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Tony Blair, who is sometimes known as Miranda, attended a private boarding school called Fettes, in Edinburgh.
One of the people Tony Blair had contact with at Fettes was Sir Knox Cunningham.

According to John Rentoul’s biography Tony Blair Prime Minister, Knox Cunningham would visit the school several times a year and he liked to visit the boys’ quarters.

Blair loved having discussions with Knox Cunningham. 

 John Rentoul quotes one of Blair’s contemporaries as saying: “Cunningham was the sort of man who liked boys.”

According to Martin Dillon’s book “The Trigger Men, Knox Cunningham was homosexual and had links to people involved in a child sex abuse ring.

“William Mc Grath, another pederast, was a British Intelligence agent from the 1950s onwards.

“Like Mc Keague, he sought out young men and boys…

“Both knew Sir Knox Cunningham and other leading Unionist homosexuals.

“Collectively, they were part of what today would be called a pedophile ring.

“While researching my book God and the Gun, I spoke to a source about this ‘ring’ and he explained that there were several Boys’ Homes in Northern Ireland from which boys were picked up and taken to parties in Brighton, England.

“Mc Grath, unlike Mc Keague, had protection from the British Intelligence community before the Troubles began in earnest. As my source said, ‘top hats and royalty’, meaning the English upper classes and people connected to the Royal Family, were part of a wider homosexual ring in which Mc Grath was an integral player.”

At Fettes, Tony Blair was close friends with Ronald Selby Wright, a Church of Scotland minister with links to the military and to boys clubs. (Ronald Selby Wright – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

According to John Rentoul, Tony Blair, in his final year at Fettes, ran a summer camp for Selby Wright’s boys’ club.

Reportedly, Selby Wright was ‘a persistent paedophile abusing boys at Fettes and elsewhere’.

According to The Sunday Times, 25 May 1997, “Blair’s School Mentor Was a Sex Abuser.” (The Biggest Secret – Chapter 18).

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Anthony Chenevix-Trench: Fettes remains arrogant shock

Feb 20, 2013


Would parents send their children to a school that continued to celebrate a past association with Jimmy Savile or Cyril Smith? So what’s the difference here? AC-T apparently considered sodomy ‘messy and futile’, so his abusive behaviour could have been much worse. But there’s no doubt in the minds of his victims that after leathering their bare backsides, often in his private quarters, and even on the marital bed, as well as in his locked office, he was masturbating as he admired his handywork _ while the boys were told to stay still and not turn around. Just the sort of man you want to lionise in a school chapel.

By Marcello Mega

ONE of the UK’s most famous independent schools has refused to remove a plaque in its chapel that pays tribute to a former headmaster, Anthony Chenevix-Trench, a sexual deviant renowned for beating the bare buttocks of young boys in his charge.

While plaques and other memorials to Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith have been removed in recent months amid the sex abuse scandals that have destroyed their reputations, Tony Blair’s old school, Fettes College in Edinburgh, has refused to follow suit.

Chenevix-Trench had been head of Eton from 1964 but was sacked in 1970 because of his increasingly sadistic treatment of boys, including the sons of titled and powerful parents who complained about his excesses.

The reason for his removal was never made public, and a year later he was appointed head of Fettes. His enthusiasm for beatings and excessive alcohol intake meant he was in the process of being removed by way of early retirement in 1979 when he died, aged 60.

A plaque on the wall of the school’s chapel reads:

‘His door was always open, for he loved his fellow man.’

The late and well respected journalist, Paul Foot, who was taught and beaten by Chenevix-Trench at Shrewsbury, first wrote about his former master’s brutality in 1969, before his arrival at Fettes.

‘In his Introduction, the author Mark Peel pays tribute to Trench’s ‘common touch’ without referring to his most common touch of all: the sensuous fingering of his pupils’ buttocks before and during the interminable beatings.’

The article provoked a flood of tales from fellow victims, but also a steady stream of those who had known Chenevix-Trench and who wished to defend him.

Ms Goldie-Scot, 61, now living in Australia, could not attend the school with her brothers as it was no co-ed during her childhood, but she grew up there.

‘He has long since been exposed as a sadistic sexual deviant. To continue to attempt to cover him in the cloak of respectability is foolish and futile.’

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