Hoaxstead Trollz Base exposed exploited the world wide web is watching 

Hoaxstead Trollz Base exposed exploited
the world wide web is watching ❤

Just a example whats behind the hoaxstead website with the emails scrapped…
Many agents work with these devils as you can see, look how many Government emails are also there?

Really though did people actually think they are safe on the Hoaxstead Website ?
We have Jon Wegers old email from 2016 numnut2009@hotmail.com <active> sat on the website 🤔🤔

2nd image and we have a police officers email Bernard-holgan-howe@metpolice.uk
on the hoaxstead website 1st image in blue ….
you couldnt make this shit up as you go over 330+ emails … all they are doing is spreading dis infomation

Yolande kenwood and belinda mckenzie you are all here everyone the lot but wait they are mixed in with mi5 and Mi6 and you people who trust these people and you have spoken to them you know who you are ….

if your clever you would block them because they would of compromised your account without you realising

dont cry when all your accounts go down

they dont want you to know the truth bouts 788 790 Finchley Rd

& Hampstead Karen irving aka el coyote aka snakes logan 5000

the high priestess is connected to finchley rd threw her old businesses but we have all the details and more ….

these people can NOT BE TRUSTED they Will Maliciously try exploit your social medias they friend you and try fuck you you have been warned



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