Liz MacKean, Gordonstoun & Paedophilia

According to wiki
Elizabeth Mary MacKean (30 Nov 1964 – 18 Aug 2017) was a British television reporter and presenter, announced in November 2015 as Journalist of the Decade by Stonewall. She worked on the BBC’s Newsnight programme and was the reporter on an exposé of Sir Jimmy Savile as a paedo which was controversially cancelled by the BBC in December 2011. The decision to axe the Newsnight investigation became the subject of the Pollard Inquiry. She and colleague Meirion Jones later won a London Press Club Scoop of the Year award for their work on the story.[1]  After leaving the BBC, MacKean went freelance, and reported on the Cyril Smith case for Channel 4’s Dispatches series in September 2013.
MacKean was named Journalist of the Year by Stonewall in 2014. In Nov 2015, she was announced as Journalist of the Decade.[3]
MacKean was born in Romsey, Hampshire, the second of four daughters of Tom MacKean, a circuit judge, and his wife, Muriel (nee Hodder)[4].  She was educated at Gordonstoun School, a boarding independent school near the village of Duffus, north west of the former cathedral city of Elgin in Moray in the north east of Scotland, where she played opposite Prince Edward in a production of Black Comedy,[5] followed by the University of Manchester.[6]

Liz MacKean lived with her wife and their two children

Gordonstoun – private educated Kurt Hahn and the Royals rosicrucian training school where our german prince philip was taught to think! 
And of course when children reported being sexually abused the police let their establishment let the teacher go free without investigation to go abuse kids elsewhere and then in 2015 we find they used their rosicrucian round square school  techniques to make all the files related to this vanish into thin air

Nothing and no one in the media are ever who they seem – they did not expose Jimmy Saville while he was alive – as Rosicrucians keep each others secrets

Liz was an actress first on the BBC (the royals propaganda machine)
Her next step pretending to be a journalist for the elite – pedalling propaganda on their let’s not give the news “bbc breakfast tv” let’s dumb down the nation offering and talk to them all like children.
Then on to channel 4 – an establishment gordonstoun private educated propaganda merchant.


The probe was launched into claims made against a former teacher at the Morayshire school where the Queen’s sons and Prince Philip were educated.

Derek Jones, who died in a car crash in Kenya six years ago, sexually assaulted children at the junior school around 1990.

One boy, John Findlay, told his parents and police that he was drugged, photographed naked and sexually assaulted in his dormitory bed at Aberlour House, Gordonstoun’s junior school. 

A police inquiry was launched but the Findlays decided, after pressure from the school, not to press for a prosecution.

“It is absolutely right that any allegation of abuse is thoroughly investigated”

Spokeswoman for Gordonstoun

Another man, who does not want to be named, said he was groomed by Jones when he was 12. He said that Jones also performed sex acts on him and showed him pictures of boys who had also been his “favourites”.

His parents were later told by the procurator fiscal that Jones was being prosecuted but, shortly before the court date, proceedings were dropped.

Police in Elgin insist that files on the claims against Jones were forwarded to the Crown Office and that they still have a record of the case reference number despite prosecutors maintaining they have no record of them.

A spokesman for the procurator fiscal said:

“We do not have a record of a case against Derek Jones on the system. We are unable to establish at this stage if we did receive a report from the police and, if so, what the reason was for not prosecuting.”

Source  http://www.express.co.uk/scotland/587492/gordonstoun-sexual-assault-sexual-abuse-legal-files-child-abuse

Sunday 20 August 2017 


Liz MacKean, who has died aged 52 after a stroke, was that rarest of creatures in the world of broadcast news.
In an industry full of egos and elbows, Liz was a campaigning journalist without even the smallest measure of sanctimony or self-regard. It was the victims who were always given the limelight in her work. It was their cause, not her career, that was paramount. Indeed, she sometimes pursued her targets at great cost to her career.
Liz was born in Romsey, Hampshire, the second of four daughters of Tom MacKean, a circuit judge, and his wife, Muriel (nee Hodder). It was not until her parents sent her to Gordonstoun in Scotland that they found a school that could accommodate her energy and love of the outdoors. Her other passion was drama, which she went on to study at the University of Manchester. After graduating, Liz formed a two-person theatre company called Juicy Fruits. Although she gained her Equity card after touring the comedy circuit for a year, by now she had settled on broadcast journalism. In this she found a career that could feed her love of performance and required only minimal time in an office.    READ IN FULL   https://www.theguardian.com/media/2017/aug/20/liz-mackean-obituary   https://archive.is/5ZJxD

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