‘I’m quite happy to go to court’ – Irish-based blogger goes to war against ‘celebrity threesome’ injunction

‘I’m quite happy to go to court’ – Irish-based blogger goes to war against ‘celebrity threesome’ injunction

Denise Calnan  14/04/2016 | 11:49
An Irish-based blogger who has gone to war against a “celebrity threesome” injunction has said “if you don’t want to embarrass your kids, don’t do embarrassing things”.
The well-known blogger is turning his head at a London court’s injunction which is halting press from revealing a celebrity’s husband who was involved in an alleged extra-marital threesome.
The married celebrity is alleged to have had a sexual encounter with another couple whilst “splashing around in a paddling pool filled with olive oil”.
The well-known blogger has rejected the demand from the unidentified celebrity to remove a post from his website which names all the parties involved in the case, including the celebrity.
The order by the London court has come into effect in England and Wales, but the identities of the parties involved have been revealed in the media in Scotland and the US.
The blogger was contacted by lawyers representing the celebrity on Monday and was asked to remove the article.
The firm said the article was ‘in clear violation of the order of the Court of Appeal dated 22nd January 2016’.
The blogger has argued that his website’s servers are in the US and the article was typed in the Republic of Ireland before it was published online and so should not be covered by the injunction.
Independent.ie has confirmed that the website is hosted by a company based in San Francisco.
The editor and administrator of the website said he would be “quite happy” to bring the issue to court.
“I can understand why they are irritated, but I’m quite happy to bring this fight to court. It would be amusing, it will be amusing,” he told Independent.ie.
“Whether the British courts take view that it is in contempt and I’m arrested when I land in London, that’s a different story and it’s what my wife is worried about. But they’re not going to throw me in jail.
“If the Sun [Sun on Sunday] have the injunction overturned tomorrow, it’s all over. If not and [the celebrity] thinks it’s worth it to have a fight with me, well that’s a bigger story,” he continued.
“Because of this injunction, the story has become bigger. It’s being reported on all over the world. Getting the injunction was counter-productive.
“The worst thing about all of this and the reason I’m making a point is that rich and powerful people will be able to buy cover-ups in court in the UK.
“I’ve got loads of stuff on Google that would be embarrassing for my kids – if you don’t want to embarrass your kids, don’t do embarrassing things.”
The website administrator also published online the note he replied to the court order, which reads:
“I note this is a Court Order from a British court.
“In Ireland, as I explained to Lord Justice Leveson at his inquiry, Irish citizens do not have to pay any notice to what British judges order any more.
“We are currently celebrating the 1916 uprising, come visit Dublin.
“If you do, please do not repeat the ex parte trick your firm pulled in 2008 on behalf of Zac Goldsmith. Remember how that ended in an embarrassing fiasco for your firm? You had to apologise to me and an Irish High Court judge.
“This time I expect full and properly served notice to be given of any action you propose to take going forward.”
The editor signed off the note with his first name.
In the case called PJS and News Group Newspapers, the court of appeal in London has ordered that the media organisation not identify PJS, who is a partner of one of the people involved in the alleged threesome. This order was placed pending trial on the matter so could still be reversed.
The blog editor, who lives in Ireland, is now awaiting the results of a fresh legal challenge tomorrow.
Lawyers for The Sun on Sunday are going to attempt to overturn the injunction in an appeal hearing that will be closed to the press and public.
Critics have argued that the court order is now meaningless as several news outlets around the world, who are not bound by the injunction, have named the couple.

Guido Fawkes blogger defends article on UK gagging order

My opinion…


Freedom of speech is absolutely something we should all be fighting for.

He has done NOTHING WRONG.

He didn’t write the story! He is only re-telling what is already been printed in Scottish papers! Being taken to court over something that is already in the public domain is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS.

So glad he has the balls to stand his ground.

WELL DONE Guido Fawkes

Good luck mate 

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