Paul McBride, Celtic, Rangers & Child Abuse

JAN 2011 Child neglect charge for Celtic ace Charlie Mulgrew after car park incident

He & wife left their baby in car alone in freezing temperatures….  TO GO SHOPPING!

& it just so happened to be “bra tycoon” Michelle Mone (the now Baroness) that supposedly called the police after seeing the baby alone in the car

(Do Celtic staff have a thing about leaving their babies alone? I d’no. Ask Gerry McCann the EX CELTIC CLUB DOCTOR!)

The “Top legal team” the Mulgrews hired to defend them was in fact the now dead PAUL McBRIDE QC.

McBride was reported to be “Celtic’s biggest fan”

He was also Neil Lennon’s best pal… & they both got sent parcel bombs!!

McBride died of “natural causes” on the 4th March 2012 whilst on holiday wi Amar Aanwar

Lennon even carried McBrides coffin at his funeral

McBride represented Celtic F.C. on a number of legal and disciplinary matters. He issued statements to the press about incidents that involved Celtic and defended Celtic’s staff in court including touchline bans for their manager,[8] drink driving charges,[9]charges of child neglect[10] and speaking out about football officials.[11]

In 2009, McBride defended Rangers and Scotland goalkeeper Allan McGregor on sex attack claims which never reached court.

Allan James McGregor  A product of the Hutchison Vale youth football club[4] in  Edinburgh

Gordon Neeley  “Neely was at Ibrox for four years before being fired by then-manager Graeme Souness when a youth team player told his father of abuse at the hands of the coach.  He is also accused of carrying out a number of sexual assaults on boys while at amateur side Hutchison Vale.”  https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/our-region/edinburgh/claims-abuse-allegations-were-hushed-up-by-club-1-4315299

Read more on scottish footie paedo… https://spidercatweb.blog/footiepaedo

3 thoughts on “Paul McBride, Celtic, Rangers & Child Abuse

  1. Again cat I’ve not had a major look into this sorry but 385 aikenhead Road has held another company under the name sda (Scotland), (company no. SC246766) Brian Reed and Stephen mabbott show again, this time I was able to get an account sheet which stated,

    ‘The members have not required the company to obtain an audit in accordance with section 476 of the Companies Act 2006.’

    Section 476 exempts a small enterprise from audit which would allow for more scope on money laundering I believe.

    This company had a lot of surnames with mulholland don’t know if there’s much in the sense of them having anything to do with it or not as haven’t seen these names anywhere else.

    The section 476 gave me some fear though if it was applied to the trophy centre.

  2. Hi I am currently going through your videos on YouTube very good research.
    Couple of points I’d put forward for you Denise Coates is the wife of Peter Coates who owns Stoke City fc. I’ve always had the impression the money came from Peter who owns bet365 the largest online betting company was surprised when I seen you pull up Denise Coates with dafabet.

    In your video Celtic Scott brown dafabet etc. With regards to tuloy I belive foreign exchange will be currency trading (I studied finance at university) essentially it would be putting all my sterling into euro then switching back at the right moments to end up with more sterling than I began with.

    In regards to the trophy centre I have done some looking about, Anne mcginn dunne who I reckon is the wife of Jack mcginn (grandfather of John mcginn the former hibs player who was close to signing for Celtic last year, it was a shock they didn’t as he was a perfect fit for the team and funding the transfer wasn’t the issue). Anne mcginn dunn however was secretary for the trophy centre and another organisation called marketing and sales solutions Ltd. Here is where it gets a bit weird however, marketing and sales solutions was located at 385 aitkenhead Road (10/15 minutes from hampden Park) 385 aitkenhead Road is the location of the new trophy centre.

    Now marketing and sales solutions had on the board of directors gerald mcaleer who I am sure you have mentioned, (he was at the CBC under torbett and on the original trophy centre board) two other names on the marketing board are Stephen mabbott and Brian Reid who are also listed on the new trophy centers board they both resigned their position however within a month of starting the business and someone called shafiq Muhammad became director.

    There are other names on the board of the marketing and sales but I haven’t had a look at them yet.

    The board for that new trophy centre I refer to I got from companies House and lists the organisation as now being liquidatied, however 385 aitkenhead Road is still home to the trophy centre and businesses is still open I have not been able to find anything about the current business model. It may be coincidence but I’m inclined to think it’s not, due to a major cover up operation, I imagine the current trophy centre has a different business name to try make it harder to find information. What I really want to see is the account books for this organisation I feel that it could open a few of worms.

    Best of luck with your investigating hope this can be of some help to you.

    1. WOW.. You have done your homework!
      Thank you very much. There’s heaps there that I never knew.

      Much appreciated.

      Cat. xx

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