Purple Prince, Riddled Royals & Chemtrails

PRINCE: Search warrant was issued during death investigation

1st probate hearing set for Prince’s estate  02.05.15




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Prince died morning of Thurs April 21st 911 call logged at 9.43am (here)

Autopsy was 23hrs later at 9am on Fri April 22nd (here)

Body released to family 12.54pm Fri April 22nd (see link above)

Cremation less than 24 hrs later on morning of  Sat April 23rd (here)

(THAT IS BLOODY QUICK WORK!! ALL ARRANGEMENTS WERE MADE & CREMATION DONE & DUSTED WITHIN 20 HRS O HIS BODY BEING RELEASED?!! THAT’S IMPRESSIVE.)  But, aside from the incredible organisation skills of his grief stricken family…

According to Huffpost 

“The cause of death remains unknown and it will be at least four weeks before we receive the results of the autopsy,”

According to TMZ.COM “Results from the exam won’t be disclosed until toxicology results come back.. which could take several weeks.  A rep for the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office in Minnesota says they’re still collecting the singer’s medical records as well as family medical history to complete their investigation.”


SO WHY THE HELL was the body released & were the family allowed to cremate him??



Funnily enough, Prince is not the only celeb this year who died suddenly and had a VERY QUICK private cremation

David Bowie. Died Jan 10th 2016 (here) Cremated in private on Jan 12th (here)

 Prince Funeral: Singer Cremated After Private Memorial, Reps Confirm

Close family and friends honoured the star in an intimate ceremony.


“A few hours ago, Prince was celebrated by a small group of his most beloved: family, friends and his musicians, in a private, beautiful ceremony to say a loving goodbye,” the statement read. “Prince’s remains have been cremated and their final storage will remain private. We ask for your blessings and prayers of comfort for his family and close friends at this time.”

Admitting Prince’s cause of death is still unclear, the rep also revealed plans for a public celebration of his life. 

“The cause of death remains unknown and it will be at least four weeks before we receive the results of the autopsy,” they said.

The Midwest Medical Examiner’s Officer has since confirmed that an autopsy was completed on Friday, and no signs of suicide or foul play were found so far. Read in full here Huffpost

PRINCE AUTOPSY COMPLETED … Still No Cause of Death 4/22/2016 11:44 AM

12:54 PM PST — The coroner’s office just released Prince’s body to his family. 

Prince‘s autopsy was just completed … but the cause of the singer’s death is still a mystery. The four hour procedure started at 9 AM CDT Friday and Prince’s body will be released to his family later today. We’re told results from the exam won’t be disclosed until toxicology results come back … which could take several weeks. 

A rep for the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office in Minnesota says they’re still collecting the singer’s medical records as well as family medical history to complete their investigation. Read in full here TMZ.COM


  • 21st of April was Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday (see here)
  • Royalty are associated with Tyrian Purple (see here)
  • Niagara falls was coloured purple in her honour! (see here)
  • Lizzy is our REIGN ing Monarch (see here)
  • Obama had Prince Phil as Chauffeur(here) Obama at lunch with Lizzy (here)

  • 21st of April was the day Prince died.(see here)
  • Prince was associated with the colour purple (see here)
  • Landmarks & newspapers were coloured purple in his honour (below)
  • Prince is well known for the song PURPLE RAIN (YouTube)
  • Obama paid tribute to Prince (see here)

If that wasn’t enough, we then have wee gems like this..

Bury St Edmunds-based Greene King celebrates 90th birthday of HM the Queen – & pays tribute to Prince – after launch of Purple Reign ale  22 April 2016

The special pump and pump clip branding for Greene King

And this…

Then there’s this… Watch from 9m 45secs (time is set) He manages to mention Obama, London, the number 21 & Religion ALL in under 40 seconds!

Blogged jan 3rd 2016  Satanic Ritual Dates

HELLAVALOT of Royal Satanism this month




(Prince William!)  (MJ coincidentally had a son called Prince!)

FALLEN IDOL? Is that similar to a FALLEN ANGEL?

& anyway, he didn’t fall anywhere.  HE DIED!

Jehovah’s Witnesses to Inherit £300 Million??

Famous Active & Former Jehovah’s Witnesses

  1. Prince
  2. Michael Jackson & Family
  3. Venus and Serena Williams
  4. Naomi Campbell & Valerie Campbell
  5. Nelson Manela’s family
  6. Coco Rocha
  7. Michelle Rodriguez
  8. Marc John Jefferies
  9. Notorious BIG
  10. JaRule
  11. XZibit
  12. Patti Smith
  13. Peter Andre
  14. Geri Halliwell
  15. Nemesis Rising
  16. Hank Marvin
  17. Dwight Eisenhower
  18. Gloria Naylor
  19. Dave Mustaine MegadethAnd MANY MORE. Found here



Prince death spurs tributes in purple

Fans have been remembering the life of Prince with purple-coloured tributes and dance parties, after the star died suddenly at the age of 57.

Buildings, newspaper front pages and websites across the US and beyond have changed colour in his honour.

Prince was found dead at his Minnesota home on Thursday. He became a star in the 1980s, with the albums 1999, Purple Rain and Sign O’ the Times. A post-mortem examination will take place on Friday.

Prince was hospitalised on 15 April, after his private plane made an emergency landing in Illinois. It happened just hours after he had performed on stage in Georgia. He was treated and released after a few hours.

Prince’s innovative music spanned rock, funk and jazz. He sold more than 100 million records during his career. US President Barack Obama said the world had “lost a creative icon”.

Purple reign: Obituary of Prince

In Prince’s native Minneapolis, the Minnesota Twins baseball team turned their stadium purple, as did the Lowry Avenue Bridge in the centre of the city. The Niagara Falls were turned purple to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday, but the coincidence was welcomed by Prince fans online. Prince’s home at Paisley Park has become a makeshift shrine, said the BBC’s James Cook at the scene.


WTF?? White Rabbits, REALLY?? Talk about piss take….


Front pages turn purple to mark Prince’s death

Prince Talks About The Illuminati & Chemtrails

Thurs, April 21, 2016




Prince dead: Legendary musician ‘found dead at recording studio’ age 57

Police responded to a medical call this morning prince-getty-1.jpg

The singer Prince has died at his recording studio, age 57.  

Entertainment website TMZ said his body was discovered at his compound in Chanhassen, Minnesota this morning. His spokesperson confirmed his death to the Associated Press

Carver County Chief Deputy Jason Kamerud told Fox 9 that they responded to a medical call at 9.43 am. The cause of death is not yet clear.

The singer, real name Prince Rogers Nelson was hospitalised after his jet made an emergency landing on Friday morning. 

A spokesperson later said he was suffering from the flu prior to the performance and that the plane landed at Moline so he could receive treatment there. Prince later flew on and returned home.  Found here



7 thoughts on “Purple Prince, Riddled Royals & Chemtrails

  1. I noticed on the news they made a big deal about him doing a Batman song with Prince dressed up as the Joker. I do a lot of research on false flags and I can’t tell you how many weird Illuminati-connected victims, patsies and the like are shown dressed up like that. Even the name “Dzhokhar” Tsarnaiv. And Robin William’s death was predicted by the “Family Guy” episode “Fatman and Robin” which aired in Britian just moments from William’s death being announced there. Yeah, I think there’s something screwy about Prince’s death.

    1. I completely agree with every word! You’re spot on. I’d love to have a look at your work. We seem to be on a similar path!
      Bloody Batman! “They” have a thing about batman eh?! Forever cropping up! (sandy hook!)

      Did a blog on Aurora shooting https://spidercatweb.wordpress.com/2016/03/20/why-how-and-who-orchestrated-the-aurora-shootings/
      (well its more o a reblog) I found the Aurora info whilst i was researching
      Hyoscine hydrobromide. Its used by CIA etc as an MKultra drug.
      Which i’ve been told (from a reliable source) is currently in use in Britain!

  2. And what really piqued my interest was an article that I read this morning that said Prince was going to publish a tell-all bio, due out in 2017. If I can find the article, I’ll post it on Twitter.

  3. The text of the 911 call was really weird as well. I haven’t seen the person identified and they didn’t know the address or what town they were in?!! And to die in an elevator. I watched the video of the interview he did about chemtrails. Really makes me wonder if he was targeted.

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