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10 REASONS WHY QUEEN ELIZABETH II IS DEAD (JAN 10, 2017)—Geneva-Based CIA Evidently Delaying Public Disclosure of Queen’s Death Which Likely Transpired Around December 20, 2016

Posted: January 10, 2017
BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Less than 72-hours after this report was published on January 10, 2017, the Queen’s brother-in-law Lord Snowdon suddenly died. Whether foul play was involved in the death of Antony Armstrong-Jones is not known, but it appears that he was killed as part of a CIA operation to cover-up and muddy the waters in respect to this shocking report on the Queen’s death which has now gone viral. Whether the Queen will make an appearance at Lord Snowdon’s funeral is not known, but it’s highly likely that she will die prior to the public spectacle. The CIA is notorious for killing celebrities as well as members of the Royal Family in clusters, possibly die to heartache.
David Chase Taylor January 10, 2017 Truther.org
SWITZERLAND, Zurich — Based on breaking news and events, it appears that CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva (known locally in Switzerland as the FIS or Federal Intelligence Service) is hiding the fact that Queen Elizabeth II died, most likely on or around December 20, 2016.
In order to muddy the waters in respect to the delayed announcement of the Queen’s death, an Express report from January 10, 2017, curiously stated that “Users of social networks suppose that the death of the Queen maybe needed to be kept secret for a little while for some necessary procedures”.
The notion that news of the Queen’s death will be delayed was confirmed, albeit in a de facto manner, by a Yahoo News report from January 4, 2017, entitled “What Would The Queen’s Funeral Be Like?” which stated that “In case the Queen passes away during the night…an announcement would not be made until 8:00 AM the following morning”.
The death of the 90-year old Queen is evidently being delayed by the CIA in order to maximize the funeral’s political distraction for nefarious reasons. In other words, the CIA wants the Queen’s death and subsequent funeral to coincide with other geopolitical events which they do not want the global public to pay attention to.
The Queen’s death will likely be declared at some point in January of 2017, most likely when the CIA stages a de facto coup in America whereby soon-to-be dictator President Obama stays in office, most likely in the aftermath of a “National Emergency” due to a terror attack, foreign invasion and/or natural disaster.
The notion that the Queen’s funeral is currently being planned was confirmed by a December 30, 2016, report from the International Business Times which revealed that “preparations have already been made” for the Queen’s funeral which is slated to be the “biggest event in recent British history as well as one of huge global significance”.
READ IN FULL  https://truthernews.wordpress.com/2017/01/10/10-reasons-why-queen-elizabeth-ii-is-dead-jan-10-2017-geneva-based-cia-evidently-delaying-public-disclosure-of-queens-death-which-likely-transpired-on-or-around-december-20-2016/

YES! I AGREE!  Kinda!

For over a year now i’ve thought near as damn it exactly the same! I even agree it was around the 20th of December! Only difference is, i think it was a couple of years before! There are FAR TOO MANY SO CALLED COINCIDENTAL INCIDENTS that point to this possibly being true!!
MSM were SUPPOSEDLY reporting it the day it happened. Which was, according to them, the 23rd. But even their pics don’t add up time wise.  You can see by the pic below, it is getting dark so must have been near 4pm. But they already had it written & online, with pics by 3.10pm?!! NO WAY it gets dark that early, even in the Highlands in the winter!! I am absolutely convinced the fire happened on the 22nd of December 2015 & I have a decent chance of being 100% correct, as i live VERY CLOSE to Boleskine & I REMEMBER IT!! But there is always the possibility i am wrong (I am SO NOT) It happened the day before, on the 22nd! 
Pics taken from  https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/highlands/787946/fire-crews-battling-save-highland-mansion/  (For those who don’t know, the Press & Journal is a paper local to the North & East of Scotland)
for more info on Boleskine fire https://spidercatweb.blog/2015/12/26/aleister-crowleys-boleskine-house-fire/
FUNNILY ENOUGH, (coincidence!) There was ANOTHER big fire in the north of Scotland that day  Arnold Clarke Fire, Aberdeen. IT’S A TYRE FIRE!
Is Queen Lizzy the daughter of TYRE?
EXACTLY ONE YEAR BEFORE, on 22 December 2014 a bin Lorry CAREERED through the streets of Glasgow & DID BLOODY NOT KILL ANYONE.

Wiki Quote  “2014 Glasgow bin lorry CRASH”
“On 22 December 2014 a bin lorry collided with pedestrians in the city centre of Glasgow, Scotland, killing six and injuring fifteen others. The driver of the council-owned vehicle, Harry Clarke, said he had passed out at the wheel. A similar blackout had happened to him in the driving seat of a bus, although he had not disclosed the incident on his heavy goods vehicle licence renewal application, despite such self-reporting being mandatory. Clarke was officially told he would not face further prosecution, effectively giving him immunity over the deaths and causing protests from victims’ families at the way the case had been handled. In October 2015 it was reported that Clarke had been arrested on suspicion of driving without a licence in September 2015.

PRINCE GEORGE‘S BIRTHDAY  ~  22 of  July 2013

wiki quote (ish!)
GEORGE Alexander Louis. born 22 July 2013. The eldest child and only son of Wee Willy Wonky & No So Great Kate. He is third in line to succeed his paternal great-grandmother, Queen Lizzy, after his paternal grandfather, Big Ears, and his father.  wiki

FUNNILY ENOUGH, (Total coincidence!) EXACTLY TWO YEARS later on 22nd of July 2015 we saw the start of the Inquiry into the Glasgow Bin Lorry BOLLOX. 

wiki quote
The inquiry began at Glasgow Sheriff Court on 22 July 2015 before Sheriff John Beckett QC. Evidence to the inquiry found there were no mechanical faults with the vehicle and that the other two crew members would have been unable to apply the handbrake because they were wearing their seatbelts. No other safety devices were fitted to the vehicle that would have allowed a crew member not in the driver’s seat to stop the vehicle.[17]

Wiki Quote

 “The accident occurred in QUEEN Street at around 14:30 GMT.[2] “
After mounting the pavement the lorry travelled for 19 seconds, striking pedestrians, initially accelerating to 25mph before dropping to 19mph and 10mph as it struck walls and other street furniture. It came to rest part-way into an alley between the entrance to QUEEN street railway station and a hotel” 

Aye exactly! It CAME TO REST part-way into an alley BETWEEN the entrance” 
IT DID NOT CRASH. It was just parked badly! & it was the Millennium Hotel. Which has a GLASS FRONT & SIDE & yet not even so much a s a crack!! But anyway, i am not going to carry on debunking the already debunked bin lorry NON CRASH.

Memorials wiki Quote
On the day following the crash all flags on Scottish Government buildings were flown at half-mast; the Christmas lights on GEORGE Square were switched off and the attractions closed as a mark of respect.[5] A special service was held in St GEORGE’STron Church the same day. Further special services were held at Glasgow’s St ANDREW’S Cathedral and Glasgow Cathedral on 24 December.

And then there was the CLUTHA helicopter crash  
The crash occurred at EXACTLY  22 : 22  on the 29 Nov 2013

“The ecumenical remembrance was held for the victims at 11 am on Saturday at St ANDREW’S Cathedral in Clyde Street, Glasgow.”  STV News 

Prince Charles supports Clutha helicopter tragedy fund 24 June 2015

Royal Exchange Square  is a public square in the City of Glasgow in Scotland. The square lies between Buchanan Street and Queen Street opening out at the junction of Queen Street with Ingram Street, just south of George Square. It is also easily accessible from Buchanan Street on the west side of the square, through two prominent archways, Royal Bank Place.The square is a landmark due to its distinguished architecture which attracts many visitors.[1] [2]
In the centre of the square is the former Royal Exchange, a Graeco-Roman masterpiece designed by architect David Hamilton [4]  In front of the portico is Baron Marochetti`s noble bronze equestrian statue of Duke of Wellington erected in 1844.

Bin lorry crash driver HARRY Clarke casually strolls up Glasgow street where six people were killed

Clarke then walked acrosss Royal Exchange Square to Buchanan Street but doubled back on himself several times.
After being asked by our reporter if it bothered him being back at the scene, he said: Queen Street doesn’t bother me. I blacked out so I don’t remember anything. I just woke up at the end of it outside the hotel. I know the other two guys that were with me still find it hard.”  The crash happened on a packed Queen Street just three days before Christmas. Alix Stewart, 15, was one of the first to be hit by the truck.

The exact place all the people were NOT hit was ROYAL EXCHANGE square (there are countless MSM reports saying that so here is just a couple) here  here
AND they had a “candle lit vigil”

On Sunday, more than 1,000 people stood in silence during a two-minute vigil for the victims in the city’s Royal Exchange Square. People have been leaving floral tributes and candles in the area, where the lorry first went out of control.  bbc news

The memorial had the following year was held there too.. Why not at George Square?? 

So, to summarise, SO FAR we have ~ 

Bin lorry crash on 22 nd Dec
on QUEEN street
at the corner of GEORGE square
GEORGE square paid respects by lights bein turned off
ROYAL EXCHANGE where everyone supposedly hit
ROYAL EXCHANGE candle lit vigil
GEORGE birthday 22 nd July
Inquiry 22 nd July
DUKE of wellies which was erected in 1944
Alix STEWART the first to be hit
Rememberance held at 11 am in St ANDREW’S Cathedral 

For a wee bin lorry NON crash that is one HELLAVALOT of Royals & a HELLAVALOT of 22s & multiples of 11 

ADD Clutha to the mix…
St ANDREW’S Cathedral also held the Clutha memorial
Which had Prince CHARLES supporting the Clutha Fund
Clutha crash happened at EXACTLY  22 : 22  (NOT 22.23 NOR 22.21)
And of course the 2 fires on Dec 22


Part of wwz was filmed in glasgow. The part where a bin lorry mows down a street!!

herald quote
Hamish Walker pictured near George Square (top), where scenes of panicking crowds were filmed for World War Z (above) Photograph: mark gibson Above, from left: Cadogan Street and Wellington Street, where Fast & Furious 6 was filmed; the junction of George
wiki quote
The situation in the British Isles is not entirely clear in the novel, although Ireland may have escaped the worst of the outbreak. Members of the British Royal Family had fled to Ireland and the Isle of Man, following the military retreat to the Antonine Wall, and now exports oil from a reserve under Windsor Castle where the Queen held out for the war’s duration, refusing to flee with her relatives. The Papacy established a wartime refuge in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Armagh.[1] In France, the Palace of Versailles was the site of a massacre and has been burned to the ground; military losses were particularly high while clearing the catacombs underneath Paris because the catacombs housed nearly a quarter of a million refugees during the early stages of the war, all of whom became zombies. Iceland has been completely depopulated and remains the world’s most heavily infested country.
The Israelis and Palestinians have made peace, and the former occupied territories have been renamed “Unified Palestine“. Mexico is now known as “Aztlán“. Several countries are described as having revised borders due to the “dumping” of convicts into infected zones; these convicts rose to command “powerful fiefdoms” that later became independent states. A so-called “Pacific Continent” appears to encompass previously uninhabited islands as well as ships rendered immobile due to lack of fuel. 

All of the above, I believe are “their” freaky ritual crap to commemorate her death.
Then there is all the Queens death “hoaxes” The one last Xmas was good! NOTHING says someone is alive better than a good debunked death hoax!! & again it was around the end of December, the earliest i have found so far was the 28th of Dec. 

Although on xmas day,  Scots comedian Limmy sparks controversy online by claiming that the queen had died  https://archive.is/JJfEX  25 Dec 2016
The internet & YouTube is awash with it all. here are just a cpl of vids

Then only a few weeks ago, the guardian comes out with this…  the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death 17 Mar 2017
For years now there has been a constant stream of Lizzy’s “hoax” death in the MSM & on the internet this is just a very few examples June 2014   JUN 2015  Dec 2016  May 2017 (Phil)

Personally,  I think she died around 22nd of Dec 2013. But that’s just my wee theory!


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  1. As always, thank you WildCat for an interesting read! I love the title you gave for this!😂 When I saw at least one headline say Prince Phillip had died and was the reason for the emergency meeting, I would not have been surprised had that been the case. I recently saw a picture of him in a car with the Queen and he really looked ghastly. I wondered why they would bring staff clear from Ballmoral if it was only to say the Prince was retiring from appearances. That seems like a general announcement to make in the daytime, not at 3 AM.

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