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Hey folks. just a very quick into…
The following wasn’t discovered, researched nor written by me. It is in fact the work of a youtuber that i think is very good. So good, i’ve actually watched some of his vids before & i watched them right to the end!! & i never do that!!
He’s a smart guy which he proves easily with his first blog. So i shall leave you in his very capable hands. WildCat. x

I googled Irma Schiffers and found her on farcebook, and low and behold there were posts with the Dutch banker Ronald Bernard Blij, whose farcebook page I followed, and I’ve included the link. I hope you have fun making head or tail of this,
Kindest Regards King Ishijah
So whilst on my mission to exploit and harass paedophiles, I was guided to a youtube post where an ex Illuminati Dutch banker, turned whistleblower, revealed sordid facts about paedophilia and child sacrifice within the elite circles he previously had worked for.
Needless to say, this went viral on the net, and I, of course had to mirror the post onto my humble Desmond During youtube channel.
I annotated that I suspected the man had been killed, due to the highly secretive information he had divulged.
Indeed, certain sources had announced him dead, and this didn’t surprise me.
Yesterday however, 13th September 2017, I was drawn to “David Zublick youtube channel“, which had a post confirming the death of said banker, Ronald Bernard, (August 27th)
As I lowered my focus to the comment section, I saw a familiar name, SGT Report, which claimed this news to be fake. There had, as stated been the death earlier in the year of a Robert Bernard in Sebring Florida, which had been reported in a publication entitled “Highlands News-Sun”, but SGT Report had contacted Irma Schiffers, who conducted the interview with the whistleblower, and she had sent him back this message :

4 thoughts on “Dutch Banker Whistleblower

  1. Desmond During posted stuff about Hampstead, too. I likes that! Here is the one problem I have with “Ronald.” I believe that things he says are true about the leaders and manipulations. But as for him being taken to where children were abused, one must understand that you don’t get to see stuff like that or offered to participate in those things unless you have been certified by having been filmed or photographed or some other “initiation” where they can black mail you after if you get out of line or threaten too.He had not been apparently “initiated” or he would not have likely talked or lived.
    There are some possibilities. I do believe that there is an arrangement in a supernatural court case whereby all things must be revealed at the proper times for the trail to be fair. We are all on trial as is God, too, and Satan. So I suspect part of that agreement about boundaries for both parties, Satan chose to reveal his own works and deeds that his guy do, so that he can control the narrative as much as possible. Most psyops and false flags are very obvious. Part of that deal. do it but leave gaping holes that at least they really smart will see thru. The rest won’t. So Satan carefully selects who and when something is revealed. Ronald lives because he was chosen to deliver the exposure.He did not actually have to be the one who did what he said he did, but what he told is, indeed, exactly what they do. If he was playing a part, they did choose well. He comes across believable, likeable, even charming and authentic. But I would suggest it was staged. All because blackmail works very well. If he was really squealing without approval, he would be dead by now. That he lives suggests other things. For what it is worth. The elite are bass-tards but they are not stupid or nice guys.

    1. Hi… Hows you? all good aye?
      Whilst you & i both know you make a very valid point.
      I had a look down his FB timeline.
      It reads well he is certainly hitting the target. So in a sense i dont care if its deliberately set up.
      I am more than happy to use him to wake ppl up.
      Which is what they want of course. But I think they have absolutely underestimated the intelligence, determination & courage we have.
      They want us awake?
      Then they better be ready for whats comin.

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