Phoenix & Aria – VIP Child Sexual & Ritual Abuse in Richmond, London.

Aria & Phoenix – talking about child sexual & ritual abuse. YouTube channel

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Aria – Waldegrave school. Twickenham, London. Website. “Waldegrave School converted to academy status in 2012, having previously been part of the Richmond upon Thames LEA.[1]

Russell & Bromley website


Phoenix – Kings House School, Richmond, London. Website

One of the Kings House Alumni is Zac Goldsmith (Goldsmith family) “politician and journalist serving as the Member of Parliament for Richmond Park since 2017, previously holding the seat between 2010 and 2016.”

Other alumni – Lawrence Dallaglio former England rugby captain. Nigel Planer, actor, comedian novelist & playwright. Colin Charvis, former Welsh rugby captain & Jesse Wood, son of Ronnie Wood.

I’m Phoenix. I’m an artist and writer, and a survivor of childhood abuse.

The school that abused me and other children keeps deleting evidence of their crimes

Former King’s House Teacher Michael Porteous Jailed http://www.chiswickw4.com/shared/conkingshouse001.htl

Scottish teachers & child sexual abuse

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  1. I got locked up for 4 days once in mental ward. Mark bailey came to lock me up. Mark Bailey is the same name as the person who got title absolute of the swains house in 1995 when carrie died following the will of 1989. I don’t believe Sidney swains will or the house sale was ever sorted out as there is nothing in records found to date. My reason they locked me up as well as complaining the machines existed and target people.

  2. My great aunt Carrie Swaine was a survivor and so was her brother Winston swaine. Their sister was not so lucky and Irenie Swaine was raped and killed in Denholme. The body us reputed to be under the cellar or under the back path of the farm of the Swaines which was taken over by an American vet under the name of Airey towers, one suspect in the case. He married into denholme, a brickmakers daughter, then got the farm. The grammar school thornton were involved in it, two boys from there, two other of my suspects involved in it. I have picture of the entire class and two at the back look guilty. My family said it was all covered up and they all got away with it. I have pictures of one before irenie died looking frozen in a way at the bottom of the stairs. The other looks happy because she was going to make it upstairs and have a life. Just after this irenie died. So the photographer must have known of her impending doom. A photographer in the family emigrated to Australia – would this be to escape from the oncoming murder? He was still in the country in 1911, last census. The perpetrators must have been after him as well to cover it up and he escaped is my view. In 2015 the system knew about my research and so they put the death in the bmd index. In 2015 the perpetrators killed a family from the SAME grammar school all members of this family, who must have been against mi6, my suspect. They were still covering up even in 2015. I believe these perpetrators to be mi6 murderer- descendent from 1912 name UNKNOWN TO ME. The one doing all the murders in London is my suspect who continues murder cover ups such as this one. I got the will of my great aunt who survived and they made her do a will in 1989 -the same year they decided they were keeping the wmd machines decided by America. Her will stated that the purpose of the will was suffering rather than ALLEVIATION OF SUFFERING. In addition all her money went to the receiver of the cheque and you are not allowed to ask what the money was spent on. Even her last days were not adhered to regarding the will as she said she wanted to go to Manorlands if she became too ill and she was denied even this request. I even looked into the lords at this period 19111 and 1912 and two stepped down and I believe this was because they would not cover up the murder. I can’t prove this but they have done this today when people won’t do mi6 bidding, they step down and somebody else takes their pawn place. Winston went to a different school and he took a dog with him and looks happy on the pic and I have no picture of his sister who survived or details of her school althougn she was very clever. Due to her mothers fear of losing her as well she only made it to become good at housekeeping and even this booklet was stolen from my house as she gave this to me. She once told me she had been told she would have made a damn good bookkeeper, but she could have done a lot more as she could do the skeleton crossword which amazed me as I can’t even attempt this. She was very clever. She died childless.

  3. I am victim of abuse at Rc woodlawn, St john ,nsw, + happy to meet survivors

    org events

    issued $900 trillion in gold lien on RC to disolve it –

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