Cop Shops go 9-5, Police told NOT to Police & #Gormless says Counter Corruption Unit is total corrupt – Just another day in Scotland


Chief constable tells MSPs that Police Scotland faced 25 counter 

A TOTAL of 25 complaints have been made against police counter-corruption officers in Scotland in the last seven years, the country’s most senior policeman has revealed.

Chief Constable of Police Scotland Phil Gormley
Chief Constable of Police Scotland Phil “Gormless” Gormley
Police Scotland Chief Constable Phil Gormley told MSPs on Holyrood’s Justice Committee there were 108 separate allegations detailed in those complaints.
The most recent complaint includes the criminal allegation that an officer attempted to pervert the course of justice, as well as 11 further non-criminal allegations.
This is still the subject of investigation, Gormley said, while the other complaints have either resulted in no action being taken or officers being given “corrective advice”.
Gormley had been asked to detail criminal complaints made against members of the Counter Corruption Unit (CCU) carrying out their duties by Margaret Mitchell, convener of the Justice Committee.
She wrote to him seeking “further clarification”, including what crimes or offences have been alleged and how many claims of misconduct had been made between April 1, 2009 and June 30 this year.

In response, Gormley told her:
“For completeness, the total number of complaints within this time period is 25 and the total number of allegations is 108.”
The letter added:
“I have asked the chief constable of Durham Constabulary, Chief Constable Mike Barton, to undertake a review of complaints made against staff in Police Scotland’s Counter Corruption Unit.”

Barton has already been tasked with leading an independent investigation into a breach of guidelines by the Scottish force when it accessed data in a row linked to journalists’ sources.
In a report in June, HM Inspector of Constabulary in Scotland Derek Penman made 39 recommendations for improvements after an investigation into the CCU. The Scottish Police Authority (SPA) had ordered the review after it was revealed last year that guidelines on accessing data without proper consent had been breached when the CCU tried to discover more details about a journalist’s sources in relation to a newspaper story about the murder of prostitute Emma Caldwell.

Liberal Democrat MSP Liam McArthur said the CCU had been “in the eye of the storm over attempts to hack journalistic sources, This letter reveals more than 130 complaints and allegations about the conduct of CCU officers and criminal investigations into allegations of perverting the course of justice. Reports like this can only undermine the good work of police officers across Scotland.”

A spokesman for the Scottish Police Authority said: “We recognise the ongoing public and parliamentary interests in this area of policing, but it is important to recognise the progress already made since HMICS delivered its report on the Counter Corruption Unit in June. Police Scotland has subsequently announced an independent review by Durham Police which is due to report later this year. The fact that we now have a reference group involving representatives from the SPA, Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, Association of Scottish Police Superintendents, Scottish Police Federation and British Transport Police, as well as solicitors, has sent a powerful signal of the changing approach.”



Scottish cops told NOT to nick criminals – because of a police staffing
Scheduled arrests and warrants have been postponed for 48 hours with concerns that the Motherwell division does not have enough staff to deal with incoming crimes

SCOTTISH cops have been told not to make any arrests with warnings there is not enough staff to deal with an influx of crims into custody.

Scheduled arrests over the next 48 hours have been postponed with officers now fearing a warrants backlog as they are prevented from doing their work.

Motherwell will be ‘closed; for 48 hours as there are insufficient officers and staff to operate it
A source told The Scottish Sun: “Police officers in Lanarkshire have been advised not to make any arrangements to arrest people today and tomorrow.

“The reason given is that the divisional headquarters custody suite at Motherwell will be closed on both days due to there being insufficient officers and civilian staff to operate it.”

Instead, offenders will be taken to stations in Hamilton of Coatbridge. The source said the developments were “truly astonishing”. It is understood that cops will be able to arrest lawbreakers if responding to ongoing crimes over the next 48 hours. But it is feared that police in the Motherwell area will also feel the pressure to avoid making arrests in low-level crimes as it would take too long to transfer and process cases. It comes despite Motherwell being upgraded just four years ago as part of a £3.5 million scheme to refurbish cells at three stations in Scotland’s west. But budget woes have seen police officers faced with cuts to operating hours. The whistleblower said that the cutbacks were worse than what the public was being led to believe.

He said: “It is a fact that this once great service is crumbling before our eyes and it saddens me.”

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said the revelations showed why police morale was at rock bottom
Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie slammed the move, saying: “There is little point investing in a state-of-the-art custody suite if there are not enough staff to use it.

“It’s little surprise staff morale is rock bottom. Police officers are bearing the burden of budget cuts and staff shortages. Discouraging arrests because of staff shortages shows Police Scotland is in a state of distress.”

It was last week revealed that Chief Constable Phil Gormley feared the force would continue to overspend its £1 billion annual budget until 2019.
But Police Scotland authorities insisted that it simply had an “agile and flexible approach to custody management”.

Superintendent Arlene Smith said: “Analysis has shown custody dem-and levels decrease during weekdays and peak again at weekends. Police Scotland has adopted an agile and flexible approach to custody management which is efficient and supports local policing in deploying police officers in local communities. This includes Motherwell custody centre and others located within a 3.1-mile radius.” SOURCE

& Not just Motherwell, there is also EAST KILBRIDE 




VIEW PDF IN FULL  Police Station Public Counter Opening Hours

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