KIM GORDON – Scot suspected of faking own death in USA is accused of being a NONCE


https://www.scotcourts.gov.uk/current-business/court-rolls/court-roll?id=b62261a7-8980-69d2-b500-ff0000d74aa7     https://archive.fo/63vOb

Screenshot taken from Court Rolls show GORDON/AVIS is due up in court on March the 11th 2019

KSBW Action News 8  Published on Mar 1, 2019
KIM GORDON – Last seen at Monastery Beach in Carmel by his son

https://twitter.com/FelixKSBW/status/1101591654832599040 https://archive.fo/tZE1W

KIM/KEM AVIS-GORDON  (nice star of David)

FACEBOOK  https://www.facebook.com/kem.avisgordon

FLICKR  https://www.flickr.com/people/50963461@N03/ 





3 thoughts on “KIM GORDON – Scot suspected of faking own death in USA is accused of being a NONCE

  1. Hi you, been banned from Twitter so cannot contact you, remember me, your ‘Knight’…???….anyhoo, Kim’s apparently heir to the Avis car hire dynasty….but that’s not what I wanted to tell you about, you may have seen this video linked in this comment, you may not, but anyway you got a mention in it about the 28m 25s mark…..it may even be made from subject matter you’ve created from about the 26 minute mark onwards…..anyway, take care, love you!…..never forgiven you for standing me up at The Fluke btw…..;-)

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