Growing 2gether: Teens & Toddlers in the Highlands

growing2gether https://www.ecologia.org.uk/growing2gether/  http://archive.li/xkfqK

It’s Teens & Toddlers just by another name! & they have roll it out as of January 2017.

IN THE SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS! http://www.ecologia.org.uk/projects/growing2gether/growing2gether-what-we-do/  http://archive.li/r6Wnh

Diane Whitmore!! from Teens & Toddlers & Findhorn Foundation! Whitmore has her fingers in A LOT of pies..

  1. Patron, Wyse International
  2. CEO of Children our Ultimate Investment UK (COUI)
  3. Founder, President and Co-chair of the Psychosynthesis & Education Trust
  4. Founder children our ultimate investment
  5. On the trustee board of Findhorn Foundation
  6. Chief Exec & a founding Director of Teens & Todds
  7. British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy Accredited Supervisor
  8. Accredited member of UK Council for Psychotherapists
  9. She teaches positive psychology and transpersonal coaching for Performance Coach MSc in Coaching and Development (Portsmouth University)
  10. She has a PhD in Education from the University of Surrey
  11. is the author of two books, Psychosynthesis Counselling in Action and Psychosynthesis in Education: A Guide to the Joy of Learning  view both on Amazon


A Day in the Growing2gether Programme Ecologia staff member Rachel recently visited our newest project partner Growing2gether working alongside teenagers and young children at a school in Inverness. She described to us what she witnessed that morning.http://www.ecologia.org.uk/2017/02/growing2gether-at-school/

The Early Years Taskforce – Vision and Priorities http://www.gov.scot/Resource/0043/00437802.pdf  http://archive.li/PxQs3


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