016}

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