Highland Council are STILL RUNNING #NamedPerson scheme. Here's what YOU can do

Your council, Highland, is running a Named Person scheme.
Wouldn’t you like to know what personal information the Named Person holds on your family?
Parents tell us stories about attending meetings with teachers, health visitors and other officials, only to find everyone in the room has been shown confidential medical information on them and their children. Others have discovered dossiers containing inaccurate tittle-tattle about their relationships, their personal spending and other issues which are no business of the state.
The good news is that you have a legal right to know what personal information the state holds on you and your children. It’s called a Subject Access Request.


Got school-age children?
Click here to use Highland Council’s form to submit a Subject Access Request. You must include a photocopy of some form of identification. Send your request to:
The Data Protection Officer
Chief Executive’s Service
The Highland Council
Glenurquhart Road

Got pre-school children?

If you have a pre-school child, their Named Person will be a health visitor linked to your GP practice. Submit a Subject Access Request to your GP practice today. Use this template letter.

What to do with the response to your Subject Access Request

Some Named Persons have been sharing information on parents’ political beliefs, religious views, mental health and marital history – without consent and/or any other lawful authority. It is vital to expose these breaches of privacy law.
The body responsible for upholding data protection law is the Information Commissioner’s Office. You can see their advice about how to make a complaint here.
If you see something unexpected in the response to your Subject Access Request, you can share it with us in confidence. We’ll take a look and let you know if there is anything you can do about it, but please be aware we cannot offer legal advice. Please email stories to @no2np.org
(Remember that, under child protection law, private information can and should lawfully be shared if there is a risk of significant harm to a child.)
Thank you for your continued support.
The NO2NP Team

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