Dunblane paedophile jailed for 27 months

Dunblane horde of indecent images

The Courier & Advertiser (Angus and The Mearns Edition) by TIM bugler

Ronald Brunton arriving at Falkirk Sheriff Court yesterday.

A paedophile who began to amass a collection of more than 110,000 child abuse images and videos at his home in Dunblane the day after gunman Thomas Hamilton murdered 16 children and their teacher at the town’s primary school was jailed for 27 months at Falkirk Sherriff Court.
Ronald Brunton, 71, was also given an additional extended sentence of 18 months, to be served after his release, but during which he can be recalled to prison if he reoffends, and was placed on the sex offenders register for life.
Police, acting on a tip-off, raided his home on February 7 2017 and found 101,082 images and 11,353 movies on a tower computer, a laptop, a tablet, two external hard drives and three boxes of old-style discs.
The first files were dated March 14, 1996 – the day after Hamilton perpetrated the mass shooting only half a mile from Balmoral Court, Dunblane, where Brunton lived.
Sheriff Craig Caldwell rejected a call from Brunton’s lawyer to use a community disposal.
He said that because of the “vast number” of child pornography images involved, their nature, and the fact that Brunton had admitted offending “habitually . . . almost daily, for 21 years” he had concluded that jail was the only appropriate disposal.
He said a large number of the still images and over two-thirds of the video films had been classed as “category A”, the most serious kind of child pornography.
He said the still images were “frankly vile” and the videos showed “the most horrific abuse of young children”.
The sheriff said: “You catalogued your collection carefully and conscientiously in order to make access more easy, and that is a significant aggravating factor.”
Brunton, who was appearing for sentence after pleading guilty in December to possessing and downloading the images, showed no emotion as he was led to the cells.
Harry Couchlin, defending, said all Brunton’s immediate family were deceased, and the accused had led “a solitary life, during which his use of such images became habitual”. 

Padeophile facing jail over 110,000 images

Scottish Daily Mail
A PAEDOPHILE who amassed more than 110,000 photographs and videos of child abuse was last night facing jail.
Ronald Brunton, from Dunblane, Perthshire, began collecting the images on March 14, 1996 – the day after Thomas Hamilton murdered 16 pupils and their teacher at the town’s primary school.
Brunton, 71, pleaded guilty at Falkirk Sheriff Court to possessing 101,082 child abuse images and 11,353 child abuse movies at his home.
Nearly 15,000 of the still images and 7,000 of the videos were classified as category A – the most serious kind.
The court heard the collection was discovered when police found that an email address and a web address linked to Brunton were being used for child abuse purposes.
Sheriff Craig Caldwell deferred sentence until January 25 for reports. He warned Brunton: ‘This is a very serious catalogue of offending. All possible disposals are under consideration.’   

Ronald William Brunton Court Roll. Google search Screen shot trewq
Ronald William Brunton got married in Dunblane in 1968.  Source  [XLS]  Sheet1 – Stirling Council
rb wedd

Now here’s the “odd” bit..
When I went looking into this particular case, I quickly noticed that *ALL* the original online MSM article from The Stirling Observer, The Courier & Advertiser & The Scottish Daily Mail have vanished..
Brunton was only up in court a few weeks ago (mid-late Feb 2018)
Even the press reader copies of the Daily Mail & Stirling Observer have gone! All that’s left are the two press reader articles that I copied & pasted above. 
Now considering I can pull up articles about Scottish paedo cases going way back to the 90’s, how come all the MSM reports on Brunton have disappeared already?!
Couldn’t have anything to do with Thomas Hamilton, QVS & the Dunblane Massacre could it?

18th April 2012

The Dunblane Massacre – Crown Office Obstruction & Disinformation. https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/dunblane-massacre-%E2%80%93-crown-office-obstruction-and-disinformation


7 thoughts on “Dunblane paedophile jailed for 27 months

  1. It’s also strange that his case was held at Falkirk Sheriff Court as Stirling Sheriff Court is nearer and within the jurisdiction of where cases are normally heard for people who live in It’s like they’ve moved it there hoping no one would notice or report it. It’s also a fact that he was a former Master of Dunblane Masonic Lodge, as was Thomas Hamilton and all photographs of him have disappeared from the Internet – except this one which I saved: https://ibb.co/c5AZm7
    I must admit this does look like a cover up as all online press reports have disappeared and under normal circumstances this would be a huge case to report but it seems to have disappeared into the ether like nothing ever happened.

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