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SANDRA UTTLEY ~ Dunblane Unburied

The tennis player has spoken out for the first time about the 1996 shooting, in which 16 of his schoolmates and a teacher died.
Murray, Britain’s highest ranked player, was eight when Hamilton burst into the gym at Dunblane Primary School and opened fire.
He and his older brother Jamie, who was ten, were on their way to the gym. They hid under a desk in the headmaster’s study.
In the past Murray, 21, has simply said of the tragedy that he was devastated but ‘too young to understand’.
But in his autobiography, published today, he reveals that he attended boys’ clubs run by the gunman, and that Hamilton, who committed suicide after the shootings, had travelled in his mother Judy’s car.
And he admits he has struggled to cope with the thought that he could easily have been one of Hamilton’s victims.
In the book, Hitting Back, he says:
‘Some of my friends’ brothers and sisters were killed. I have only retained patch impressions of that day, such as being in a classroom singing songs. The weirdest thing was that we knew the guy (Hamilton). He had been in my mum’s car. It’s obviously weird to think you had a murderer in your car, sitting next to your mum. That is probably another reason why I don’t want to look back at it. It is just so uncomfortable to think that it was someone we knew from the Boys Club. We used to go to the club and have fun. Then to find out he’s a murderer was something my brain couldn’t cope with.’ He adds: ‘I could have been one of those children.’

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1024250/Andy-Murray-I-sat-Dunblane-killer-Thomas-Hamilton-mother-gave-lift.html archive

The following video is part of the BBC documentary called Andy Murray: The Man Behind the Racquet. (apologies for the scuzzy quality, but it has been blocked worldwide on youtube so i had to upload onto here!)



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