HOAXTEAD RESEARCH & the convicted paedophile RENATA OSTERTAG

SOURCE – Comment section – https://youtu.be/0DRDOFhAxoU

SOURCE http://guerrillademocracy.blogspot.com/2015/02/russell-brand-exposed-as-paedophile.html 

Google Search “Renata Ostertag hoaxtead” https://www.google.com/search?newwindow=1&rlz=1C1AVSF_enGB795GB795&ei=6KjiXOH4Jcyk1fAPj6-qwAY&q=RENATA+OSTERTAG+hoaxtead&oq=RENATA+OSTERTAG+hoaxtead&gs_l=psy-ab.3..35i39.6389383.6391648..6392034…0.0..0.144.1045.1j8……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i22i30.tXEBJo83MZE

Funnily enough, Ostertag, like Hoaxtard author Karen Irving, is also from Canada! & in 2009 was living in Edmonton in Canada 





3 thoughts on “HOAXTEAD RESEARCH & the convicted paedophile RENATA OSTERTAG

    1. Thats correct Ostertag lives in downtown Edmonton (the Precinct have spoken directly with me and are aware of the whole tale , they were a little miffed at the British authorities putting her in Canada and NOT telling them anything )and obtained my contact details from Hoaxtead , emailed me saying that she/he was intending to come to the UK , I contacted the Canadian cops who had no idea that she/he had been in the UK , or Holloway Prison at all . She had gone to them saying that she had lost her Canadian passport and needed to report this to get a replacement . Actually , the passport had been stamped “NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER UK” so that will have posed a problem . UK authorities are aware of Ostertags intention to attempt to visit and will act accordingly . In REPLY to Moral Decay ; It is not any type off secret that Pru Halliwell and Heather Brown are one and the same , WHAT OF IT ? Pru/Heather has been around the internet since 1998 . I am not part of the Hampstead thingy as I declined to intervene when Sabine McNeill tried to recruit me in 2014 . I am not part of Hoaxtead either .There were massive gagging orders , Super Injunction , which prevented me from making public any of our case until 2009 .These were issued in July 2001 by HHJ June Black . However , I have been around and talking about our case since 2009
      How very odd that MIKE DYCE aka “Flo Destroyer ” (hacks like a 12 year old , and not a very competent 12 year old either ) would be unconcerned that an individual of Ostertags caliber is in his very own group . It has also been alleged that Lee Jesson of FNF group is a “nonce”. FYI Keyes has now obtained my email address and bombarded me with emails where he says that neither my son nor the fosterers exist . I wonder how /why he became involved with ailienated parents groups , and ,surprise,surprise FNF , Lee Jesson and #SUE/SHEVA et al, we now know that these all knew each other long before they formed Hoaxtead . Especially as his children are those of him and his wife , who was his very long term girl friend and he IS NOT and never has been ailienated from any of them . So LIAR ,LIAR ,is that the smell of burning underwear…… I notice that Irving has now shut Hoaxtead .Why now ? She said that she was going over to Youtube but seems to have changed her mind…..

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