Organised Abuse in the UK – November Conference


Sara Rowbotham – A social worker whose work in sexual health in the NHS led to her being forced to ‘whistleblow’ about young people being involved in sexual exploitation. A story that was recently made into the BBC drama ‘3 Girls’.

Laurie Matthew, OBE, – Founder and Executive Manager for Eighteen And Under, Izzy’s Promise and a host of other organisations all aimed at supporting survivors of abuse and prevention of abuse.

Sarah Nelson, – Universities of Edinburgh and Dundee, has written and presented widely for decades on sexual abuse issues. Her research includes the voices of young survivors, critiques of current child protection systems, backlash theories, community prevention, and physical and mental health issues for survivors. She is author of Tackling Child Sexual Abuse: Radical Approaches (2016)

Joseph Lumbasi  (PhD Student) – Manager of Izzy’s Promise.

Matt Carey  (with Sarah Paton Briggs) survivor and author


Empowering Survivors

The Myth of the Satanic Panic

How Online Support Spaces are viewed and experienced by Ritual Abuse Survivors

A Small Boy Smiling: A remarkable journey of healing from the trauma of child sexual abuse to spiritual awakening.


Dundee Organised Abuse in the UK – Conference

Tayside Deaf Hub

Wed 7 Nov 2018,    9:00AM – 5:00PM

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Source ~ RANS (Ritual Abuse Network Scotland)  http://rans.org.uk/



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