One Highlander PER WEEK commits suicide.


Scotland: Highlands on suicide watch after 50 deaths {link broken screenshot below}

{1}  PAIGE MACKAY  16th July 2016

City rocked by seventh suicide in just nine months

{2 & 3} Gary Brown {Pink Gary!} & then his wee sister Sammy
{4}  Liam O Brien 17/03/16

{5} Kathryn Grant {23} 13/04/16

Inverness man, 23, died just days after losing one of his best friend  
Tragedy strikes friends group again as lad dies weeks after suicide of  2pals Dec 12th 2015
{6} Michael Williamson {23} Oct 7th 2015
{7} Martin Shaw {23}

The mystery of the Cromarty Suicides: why did four friends kill themselves … April 05
{9}  Martin Morrison (19)
{10}  Richard Burnside 36
{11}  Mark Thow 40
{12}  Ivor Robertson, 35

{13}   Lewis MacPherson {16} 23 Apr 2014
{14} Karen Shaw {aka Big Red!}  Boss at suicide support group hangs herselfCaptureiuiuiu.PNG
{15}  Trevor Sutherland 2014 
{16}  Raymond Ross‘s  body found in car

{17} ‘Bully’ builder kills himself after holding girl hostage 2010  Thu, Mar 25, 2010
A VIOLENT builder blasted himself to death with a shotgun after holding his ex-girlfriend’s 11-year-old daughter hostage for three hours.


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Inverness: the new Shangri-La?  26 MARCH 2007

But perhaps the biggest problem for Inverness and the Highlands as a whole is one that is rarely talked about: the stubbornly high and rising suicide rate among men. Young and middle-aged men in this area are three times more likely to take their own lives than their counterparts in London. New Scottish Executive figures, published at the beginning of this month, showed that the male suicide rate across Scotland as a whole had risen by 22 per cent over a 15-year period, with the Highlands and the Western Isles suffering a disproportionately high rate. 

End of a way of life

The researchers blame isolation, alcohol and drug abuse. Other experts have suggested the death of the old Highland way of life. Not long ago, women here raised the children while men supported their families as farmers or fishermen. Such traditional industries have all but disappeared, however, and it is often women who support the family, working in seasonal service industries, while men struggle to find employment and spend long periods on the dole.
There is also the fact that Highland men are notoriously proud and self-reliant. They would never dream of visiting their GP if they were feeling anxious or lonely, and it is still seen as a sign of weakness for a man to talk about emotional difficulties or to say he needs a helping hand.
Drugs and alcohol are undoubtedly another huge factor. Much of Highland life centres on drink, and there is a well-known local say- ing about man’s relationship with the bottle: You’ve got an alcohol problem only if you’re drinking two bottles a day instead of one. The most recent figures show that there were 50 suicides last year, and many more attempts.

50 suicides in 2006..  One per week…

Download the 2016 Suicide Statistics Report  herekey findings below.


Chooselife -Statistics suicide in Scotland

  The epidemiology of suicide in Scotland 1989-2004


Over the 15 year period, the number of Highlanders who committed suicide…

158 women & 619 men total of 777

780 weeks in 15 yrs, so works out at approx ONE PER WEEK

Suicide: by local authority – ScotPHO

Page 13 https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/c8436a5f-9aaf-427c-80cf-8c5ab6f2f4de


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