What's going on with young men in the North of Scotland?


Adam Mitchell {18}y

Was on a night out wi pals on Wed 9th Nov 2016, last seen alone, on CCTV at 00.52 on 10th Nov near Harry Fairbairn’s BMW garage {map} on longman rd, Inverness, the completely opposite end of town from where he lived. He was found off St Fergus beach, Aberdeenshire on Sun 27th at 9.15pm  {18 days missingmore info here & here below is maps of immediate area where he vanished



I need to do more research on this before I can say anything definitive about Inverness CCTV, but, from the little I do know, I’m struggling to understand how Adam wasn’t caught on camera AFTER he was seen at the BWM showroom.  

“The Inverness CCTV System consists of 40 public space CCTV cameras with CCTV images being ACTIVELY MONITORED from Police Station at Burnet Road” source

That’s from a couple of years ago so it is highly likely there are more than 40 by now. I know there are cameras on Kessock Bridge ( Jumpers Bridge!) so the police etc are fully aware that it is a high suicide risk area & so they must monitor the bridge cameras. So he DID NOT jump from the bridge.

As you can see from the screen shots below there is at least 1 other camera in the area, & it is ON the roundabout & he would have HAD to cross the roundabout..

Unless he didn’t get to the roundabout??


So did he randomly walk in to the moray firth?? Really? In MY OPINION that’s not very likely, IF he did, that takes time & he would more than likely have changed his mind halfway through drowning! It would have been FREEZING COLD.

If someone jumps from a bridge, once they jump, there is no going back, where as if someone walks into water, they can obviously get back (admittedly there is only a small window before hypothermia sets in) To my knowledge, most suicide attempts are a cry for help, the people don’t want to actually die, therefore the majority do tend to change their mind half way through.

He had been in the pub half the day so Adam was probably slightly drunk, but looking at the CCTV footage, he was not blazing. He appears to be walking fine, possibly very very slightly wobbly (it is difficult to tell) But he was not unsteady on his feet. He was walkin in a straight line & at a reasonable pace. note the Oneway sign.

screenshot taken from CCTV vidcctv.png

Below, screenshot taken from google earth here (Aug 2016 so is up 2 date)

This proves Adam was walking TOWARDS the Longman roundabout & AWAY from town & his home.

Again, only my opinion, but to me, he looks like he is walking with purpose, as if he was going somewhere. He wasn’t just having a wee wander around while setting the world to rights in his head.sign.PNG

Map of area Adam’s body was foundvcccvcv

Distances by road

  • Inverness – St Fergus – 108 miles map
  • St Fergus ~ Crimonmogate – 6.4 miles map
  • Strichen ~  Crimonmogate – 8.2 miles  map
  • Whitehills ~ Crimonmogate – 30 miles map

As crow flies  Dornoch ~ Whitehills –  rough guesstimate about 60 miles?! map

Crimonmogate  Wiki | Website

LACHLAN SIMPSON {22}wp-1481497690112.jpg

Last seen leaving the Sutherland Show dance (Sutherland Show website | map) in Dornoch at 1.30am on Sunday July 26th 2015  ~  His body was found off Whitehills Harbour, on Wed 2nd Sept 2015 {37 days missing}

Badly decomposed body found near Whitehills Marina  {lots more info see here}



On halloween- Oct 31st 2014. Strichen lad Shaun Ritchie went with his friends to have a party in the local woods. He disappeared & was never seen again. They did however find half his clothes??  It is a VERY bizarre case. It does not make sense, lots more info see here 

PURE COINCIDENCE but look who just so happens to live in Strichen  wiki
Salmond against the odds Strichen is mentioned many times throughout the book heresao
Mill House Strichen Location: B9093, Strichen, Aberdeenshire AB43 6RX

AND serial killer Dennis Nilsen {who even mentions Salmond!}dn1
source & more on Nilsen

THE DOCHERTY FAMILY  lived on Crimonmogate Estate until a paedo/procurer offered them £25,000 for “access” to their autistic wee boy. Funnily enough, they weren’t exactly thrilled & said no & went on & reported it to the Estate owner Viscount Petersham & the police.. To cut a long story far too short, the Docherty’s had all 4 kids taken from them & they haven’t seen them for pushing a year now!! Below is a very small piece from the Docherty transcript, which can be read along with the rest of their horror story in full here jjhgigyff

Viscount Petersham aka William Stanhope

He has a VERY interesting family.. They are in fact the British Royal Family!
Princess Margaret & Lord Snowdon had two children, one of who is David Armstrong-Jones aka Viscount Linley
Linley married Hon. Serena Stanhopethe sister of William Stanhope who is Viscount Petersham!
There is a lot of info on the Stanhope family, they’ve even all got their own wiki page!
Strangely enough, except for Viscount Petersham? I wonder why that is?

{for extra reading, there’s some msm articles here}

Serena Stanhope was born in Ireland! Limerick to be precise.
Coincidentally Lord Snowdon’s family own Birr Castle in Ireland! Which is only 78 miles from Limerick {map}
Birr Castle has been linked to Kincora boys home. Which was used by MI5 as a paedo brothel {for want of better words} to entrap VIP’s so they could be blackmailed! here
Lord “Paedo” Mountbatten {Prince Phils uncle} was linked to Kincora, as was Ex Prime Minister, Ted “satanic paedo murderer” Heath & many more. here | here | here 
Wee boys were taken / trafficked from Kincora to Birr Castle where they were sexually abused as part of an “elite” SATANIC RITUAL!  here

Sources & more about Petersham, Birr Castle, Kincora etc HERE

Screenshot below, I only added cause I thought it was funny!! source

Gordonstoun is a posh kid boarding school for Royals & VIP’s! Prince Charles {& other royals} went to Gordonstoun. Sculptors Cave is part of Gordonstoun Estate & is a mere 1.5 miles away from the school!

The cave is an ancient RITUAL SITE & there have been many “ancient artefacts” found.

Which to you & me would be CHILDREN’S SKULLS & TEETH!! Which reminds me of Haut de la garenne!  AGAIN coincidentally, Haut de la Garenne abuse & child murders was linked to Ted Heath & Royals!

Below is a screenshots taken from the video which, along with LOTS more info, can be found here.. Sculptor’s Cave. Evidence of very recent satanic ritual {17.10.16}

  • Cave ~ Gordonstoun – 1.5 miles map
  • Cave ~ Whitehills – 40 miles map
  • Cave ~ Crimonmogate – 71 miles map


Zones of interaction: Roman and native in Scotland
There is also a lot of military bases in the area.. (some disused) here
Stefan Sutherland

more missing / dead young men
Police called to Aberdeenshire woodlands after 29-year-old found dead  Durris map  website   Warren Woods ~ Crimonmogate – 52 miles map






St Madoes  {map}



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