I decided to release this now as 2019 is rapidly approaching & so this will be the last i have to say on the matter (unless forced to defend my corner!)


Fresh Start Foundation’s LIAR David Scott & his manipulative ‘sermon’ that he INSISTED numerous times that I should listen to.

Also in the conversation is 3 other FSF directors, Penny Pullen, Christine Gow & Neil McKechnie. I was invited but funnily enough i declined lol!

Janine Rennie was ALWAYS absent every single time they tried these little “tricks” with me. Which in my opinion was deliberate on their part NOT Janines.

This was his FIRST attempt to get my blog & youtube account off me.

It didn’t work. Nor did it work the second time.

David tells COUNTLESS BLATANT LIES throughout, which i can prove are lies although i am not gonna list them all as it would take me forever, but, as a couple of examples….

Every single time he says WE were attacked. As i have already shown (wi the help of Jokestead lol) that there was no WE being attacked. It was JUST ME.

& the bit where David states I was attacked for being part of Fresh Start.. NOT TRUE. Everyone knows that the day Jokestead & the rest of the satanist trolls attacked was within TWO HOURS of David going public wi my Twatterboy research on uk column & that had NOTHING to do wi Fresh Start!!!

The bit i really like though is where he states my blog has “RUN IT’S COURSE”

Funny that, as the screenshot below proves that the very same month, i had OVER 62,000 visitors & over 90,000 views…. WHICH DAVID KNEW as the recorded meeting was the same week I published all my Celtic work & the Martin Henry scoop!

But at that time, usually i was averaging around 700 visitors & 1200+ views PER WEEK


april 2018 stats

& as for what Christine says about whether what was behind it all, was that i had “suddenly” started investigating ritual abuse… All i can say to that is W O W. She is either stupid or insane.. Or she thinks everyone else is stupid if she thinks she can get away wi that statement.

I had been blogging about ritual abuse FOR YEARS before i had even heard of any of them, far less before i got involved wi Fresh Start. Which is proven by my entire blog site! So i’m not quite sure what the hell she is on?!

But then, after their attempts to get my blog off me failed miserably, and it became totally obvious i wasn’t gonnae play ball….

my blog was hacked & mysteriously shut down! “coincidentally” of course!

I can’t help but wonder….. Are the two related?

Because, to my knowledge (other than Jokestead) nobody else is all that bothered about my blog being here! Certainly not enough to go to the EXTREMES Fresh Start have gone to!! & Jokestead’s part in it all.. they may well have been the catalyst, but it was David & Fresh Start that did the most damage (or at least tried to!) Jokestead’s relentless trolling & bullying has been nothing compared to fresh starts behaviour!

Wee reminder – David is not only a part of Fresh Start but also British Constitution Group, UK Column & the New Chartists Movement. & is VERY pro ITNJ! That, coupled together with what happened wi the Docherty case & the Dochertys last email to David.. PLUS the other witness (LSI) PLUS the countless times David stole my work & cut me out completely! (which i have countless witnesses & the original work to prove) Even as recently as the Celtic story he ran a few weeks ago. THE SAME CELTIC STORY i broke back in April and months later (& only only after i quit) did David bother reporting it on UK Column and without my knowledge! He then emailed me THE DAY AFTER it aired to inform me!!

& when i watched it… I immediately noticed its all bollocks! Apart from anything else, HE EVEN GOT THE BASIC FACTS OF THE CASE WRONG! & HE DIDN’T NEARLY COVER THE REAL SITUATION. Note the head of the catholic church & Savile aren’t mentioned!! Nor the fact the RING HAS ALWAYS BEEN & IS STILL OPERATING & that Rennie & Strachan are BOTH DUE OUT OF THE JAIL SOMETIME IN 2018…

NOPE! that aint news worthy, but YET AGAIN wi Brian’s Common Purpose bollox is a must apparently..

For all the back ground info, please watch  https://youtu.be/M1ShfN_mFSY

& for all my related blogs & vids etc see

– THE DICK’ED DOSSIERS – https://spidercatweb.blog/spooks


Cat      x

1 thought on “NLP, LIES & MANIPULATION

  1. We need public movements , not PERSON owned and controlled ‘organizations ‘. Public movements are, by definition, A PLATFORM , for unconditionally free speech for all.
    “A Platform”, is owned by every single member of the public, equally under God ; the Public EXPECTATION of which, is the very foundation of democracy .
    Ergo: the closing down of the public’s ability to communicate directly with each other, ( through creating ever more public aspirations, to not only conduct ourselves in the artificial formal style , as the ultimate heights of ‘living’ ; but to give our respect to extraneous ‘others’ according to the same criteria, and as re-enforced by the creation of an evermore artificial VISUAL ‘world ‘,as the backdrop on whose ‘stage’everyone wants to be seen to pose .
    These are the value systems that need to be torn down . By ridicule and by every device available, because it IS the totalitarianism by which we are OUR OWN, autonomous gaolers .
    ALL else is generated from this central innate value system . There IS NO ‘elite ‘, no’ freemasonry’ no ‘gov’ etc etc , ruling the public : Every single one US, (the vast majority) ARE these things, because we have given our own God-given power and responsibility for the way the world is, away to other PERSONS . ( idolatry ).
    We can only remedy anything , by changing OURSELVES : IE By the EXPECTATION
    of ALL men to be EQUAL under God ( ‘God ‘ being principles/law/public agreed policy/ morals /our OWN higher selves etc : BUT NEVER : PERSONality of MEN )…..
    And on the subject of the attempted usurpers of Cat’s own power in question ,WHY EVER would they “not be able to support ‘her’ “( ie her in this context being THE PURPOSE !!!, not ‘her ‘ as an end in itself , in any case ! ) against attacks !!!! Ans: because all PERSONally owned org.s are EVIL usurpers of God’s
    power in HIS living universe !

    Good on you WildcatScot , and especially for seeing right through those fakes .

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