Jack, John, Julian & the Footie Paedo Ring

As you may have noticed, the past 10 or so days I have been researching footie paedo, but today I was looking into some thing slightly different. Today, i was researching paedo within the Scouts & the Boys brigade & whilst doing that, I came across Julian Danskin.

I won’t go into too much detail as you can read the 3 articles yersel.. All i am going to say he is a bastard paedo who lived/s in Fife & was a lawyer & a BBs company leader. He was also boss of East Fife footie team. (woo hoo! I love football so much!)

Please read the articles as they are important!




My alarm bells went off somewhere around the first sentence of the first article! So off i went digging!  Only to find Danskin was on SFA board of Directors!  So within minutes & without actually meaning to, I was back amongst Celtic footie paedo?!!

& If you go to page 4 you’ll see Kevin Kelly of course! SFA COMPANY CHECK
But the first name I immediately recognised wasn’t Kelly’s! It was McGinn.. So I googled JOHN McGinn & I was correct! kinda!

JOHN McGinn is JACK McGinn grandson  wiki  But that is NOT the same McGinn that’s on the SFA director list! Cause the SFA director McGinn was born in August 1932 which would make him about 85 years old. Therefore about the same age as Jack McGinn!

They are of course the same person Jack / John  & it was the name JACK McGinn that I rings bells with me! & I recognised the name! From researching yesterday’s blog!

John Christopher McGinn Company Check  & here McGinn is AGAIN wi Kevin Kelly

Anyhoo.. Back to DANSKIN  In 1999 a jury of eight women and seven men convicted Danskin.

“Danskin, of Braemar, Largo Road, Leven, of conducting himself in a shamelessly indecent manner towards a 25-year-old when he was aged between 14 and 18. He was further convicted of using lewd, libidinous and indecent behaviour to a boy aged between 8 and 14. He was also found guilty of conducting himself in a shamelessly indecent manner towards the same victim when he was aged between 15 and 18. A fourth charge of lewd and libidinous behaviour towards a youngster aged between 10 and 14 was found not proven.   Danskin, the senior partner of Leven law firm Smith and Grant, committed the offences in Innerleven East Church hall, his offices and Silverburn House in Leven between 1985 and 1995 while he was Captain of the 1st Methil BB.”

And then in   July 2002 Danskin was struck off as a solicitor    DANSKIN v HMA

But then, to my absolute horror, I found an article about one of the boys Danskin had abused – Steven Paterson – who was so traumatise by what that bastard did to him, that he ended up overdosing on heroin & he died aged only 19. He was just a kid…

In 2012, Alan James – one of the men convicted & jailed for blackmailing Danskin –  reappears at an armed robbery in Glasgow & despite DNA evidence proving him to have been at the scene, he walked?!

https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/window-cleaner-accused-of-armed-raid-858623               http://archive.li/O5xZn


But by the time I had read about Steven….  I couldn’t really face anymore! So i’m gonna call it a night, & I will just leave you with a very quick summary.

YET ANOTHER CHILD RAPIST that is a major player in Scottish football

& YET AGAIN linked to Celtic, Kevin Kelly, Jack McGinn etc..

How many is that we are up to now?


Celtic Pizzagate!

Footie paedo list & links

Rennie, Torbett, Fairbridge, Youthlink, Mr Watson & the head of inquiry

McCafferty, Torbett, Fairbridge & The Footie

Head of the footie inquiry, the church & the paedo ring

A couple of wee things jumped out at me from  this article  dated 1st Dec 1999

“He had denied all the charges against him and referred to his accusers as ‘lying heroin addicts’ but was found guilty after a 12-day trial.”

It then says at the end…

“East Fife Football Club said Mr Danskin had been replaced as chairman”

The first bit, What a NASTY BASTARD, but of course he is.. he is a child rapist!! & as for East Fife.. they should learn to shut their cakehole! Cause TWO WHOLE YEARS LATER  he was still on the board of directors  (until Dec 3rd 2001)  I mean, let’s not pretend East Fife had cut all ties!! Or in fact ANY ties for that matter!

Below, a few lines from here  that i just dont like!

Julian Struthers Danskin v Her Majesty’s Advocate  4 Jul 2001

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