Runrig, Big Country, Shinty, Isle of Skye & SNPs ever so blessed Peter Wishart


Band members (at the time)  Donnie Munro – lead vocals. Rory Macdonald – Guitar. Callum Macdonald Percussion. Iain Bain – Drums. Malcolm Jones – Bass guitar & on Keyboard was the SNPs VERY OWN Peter Wishart! (on the left) He has lead a VERY blessed life. But more on that later!!



Skye Camanachd wiki is a shinty team from the Isle of Skye. It plays in the Premier Division and has a reserve team in North Division 1. The club was a founding member of the Camanachd Association and entered the Camanachd Cup. The club had to wait almost 100 years to win the Camanachd Cup. Skye won for the first time in 1990 against Newtonmore in Fort William. Inspirational in this victory was player Willie Cowie and his brother, manager Ross Cowie. The BBC program “Home” {see below} directed by Douglas Mackinnon, filmed behind the scenes on the day as well as the triumphant homecoming to Portree. Skye remains the only team from an island to have won the Cup. The expensive trophy was lost and then found in the street at 6 a.m the next day:

From what I remember, it kinda went something like this…

It was PARTY CENTRAL. Everyone on Skye was CHUFFED TAE BITS that Skye had won! They were the wee outsider up against the MIGHTY NEWTONMORE!

It was the shinty equivalent of David & Goliath!

The streets o Portree were CRAMMED wi proud Sgitheanachs all congratulating the local boys for their amazing triumph. Young & old, all beamin from ear to ear.

It was a moment of immense happiness & pride for the island, & rightly so.  

It ended up wi half the island gettin RIP ROARING DRUNK & in a haze of whisky induced absent-mindedness, everyone forgot to keep track of the Cup! {It was probably just left outside Aunty Effies!!} 

I still just find it funny as sin! It’s such a typically Sgitheanach thing to happen! No one was worried about it, cause it was Skye! There was no way anythin bad would’ve happened to it..

Which is exactly why i miss the place so much. Anyhoo..


Born in Dunfermline on 9 March 1962 & is a SNP politician and musician who has served as the MP for Perth and North Perthshire since 2005. He was previously the MP for North Tayside from 2001. Wishart was educated at Queen Anne High School and Moray House College, Edinburgh.[1] Wishart is a trained Community Worker. He is currently the SNP Shadow Leader of the House in the House of Commons and the chair of the Scottish Affairs Select Committee. He has previously served as the SNP’s Westminster Spokesperson for the Constitution and for Culture and Sport and Chief Whip.

He was in the band Runrig for 15 years from 1986 to 2001. Right the way through the height of Runrigs popularity.

Wishart was the first MP to have appeared on Top of the Pops

But before Runrig, he was in the band Big Country for about 1 year in 1981-’82. BC were also from Dunfermline & they hit the big time with, amongst others, WonderlandIn A Big Country 


So PETER WISHART has been in BOTH of (arguably) the biggest Scottish bands. Appeared on TOTP. Has been elected TWICE as an MP in 2 different constituencies. Has been SNP Chief Whip & now holds ANOTHER top spot in the SNP


SNP MP evokes Nazi persecution poem in attack on Tory Brexit  October 4 2016,

An SNP MP has been denounced for evoking a poem about Nazi persecution in his criticism of Tory Brexit plans.

Pete Wishart, who represents Perth and Perthshire North, appeared to make comparisons between Nazi Germany and Brexit Britain in a tweet.

Mr Wishart tweeted on Tuesday: “First they came for the berry farm workers. Then they came for the Drs. Next they came for the ….. #toryBrexit #yourUK”.

Scottish Conservative deputy leader Jackson Carlaw criticised Mr Wishart for his tweet.

“The only people coming for Pete Wishart will be the men in white coats, He’s clearly living on a planet of his own – and a very nasty one at that.”

However, there was no apology forthcoming from the SNP.   READ IN FULL

Wishart’s response to MSM coverage….

captureSEE TWEETcaptureSEE TWEET

Mr Niemoller’s poem First They Came

Some more priceless Pete’s Tweets


captureSEE TWEETcapture1SEE TWEET

Wishart picks a fight wi school kids. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/scotland/10615766/Nationalist-MP-in-heated-Twitter-row-with-pupils-at-independent-school.html


The lead singer of BC was Stuart Adamson who was born in Manchester in 1958 to Scottish parents. They returned to Scotland when he was four. The family settled in a small mining town, Crossgates, about a mile to the east of Dunfermline

Apparently, he was an alcoholic and had resumed drinking, after having been sober for over a decade. On 16 December 2001, his body was found in a closet in his room at the Best Western Plaza Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii. According to police, Adamson had hanged himself with an electrical cord from a pole in the wardrobe. An empty wine bottle was found in the room.[7][8] At the time of his death, Adamson had a blood-alcohol content of 0.279%.[9]

U2‘s The Edge delivered the eulogy at Adamson’s funeral which was held at Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline. He told the mourners that Big Country wrote the songs that he wished U2 could write…..

Wiki Estimated blood alcohol content by intake


So Adamson’s BA content was so minimal it would have possibly needed a special test to detect it at all?! And there is no hint (that I have found) of any drugs.

Extract from The Scotsman Mon 17 Dec 2001

He left a note for his son, Calum, on November 7. It said:

“Back by noon Sunday”

but he had not been seen since. He had not answered any messages left on his voicemail since and his mobile phone had stopped working.

When he went missing for the second time in two years earlier this month, his ex-wife Sandra, from Dunfermline, confirmed Adamson was due to appear in court in the US charged with drink driving. She said the case had been deferred until March. In May this year, he admitted he is once again battling alcohol addiction. He had previously managed to stay dry for ten years. On his website, he admitted he was drinking again, but he promised his fans he would recover from the setback and planned to keep a commitment to go on a national radio show.

Read In full scotsman


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