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Ian OliverQPM, is a former police officer, author, speaker and international consultant for the United Nations. He served as Chief Constable of Scotland’s Central and Grampian Police. Since leaving the police force, he has worked as a consultant and speaker on the issues of drugs, terrorism and trafficking. He is a published author, a board member of the International Scientific & Medical Advisory Forum on Drug Abuse, an appointed life member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police and an elected Member of the Institute of Global Drug Policy. Oliver is the father of Craig Oliver

Dr Ian Oliver KNEW Thomas Hamilton

DR IAN Oliver, the Chief Constable of Grampian, who, as head of the Central Scotland force, knew Thomas Hamilton, has called for the creation of a full-time, independent firearms advisory body.

In one of 100 submissions which have been accepted by Lord Cullen and were made public yesterday, Dr Oliver said his work with the firearms consultative committee had convinced him of the need for such a body.

Dr Oliver said its role should be an overview of the working of all firearms’ legislation and give advice to parliament, the police, Customs, the shooting trade and the shooting community. He said the chief constables’ association believed that the body should be pro-active, in the hope that problems could be quickly identified and resolved

“At present the only recourse is to the criminal or civil courts, and I believe that to be wrong.” Dr Oliver told Lord Cullen he found himself in the “unenviable position” of not only being a member of the firearms consultative committee, and chairman of the association’s committee responsible for firearms matters, but a former chief constable of Central Scotland who had known Hamilton.  http://dunblane.site/doliver.htm   archive

Is the Chief Constable of Grampian, Dr Ian Oliver a Freemason, the former Chief Constable of Central Scotland who was a member of the firearms consultative committee, was chairman of the association’s committee responsible for firearms matters, who testified “he knew” Hamilton, and who more recently (14 August 1996) irresponsibly suggested that “a ban on handguns was asking too much”? LINK     http://dunblane.site/booklet.htm    archive



‘I would torture my brother’s paedo killer’: Haunted sister breaks silence over murdered schoolboy, 9, lured from park

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Sir Craig Stewart Oliver (born 15 May 1969) is a British news editor, producer and media executive, and the former Director of Communications for British Prime Minister David Cameron.[2]

Previously, he was Controller of English news output for BBC Global News, responsible for commissioning the news content for the corporation’s English-language global services, including the BBC World ServiceBBC World News and BBC News Online

Oliver was born in BasfordNottinghamshire.[3] His father, Ianrelocated the family to Scotland on his promotion to Chief Constable of Central Scotland Police, then later Chief Constable of Grampian Police.[4]  Oliver attended Stirling High School, where he was a contemporary of the presenter Kirsty Young,[4] then went on to read English literature at the University of St Andrews.[5][6]  (spook school!)

Oliver joined the BBC in 2006, where he became editor of BBC One’s Ten O’Clock News,[10] He was also editor of the channel’s Six O’Clock News.[11]

In May 2009, he was appointed as the new deputy head of the Corporation’s multimedia newsroom, replacing Mary Hockaday, who had been promoted the previous month to be the new head of the operation that oversees all BBC News output.  Oliver was subsequently appointed Controller of English, BBC Global News in April 2010, with responsibility for multi-platform commissioning of all BBC Global News English output.[13] He took up this role after editing the BBC’s 2010 general election coverage.[11] At BBC World, he was part of the team which oversaw cuts to the Corporation’s World Service.[4]

On 2 February 2011 he was appointed Andy Coulsons replacement as Director of Communications at 10 Downing Street,[14]having been recommended by Coulson for the job.[15]He took up this position on 28 February.[16] He committed a political faux pas at the following weekend’s Conservative Party Spring Conference after accidentally showing his notes for David Cameron‘s keynote speech to photographers.[17] In June 2011, The Mail on Sunday reported that a fake Downing Street Twitter account had been set up in Oliver’s name and used to make comedic remarks about politicians and journalists. The site attracted 1,200 followers before it was exposed as a hoax.[18]

On 24 May 2012, Oliver was named in documents submitted to the Leveson Inquiry into media standards as being one of eight Downing Street advisers to have had contact with News Corporation lobbyist Frédéric Michel. Oliver and Michel dined together in July 2011 after news broke concerning the News of the World phone hacking scandal, but Oliver did not have to declare the dinner on the register of interests as they split the bill.

Oliver was knighted in the 2016 Resignation Honours after David Cameron stepped down as PM in the wake of the EU membership referendum[26] . After leaving Downing Street, Oliver wrote an account of the referendum campaign, published in October 2016. The book, Unleashing Demons: The Inside Story of Brexit, was serialised in the Mail on Sunday in September 2016, and claims that David Cameron felt “badly let down” by Theresa May (who was Home Secretary during the referendum campaign) because she failed to back the remain side.[27]  Oliver has also entered the ‘revolving door’ and become a senior managing director at Teneo, a consultancy that already employs  William Hague as a consultant, where he will advise on Brexit.[28]

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Craig Oliver is married to


Joanna Gosling  archive  (born 5 Jan 1971)[3] is an English television news presenterbroadcast journalist and author. She presents on the United Kingdom rolling news channel BBC News, and occasionally the first half of the 11 o’clock news hour on BBC2 as well as presenting the Victoria Derbyshire programme on Fridays. Having previously worked for Independent Local Radio, Central Television in the Midlands and Sky News she has been with the BBC since 1999.

Gosling is a graduate of the University of Birmingham from which she obtained a degree in French, and the University of Grenoble. She was married to Sir Craig Oliver, who was British Prime Minister David Cameron‘s Head of Communications; the couple divorced in 2014. Her first book, Simply Wonderwoman – a guide for busy working women with children – was published in 2011.






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