FORMER SNP social work committee convenor at centre of blackmail plot over his wife being £100-an-hr escort

A FORMER SNP social work committee convenor was at the centre of a blackmail plot after it was revealed his wife was a £100-an-hour escort.
Keith Robertson, 60, who formerly served on Perth and Kinross Council and his wife Jean, 57, faced demands for £4000 from Alan Hurren who also wanted “sexual favours” to keep the vice job quiet.
Businessman Hurren, 63, of Falkirk has been convicted of trying to extort sex and cash from Mrs Robertson and her wheelchair-bound husband from Auchterarder in Perthshire.
Defence solicitor Billy Somerville said Hurren had passed a letter to the court which highlighted Jean’s online “work”. He also said Hurren kept pictures of the vice worker from the website which clearly identified her,.
Mr Somerville said: “Inquiries were made at adultwork.com and with the profile for Maurin to confirm they were the complainer.
“In an interview for this case, Mrs Robertson does appear also to confirm she is one and the same. At the time he was interviewed by police, Mr Hurren did provide a print-out captured from the website.”
In her R-rated online profile, Maurin claims she is “highly sexed” and prepared to meet men, women, disabled punters and gay couples.
She promises she will “shudder with pleasure” during £100-an-hour sessions with “confidentiality and discretion assured”.
Customers are also told they can hire Maurin overnight for £600 and that she works in Perth, Stirling, Fife, Clackmannanshire, Falkirk and the Central Belt.
Hurren pleaded guilty to trying to extort sexual favours and cash between November 21 and December 1, 2015.
He also admitted putting the Robertsons in a state of fear and alarm.
Former Royal Navy man Mr Robertson served as a SNP councillor between 1995 and 1999 and had represented the Auchterarder East seat. He was formerly the social work committee convenor.
He was chairman of Perth and Kinross Access Group and also worked with Perth Shopmobility and other voluntary organisations. He addressed Holyrood in his role as access development officer with Scottish Disability Equality Forum.
His online business profile states he is now general manager of not-for-profit organisation Wheelchairs for Ukraine.
Sheriff William Wood deferred sentence on Hurren for reports.
He told Hurren: “I cannot deal with this case today because of the nature of it. On the face of it, it is a serious matter.”
Source  HeraldScotland

3 thoughts on “FORMER SNP social work committee convenor at centre of blackmail plot over his wife being £100-an-hr escort

  1. I think that the blackmailer has succeeded in his threat to totally ruin the couple if he didn’t get his money and favours, ably assisted by the court, (which should have kept the details private in a blackmail case) and the media,.who have made money in selling copy by helping him!
    Well done!..other blackmailers will now be encouraged, as its clear you cant be prosecuted without the victims suffering more than you..so people are more likely to pay than report to the police.

    Brilliant eh? This is 2016….the police don’t even prosecute ordinary prostitutes so why did she have to be outed by the media and the courts? “Next time pay up”,,that seems to be the lesson!

    And what did the husband do to deserve this?

    1. I agree.. I think they have bin thrown 2 the wolves. Especially the husband. Whether i agree wi prostitution is besides the point. They are both consenting adults. They werent hurting any1. So i think wot goes on in a private relationship should be private. As for the blackmailer.. Lowlife wee b*stard. It takes a special sorta nasty 2 blackmail some1..

      It did occur 2 me that this MAY have been deliberately broadcast nationwide so as 2 divert a wee bit attention from the REAL issues in Scotland.. Because there is a HELLAVALOT worse than this.
      Wheres the media coverage when it comes 2 MPs & Lords etc raping children?? Nicky Fairbairn for 1?! But sshhh we are not meant talk him raping the 3 yr old wee girl of Robert Henderdon QC. Who also thought it was ok 2 rape his own daughter
      (may have age wrong she may have bin 5. canny mind)

      I feel for them both, in this case but unfortunately we live in an upside down twisted world where we are constantly told right is wrong & wrong is right.. & paedo is fine as is pimpin out kids which is REGULARLY IGNORED & covered up by police (i did a blog on a top copper blowing whistle on the child pimping being ignored by cops)

      But consenting hetrosexual adults is wrong… & privacy is wrong (unless u r a paedo)

      We live in an shite hole & the sooner ppl wake up 2 that the quicker we can sort it. Until then innocent/relatively innocent ppl get crushed & the real scum run the country…

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