Gurmeet Ram Rahim jailed: India's godman cult & the 'godliness' of sex, crimes & politics


1 thought on “Gurmeet Ram Rahim jailed: India's godman cult & the 'godliness' of sex, crimes & politics

  1. I had a thought. Why does sex need a god or promoting? You mean we are not inclined to sex. Really? Its crazy. Sex need no help at all. Its does just fine, too fine, on its own. It needs some restraint, actually.
    Another thought. I saw lots of @$$ kissers and Brown nosers as a JW from 1979-1989. Some call those sycophants. but there are dangerous no matter where you find them. Many work in corporations and try to rise up by this false flattery and slavish obedience. Others do it in a religious context. So do it in the Military. Some do it in politics or secret societies. Satanic cults work that way.
    But no matter the context, @$$ kissers are dangerous, not only to others who do not do the same, but dangerous to their children, who they abandon to perverts who want kids. To me, @$$ kissers are the lowest life forms. They stand for nothing and will do anything. No moral boundaries, for after all, in essence, what they do is lie to please and advance in status, and lies lead to far worse. I worked in major corporation for 11 years. I saw it all and then some. Life is hell when you have @$$ kissers all around you. They are snipers, back stabbers and gossipers and liars and there is nothing they will not do. If there was such a thing as hell, these would be at the front of the line. But the real hell is having these all around us. @$$ kissers do not hesitate to throw their young to the monsters in order to advance.

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