Highland Men

Caithness 618 sq mi (1,601 km2)  approx population is 40,000 Population PDFMNBV.png
Member of parliament for Caithness & Sutherland Paul Monaghan (SNP)
WICKLYBSTER 13.8 miles map
History of Lybster, in Highland and Caithness
A guide to Lybster    Lybster is a scenic village in the Caithness County in the Highlands of Scotland situated on the north-east coast near Helmsdale, Wick and John O’Groats. Lybster is an ancient village with archaeological studies dating back to the Neolithic period. Prehistoric sites nearby include the bronze-age stones at the ‘Hill O’ Many Stanes’ and 5 miles north lie the 5000 year old Grey Cairns of Camster. Lybster’s main feature is its impressive stone harbour; the first pier was built in 1810 and replaced c1830 with the stone harbour still in use today. Lybster was an important fishing port during the 19th century and had the third largest fishing fleet in Scotland 

I am not saying these are all dodgy nor am I saying they are linked, In fact, am no saying anything other than this is what i found. (There are more to be added)
C = Caithness  H = Highlands  RED = Doesnt add up  PINK = Unsure

  1. C Missing kayaker Dominic Jackson LYBSTER (35) 9th Feb 2017
  2. H Cornelius Van Der Wetering   TOMICH  (50s) Jan 6th 2017 
  3. C UNEXPLAINED male (25)  WICK  3rd Jan 2017
  4. H Adam Mitchell   INVERNESS (18) Dec 2016
  5. C Fatality following house fire   SCARFSFERRY 29 Dec 2016
  6. Woman’s Body on shore   DUNNET HEAD 02/12/2016   
  7. H Lance Corporal Joe Spencer: Soldier shot dead at RAF Base (24) TAIN Nov 2016
  8. C Police appeal to identify womans body found on the shore  JOHN O GROATS May 2016
  9. C Simon McGough (37) WICK (Brother of William) May 2016
  10. (They found a head?!?! Dec 2016 but i cant find link!! So there’s a possibility i totally made that up)
  11. H Kayaker’s body found  FINDHORN (50s) Dec 31st 2015
  12. H Man dies after falling out of canoe on  INVERGARRY (36) Dec 31st 2015  SAME DAY AS  ABOVE
  13. C Lynne Radke (53) WICK  Sept 2015 
  14. C Lachlan Simpson (22) DORNOCH  July 2015
  15. H Matthew Crosbie FINDHORN (19)  Mar 2015
  16. C UNEXPLAINED  (45) (same street as other unexplained?!)  2013
  17. WILLIAM McGOUGH (30) WICK March 2013 (ScotCops say NOT SUSPICIOUS, I’m suspicious!)
  18. C Stefan Sutherland  LYBSTER (25) Sept 2013
  19. H Body of man found at Bridge FINDHORN  (40s) Oct 2011
  20. H Verity Linn  (49) Loch Cam  FINDHORN Sept 16, 1999
  21. C Kevin McLeod WICK (25) 1997
  1. Allan Bryant (24) Nov 2013 FIFE
  2. G Shaun Ritchie    STRICHEN (20) Oct 31st 2014

Below, Caithness only
Blue mark = found in water   Red Mark = aged 18 – 35 
Here i took out the few women & 1 or 2 that are obviously just simple tragedies
Then i took out the ones that were neither water or age group & was left with 15 out of the original 22!!
& finally, i removed every one that didn’t fit in to both catagories

That’s SCARY… 9 out of 22?!! To me, looks like there’s a pattern


Occumster cheese factory destroyed by blaze 09/12/2011

  1. http://www.johnogroat-journal.co.uk/News/Occumster-cheese-factory-destroyed-by-blaze-08122011.htm
  2. http://www.johnogroat-journal.co.uk/News/Caithness-Cheese-Company-premises-destroyed-by-fire-07122011.htm

  1. L http://www.johnogroat-journal.co.uk/News/Wick-man-facing-attempted-murder-charge-22112013.htm
  2. R http://www.johnogroat-journal.co.uk/News/Five-to-be-tried-over-alleged-torture-24012012.htm


  1. http://www.highland-news.co.uk/News/Inverness-abduction-man-is-jailed-27052014.htm  https://archive.is/tt1Xf
  2. http://www.johnogroat-journal.co.uk/News/Jury-convicts-ex-Lybster-man-of-serial-domestic-abuse-06092016.htm
  3. Soldiers’ Tower sold to war veterans for just a pound



  1. Top http://www.johnogroat-journal.co.uk/News/Lybster-cannabis-farm-shut-down-by-police-04042014.htm#.WJolsg_010Q.twitter  https://archive.is/yCn9H
  2. L http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-26892909  https://archive.is/ZTPH2
  3. Wick man fined £270
  1. Over £250,000 of drugs seized during Operation Ram – Police Scotland
  2. PDF Chief Constable’s Report – Scottish Police Authority
  3. More than £117,000 worth of drugs seized in Highland-wide raids
  4. Police seize drugs worth £280k in 12-month crackdown | John O’Groat 

Fourth man jailed after major Murkle drugs bust

Thirty-year-old Jiajie He, the fourth man to be jailed in connection with the cannabis factory set up at the former US Navy base.

A SUCCESSFUL major drugs bust in Caithness is serving as a warning to organised crime gangs in Scotland.

A fourth Chinese national was jailed earlier this week for his involvement with a cannabis farm at a former American naval communications base near West Murkle. MAP
Jiajie He (30), of no fixed address, was found guilty last month of being concerned in the supply of class “B” controlled drugs.
He was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in jail after appearing at Perth Sheriff Court on Wednesday.
Three other men have already been jailed for a combined 10 years and six months for their part in the drugs conspiracy. Head of investigations at the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency (SCDEA) Detective Chief Superintendent Tony Mole said the operation was a clear warning to gangs that this illegal activity would not be tolerated.
“The commercial cultivation of cannabis represents a highly profitable business for serious organised crime groups, and is one which they believe is low risk, But Wednesday’s sentencing and the overall outcome of this investigation challenges that perception and sends a very clear message to those involved that there are serious consequences for this type of criminal activity.”
Two of the three other gang members, Wan Yue Lin (44), of New Cross, London, and Bo Chen (26) – also known as Hui Yu and Zhin Bo Yu – of Kilbirnie, Ayrshire, pleaded guilty at Inverness Sheriff Court in July to being concerned in the supply of cannabis.
The third man, Ah Bing Zheng (32) – also known as Ah Bing Chen – of no fixed abode, was identified as the “gardener” within the cannabis factory and admitted to being involved in the production of the drug.
DCS Mole said   “This gang was highly organised and every detail of their illegal enterprise was meticulously planned, Each member had their role to play, but they were equally concerned with maximising profits, regardless of the harms caused by these illegal enterprises and drug misuse. As a result of our investigation, we have significantly disrupted the activities of a serious organised crime group. A number of people are behind bars for the part they played in the group, and we have removed the risk to the local community by dismantling an illegal cannabis cultivation.”
All four men were the subject of Operation Solstice, a joint investigation by Northern Constabulary and the SCDEA.
The investigation revealed that the gang had rented the former American naval communications base to set up the illegal cannabis farm, which police estimate was worth approximately £250,000. Gang members were operating across the UK, with illegal drugs being transported south from Wick. The four men were observed under surveillance visiting the cannabis factory, carrying suitcases in and out of the property and transporting them to a separate house in the town.
Meanwhile, the Caithness farmer who rented the men the premises yesterday spoke of his shock when he discovered his holding had been the hub of a large-scale cannabis operation.
George Walker said he was totally in the dark about what was going on until told by detectives a day before they raided the former US Navy station at Murkle. Mr Walker, of West Murkle farm, rented the complex to a Chinese individual for a food storage and distribution business.
He said: “I was told they were going to be running a storage and distribution business for Chinese food takeaways. I thought it would bring work to this area, which is badly needed. Once we agreed the rent, the people came up and I spoke with them – there was nothing out of the ordinary about them. Everything was done by the book and I basically just left them to it. You just don’t expect something like this to be going on up here.”


April 2010  Wan Yue Lin signed a lease agreement for the former American naval base paying a rent of £2000 per month.
December 11, 2010  Wan Yue Lin was observed under surveillance arriving at the base with a large suitcase.  The following day he was seen at an address at Owen Place in Wick where he was witnessed placing a number of suitcases thought to contain drugs into a taxi registered in Wales, which then travelled back south.
February 20, 2011  In Owen Place, Wan Yue Lin and Bo Chen loaded three large suitcases from the site into a car registered in Wales. The car was stopped by police later at Perth and found to be occupied by Jiajie He.
The suitcases were found to contain 59 kilograms of cannabis bud with an estimated street value of £73,750.
March 29, 2011  Officers from the SCDEA and Northern Constabulary implement the raid. Ah Bing Zheng is found at the site with around 570 cannabis plants, estimated to be worth between £85,000 and £250,000.  SCDEA officers arrested Wan Yue Lin at an address in London. Officers also arrested drug courier Bo Chen on the same day at an address in Ayrshire.   http://www.johnogroat-journal.co.uk/News/Fourth-man-jailed-after-major-Murkle-drugs-bust-11112011.htm   https://archive.is/GuHTK
http://forum.caithness.org/archive/index.php/t-161539.html https://archive.is/GKUfF

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