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The Docherty’s 10 QUESTIONS via @UKCOLUMN
Alex Thomson announces publication of the transcript of David Scott’s extended interview with Brian and Janice Docherty. At over 250 pages, this was a huge amount of work by Alex and his team of UK Column members, all of whom are owed a huge thanks.

*Docherty Interview & Transcript & PDF download here *

Alex’s team formed following our announcement that the Docherty case should be treated as an open source investigation. So far, the response has been superb, with information coming in thick and fast. That information is already being used to motivate MPs, MEPs, the police, the judiciary and other public authorities, and we must also thank everyone who has contributed to that effort.
But they need more help. They have identified ten main questions they need answers to. If you have any information which can help, please contact the team by email at dochertyinvestigation@ukcolumn.org
1. Is Bridgeen Smith/Smyth, the TUSLA manager at Letterkenny who was apparently drafted in to deal with the Dochertys (as she is not on the CORU register in Letterkenny), in fact the wife of Northern Regional Director John Smith/Smyth?
The Dochertys have seen both use two surname variants, oddly enough.
2. Who in the Irish Government is trying to urge the Dochertys to place all the blame on Mary Malee in Mayo in order to deflect from Dublin?
3. What is the relationship between Sergeant John Forkan and Maria Houston (alias Heuston), the unqualified woman whom the Dochertys believe to have been “caring” for their son Christian? Has Houston/Heusten a military background?
4. What is the background and motivation of Donegal lawyer Liza Finegan?
5. What is the current professional practice status and practice location of psychiatrist Ciarán Smyth?
6. What is the current official and the current actual practice location of Donegal/Derry social worker Gabrielle McDaid? Was she registered to practice social work in the Republic of Ireland before June 2016? Has she ever had regular social work employment in Donegal (or elsewhere in the Republic), or only in Northern Ireland?
7. What is Judge Paul Kelly’s background with the Roman Catholic church?
8. Since Irish court-appointed guardian ad litem Patricia Molony does not drive, which police or other persons took her and the Docherty children from the Republic of Ireland, via Northern Ireland, to Scotland and back for the Docherty children’s attendance of the funeral of their maternal grandmother (McLaren) in Blairgowrie, Perthshire, in January 2016? Who authorised this at Police Scotland and PSNI?
9. Which (Irish, British or foreign) entities and persons purchased the (State tax-relieved) stately home of Lawton House in Moneygall, County Offaly for the previous Minister for Children and Youth Affairs in the Republic of Ireland, James Reilly, since he is a known bad debtor?
And which entities and persons previously purchased for Reilly, in a “non-recourse” investment arrangement, the care home which he previously owned, Greenhill Nursing Home in Carrick-on-Suir, Co. Tipperary? (See here, here, here and here.)
10. Can the public notify the team of any people connected with any of the characters in this transcript who are known or reasonably suspected:

  • to be police, military or intelligence informants;
  • to have an allegiance to Freemasonry, to any criminal group or political gangsters, or to (a Scottish or Irish diocese of) the Roman Catholic church that is much stronger than they publicly intimate;
  • or to be living a lie about his or her denominational affiliation, (sources of) wealth, political loyalty or attitude, sexuality or nationality?

Is Glen CRAWFORD working for PSNI?
Is social work team leader Eilish CRAWFORD-QUAILE from Scotland or a psychiatrist?
The email address again, if you think you can help, is dochertyinvestigation@ukcolumn.org

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ADDITIONAL NOTE via @Albian_Rover
We are nearly there on Sam Buchan and Alan Low so only need info on them if it is inside info from locals or polis; otherwise its a case of picking a chapter and start asking questions, copy them to dochertyinvestigation@ukcolumn.org and the team will see what is going out and comment on what is good and what is covered elsewhere

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