Robert Green's Letters to Lady Smith & Leslie Evans

From: Robert Green
Sent: 13 October 2017 17:28
To:    *****************
Subject: Letters to Lady Smith and Leslie Evans

I met my new MP today, Labour`s Mr Faisal Rashid.
Mr Rashid was helpful and friendly and agreed to follow up on the unanswered issues posed to the Scottish authorities in March by his predecessor, David Mowat.
The first of the two most pressing matters involved  the continuing refusal of Lady Smith to produce the audio of Sheriff Principal Bowen`s outburst on 17th February 2012, when he made a racially offensive comment against me after I had publicly exposed him for concealing his ten-year relationship with cited defence witness Elish Angiolini from the court. My complaint about this blatant attempt to cover up an obvious conflict of interest was supported by the Judicial Complaints Reviewer, Ms Moi Ali.
After Lord Eassie had ordered an investigation into this incident, Lady Smith claimed that the audio did not contain the racist remarks after she had listened to it. I stated that a further criminal offence must therefore have taken place as solemn recorded court evidence had clearly been tampered with. I asked Lady Smith to allow me to listen to the tape. To my surprise, she refused point-blank, stating that there was nothing untoward on it and that I would just have to take her word for it.
Actually, I have no reason whatsoever to trust Lady Smith, who also refused to accept sworn statements from eye-witnesses who heard Bowen`s bigoted attack on me.
Clearly, there is now prima facie evidence that criminal behaviour involving  at least one very senior official has taken place and Lady Smith`s intransigent attitude can only lead on to the conclusion that she has something important to hide. Let us see if she takes the first step in demonstrating that justice needs to be seen to have been done by finally producing the audio evidence for all to hear.
The second issue is the other refusal by Leslie Evans, Head of the Civil Service to produce the documentation that led to her predecessor, Sir Peter Housden  authorising the use of UK taxpayers` money for Elish Angiolini to use in a civil action against me. Thanks to Kenny MacAskill`s correspondence with my former MP, David Mowat, we now know that Angiolini repeatedly lied to the courts and to the Press Complaints Commission about her involvement in the Hollie Greig case. If, as seems probable, she also lied to Sir Peter in order to obtain public funds for her personal use and potential financial gain, the issue of institutional corruption at the very apex of the Scottish civil, political and justice systems looms ever more large.
It`s now up to Lady Smith and Leslie Evans to come clean at last.
Robert Green
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