QUARRIERS "The 335 Children In Unmarked Graves" in Scotland

335 Children In Unmarked Graves

“In the graveyard at Quarriers Orphan Homes in Bridge Of Weir Renfrewshire Scotland stands erect and well maintained the gravestones of William Quarrier and his family.
In this graveyard 335 little children are also laid to rest and each one once had there resting place marked with a small gravestone giving the childs name and date of birth and the year the child received it’s golden wings.
Today in that graveyard those 335 little children are lying in unmarked graves as for some reason Quarriers removed the children’s gravestones.
On Friday the 26th January 2018 Jayne Taylor and I from Justice For Children UK will meet with Quarriers who are happy to work with us to find out the answer to our questions which are,
why were the children’s gravestones removed and who gave the go-ahead for this to be done?
We at Justice For Children UK also want to find out if Quarriers will replace each child’s gravestone as no child should be left for evermore in an unmarked grave.
After we meet with Quarriers it is hoped that we can get Quarriers to replace the children’s gravestones but failing them to do this then we will continue our fight until they do.”

 Sandy Smith 





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