Loonies, Love & Chemtrails

I had SO MUCH FUN writing this!!  (I am easily amused! DON’T JUDGE ME!!)


Loonies, Love & Chemtrails!

Your strength it surpasses the strongest of men

Sword put aside, as you favour the pen

You’ve courage & compassion that’s second to none

But u will lack vitamin D as they are blocking the sun



Without their lies & their mental aides

The head fukin bullshite fades

You’ll grow stronger every single day

Just ignore what the “experts” say


Years pass by in a flash,  what happened to the time

Somethings never change,  I’ve still not got a dime

I’ll be there in the crowd, to watch you with pride

As you breeze throo the crap, each day in your stride


lookin back at our lives, regrets I’ll have none

But can someone tell me, where they’ve hidden the sun

I’ll be there for you always, your number one fan

But you’re still milk bottle white, with no hope of a tan


I will never stop laughing, at stupid stuff you say

But you know how it goes, only ever on a Tuesday

I love you my baby & hope one day that maybe

The sky will clear of all the shite & You won’t be so fukin white




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