Child Protection Officers *FAILED* – Liam Fee case review finds 'MISSED OPPORTUNITIES ACROSS SERVICES'

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4621904/Officers-missed-opportunities-protect-Liam-Fee.html  http://archive.is/Mpkqg
http://www.nwemail.co.uk/news/national/article/Liam-Fee-death-case-review-finds-missed-opportunities-across-services-89fe3d07-e93f-4c5f-b2bc-ef8555017a15-ds  http://archive.is/dpOnL


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When The State Ignores Narcissism https://spidercatweb.wordpress.com/2016/05/31/when-state-ignores-narcissism-liamfee/



  1. Madison Horn              FIFE        04/2014
  2. Hayley Davidson         FIFE         02/2016
  3. Liam Fee                        FIFE        03/2014
  4. Scott Chirashi               FIFE        12/2014
  5. Mikaeel Kular               FIFE        01/2014
  6. Zaiidyn Burke               FIFE        10/2012
  7. Daniel Perry                 FIFE         07/2013 (Supposedly suicide but links to paedophilia)
  8. INAYAH AHMED          CNTRL     05/2016
  9. Isabelle Cowley            HLND      07/2011
  10. Clyde Campbell            HLND      02/2015 (neglected & died, NOT murder)

Scotland’s children are Scotland’s future

4 thoughts on “Child Protection Officers *FAILED* – Liam Fee case review finds 'MISSED OPPORTUNITIES ACROSS SERVICES'

  1. It is after midnight, and I’ve stumbled across my email notification of this, your blog post. I have not read your blog post thoroughly yet, but I have tried to get a feel for what editorial line you are taking. I am glad that you have blogged about this subject, and intend to look at what you have written.
    I blogged about this event myself yesterday- the publication of the Learning Summary from the Significant Case Review of murdered toddler Liam Fee, .
    I did a word search for a certain word appearing in your blog post, and discovered that your blog post doesn’t use that particular word at all. The word I searched for was “father”.
    Because your blog post doesn’t use the word “father”, I am taking the liberty of drawing your attention immediately to my own blog post, also in response to the publication (five days ago) of the Learning Summary from the Significant Case Review of murdered toddler Liam Fee. You may be kind enough to reblog my piece here, if you like the line that I am taking.
    What about Liam’s dad?

    1. Hi,
      I am so glad you commented, thank you.
      Aye, Liam’s case is so awful.
      I’ve followed it since day one & the entire story left a lasting imprint in my head & in my heart.
      Or actually, if I am honest Liam himself did, such a beautiful wee boy. Let down by near as damn it everyone.
      It was already too late for me to help him, but the least he deserves is people paying attention to what happened
      & trying to get to the truth of it all in order to at the very least TRY to prevent the same or similar happening to some other wee tot
      You are probably correct! I don’t think i’ve used the word father, I would have used the word Dad!
      I deliberately blogged so little about him partly because I found only a little info on him, also as he was not there at the time.
      But my main reason was because his baby boy had just been brutally murdered.
      I didn’t want to intrude on his grieving by blogging about him. I just didn’t want to upset anyone unnecessarily.
      I do however have some info on him, Like his name & the area he lives etc.
      Poor man, Liam murdered & his other two boys tortured.
      He lost all three sons.
      Where are the older two now? With him? (I dont know how how likely that is) Or are they in care? I don’t know.
      I hope for all their sakes the three of them are together.
      None of them deserved what they have been through, especially the boys.
      I think you are correct, had he been helped to get regular access, Liam would probably still be alive.
      There’s absolutely no excuse for anyone keeping children from their father (assuming he isn’t violent etc)
      It’s destructive & has a detrimental effect on childen. The needs of the children should ALWAYS come before anything else.
      & first thing’s first. They NEED BOTH PARENTS
      If you would like the limited info I have on Liam’s dad, you’re more than welcome to it,
      As soon as I find which of the MANY blogs I did on Liam I put it in, I shall send you a link!!
      Thanks again x

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