'Prince Harry is a great kisser' States Killers rocker Ronnie Vannucci

‘Prince Harry is a great kisser’: The Killers rocker Ronnie Vannucci makes a VERY intriguing revelation about the royal (and says they’ve had ‘a lot of long nights’)

  • The Killers band member pal, Ronnie Vannucci, made remark about royal
  • The pair met ten years ago and have been good friends ever since
  • Ronnie said they’ve had somne ‘long nights’ and get along really well
  • Prince Harry is dating ‘Suits’ actress Meghan Markle

Prince Harry has been dubbed a ‘great kisser’ by The Killers band member, Ronnie Vannucci.

The 33-year-old royal – who is currently dating ‘Suits’ actress Meghan Markle – has been credited for his seductive ways by his long-time friend Ronnie Vannucci.

Speaking about the red-headed royal to NME, The Killers band member said: ‘Oh, y’know, he’s a great kisser.’ 

The Killers rocker Ronnie Vannucci has joked that Prince Harry, pictured smooching his girlfriend Meghan Markle, is a ‘great kisser’

But the 41-year-old drummer has not divulged how he knows that intimate detail.

Ronnie and Harry’s friendship started one decade ago when Harry attended one of The Killers’ concerts, where they instantly hit it off.

He explained: ‘We became pals 10 years ago. We just get along.’

He previously said: ‘He just showed up at a show one time and we got along. I mean, it’s been ten years I guess. There’s been a lot of long nights.’

But before meeting Harry, Ronnie ‘knew nothing’ about him, not even that he was a member of the royal family and the grandson of the 91-year-old monarch Queen Elizabeth II.


Speaking about his friendship with the royal, he said: ‘We became pals 10 years ago. We just get along’; he added that they’ve had a lot of ‘long nights’ since then

But to Ronnie, Harry was simply a ‘dude in London’.

Speaking previously Ronnie said: ‘I knew nothing about the royals, so when I met him he was just a dude. I’m a dude in a band and he’s a dude in London.’

But Ronnie has admitted having a friend with such a high status is ‘cool’, although he never understood what the ‘bedazzlement of having a Royal Family’ was until he met the star.

The American musician said: ‘Maybe that’s what made things cool. It was just like, “Hey, man”.’

‘It’s safe to say we didn’t grow up with the sort of bedazzlement of having a Royal Family or anything, so I wasn’t educated in what it means to know these people first.’ 

Prince Harry has been dating Suits actress Meghan Markle for several months but they keep their relationship out of the private eye


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