DON’T READ THIS. You won’t like it

Sorry it’s a bit of a long read.. Some of it you will already know, some you won’t, but all of it i genuinely believe to be true & the vast majority i have evidence to prove. This is just a small piece of a much bigger jigsaw.  
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BTB – Belinda The Bitch – Belinda McKenzie 
FSF – Fresh Start Foundation
LSI – Lovely Survivor Informant
Jokestead – Hoaxtead                                       
Coyote Ugly – El Coyote – Karen D Irving
TWW – That W***er Wedger – Jon-Nathan Wedger


She is the hidden “handler” and there is NO CHANCE she isnt MI5. I have TONNES of circumstantial evidence that backs up my theory & whilst doesn’t prove for fact, It is pretty damning including 1 wee bit that came from BTB herself lol! But i am keeping that quiet for now, it may be my ace card!
We’ve proven & confirmed that at least 1 member of Team Jokestead is  GCHQ. She goes by the name FARMER GILES. Her real name is one/all of these… Maggs Shaw aka Maggs O’Neil aka Rachel Keeley.  call made to GCHQ proving she works for them The call was made by Malcolm Ogilvy i think, but don’t quote me on that though as i may be remembering wrong. (I can find out easily enough if needed)

The prequel to Jokestead was the HollieHoax group & some of the old HollieHoaxers are now involved wi Jokestead. Maggs being one of them, Another being Sylvia Major, who i’m sure you know. Along wi many others (including her now dead copper hubby) Sylvia was one of Hollies abusers. On facebook, Sylvia is also GREAT PALS wi Coyote Ugly & no doubt in reality too, its not as if she aint down in London often enough, which is onehellava hike from Aberdeen! At a guess, about a 12 hr journey by Car/Rail

It’s all so complicated & intertwined… But i have just published 8 files & 2 videos that explain all the links i have found (see bottom for links) But they are FAR from finished. I have a long way to go wi them!

In my opinion, going solely on what i have found & what I & informants have witnessed.. Belinda & Brian Gerrish are working hand in hand & are both “intelligence” agents. They’re the handlers (not the right word but you know what i mean!)

BTB & her “friends” canny keep away from Scotland. She sent two of her half witted, lunatic minions up here. where they promptly infiltrated the Indy Camp & obliterated it. Funnily enough REAL indy campers had their phones & computers hacked at same time!  SHOCKER!!
Why the bloody hell is Jah aka Anthony John Hill aka Muad Dib & Tony Farrell in Scotland far less anywhere near the Indy camp…? Well, they are BOTH pals wi BTB. & Farrell appeared on uk column “interviewing” a lady known as Seven..
Farrell is also linked to the Kent Freedom Movement AS IS BTB which is proven here 7th memorial of London 7/7 bombing  
He was also an ex “business partner” wi BTB’s McKenzie Friends. see pic.
(i am almost certain McKenzie Friends is just another name for MI5!)
Farrell claims to be Ex Intelligence but i think he is TOTALLY LYING,  No way he is ex intelligence..  BUT, If he were to drop the ex, i think that would be pretty close to the truth!   (yet again, once an agent…….)
Jah’s film you will know is called 7/7 Ripple Effect,
Farrell also made a film that he saw fit to name Hills Ripple Effect
 and of course Farrell’s aforementioned interview wi the lady 7. 
 That is onehellavalot of 7s! 

JAH – One minute he is GOD & the next he’s the KING OF SCOTLAND.  Nae bad for a Yorkshire man who is little more than a shill, disinfo agent, infiltrator & BTB slave  
(I am reasonably confident he is neither God nor the King of Scotland…  but don’t have any evidence to prove that LOL!)
I’ve had the misfortune of meeting Jah about a year ago… He is WEIRD. As is his hareem & his wee cult of followers who all who hang off his every word as if he actually IS God?!   Loonies the lot of them!
Oddly, BTB is bestestest pals with THREE men who all at some point in their lives, have gone around publicly announcing & appear to believe that they are the Messiah!! (Shayler, Icke & Jah!)  It doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to think that there may be torture programming involved!
We know SHAYLER MACHON both used to live wi BTB. (Machon is still twitter friends with BTB!) & we know that both SHAYLER & MACHONE ARE MI5  (Once an agent LOL!)

GOD 1 – Shayler (MI5)
GOD 2 – David Icke & his damn Lizards! – Controlled opposition & disinfo agent if ever i saw one! 
GOD 3 – Jah… All the 7/7 stuff?! – He is an agent/asset too. 

And going by the pic below, Jah & BTB have been doing the horizontal tango!!  Look at the way she is touching him & the smile on her face!!     
But the definitive proof is in the way he is looking at her…….

Eeew, eeeeew, eeeeeeeeewww! 🤮  (I know, i’m sorry! I’ve disgusted myself too!)

They used to call them the SDS (special demonstration squad) Their job was to go DEEEEEP undercover, can be for years, & infiltrate resistance groups like EDL, Indy Camp, Greenpeace, Animal rights etc…
They infiltrate, screw all the women (making some pregnant) gee up all the halfwitted neanderthal men & generally create as much mayhem as is humanly possible!
But the SDS were merged wi special branch. Which I discovered whilst researching a different issue (so i thought!) Turns out that the man that was in charge of the merger, became a household name in Scotland!  As his next job was…. (this is good)    

Within a year of Gormless starting the job, he was forced to take “gardening leave” cause he is a corrupt wee nyaff.  Now if i can see that one coming before he was even given the job, then he was clearly put there BECAUSE he is a corrupt wee nyaff. Nothing ever changes does it?! Officially we have been told there are no more SpyCops/SDS in Scotland…   
Back in reality, all they did was go underground for a bit & change their name. Lord only knows what they are called now, (McKenzie Friends is a distinct possibility! & i am not even sure i’m kidding!)   But without doubt they are still “working” Scotland’s absolutely riddled wi SDS/SpyCops, MI5/6 & CIA

Belinda was up in Scotland too recently, more than once. 
WTF? Seriously, even Scots don’t love Scotland as much as Belinda & her minions apparently do! The first time was at a FSF meeting about a year ago (i canny mind when exactly when) But I know for fact she was there because so was I. I saw her & VERY briefly spoke to her, but only briefly because for some unknown reason, she couldn’t get away from me fast enough. Strange that eh?!  LOL.unfortunately, i have no proof she was there… yet! Who the hell invited her anyway?
Same person that got rat faced Gerrish & TWW involved no doubt. So that would be DAVID SCOTT
He is the bearded bleep that works on UK Col every friday & is the FSF cult leader… & believe me, IT IS A CULT & i happily told them that in my resignation email / rant!!
Which i discovered during the harrowing period i was involved wi FSF. I have mountains of circumstantial evidence to back that up. David first came on the “scene” when Robert Green was imprisoned & so has known BTB & Gerrish etc since at least 2012. No doubt way earlier but so far I can only prove from early 2015 as was on UKC on 3rd July 2015 & clearly he would have had to know Gerrish before he could start reporting on ukc.
David’s friend ALEX THOMPSON  is also one of UK Col’s reporters. And he is SELF CONFESSED EX GCHQ. I’m unsure exactly how long he worked for them i seem to think it was 9 years but i may be mistaken. It was certainly years cause i remember being quite taken aback at the length of time as I had wrongly assumed it was only briefly. 

I have been attacked by Jokestead for over a year mainly due to my part in FSF… They have a HUGE file of crappy screenshots on me that they use to attack me with (freaks). They & Sheva the Decieva have written COUNTLESS blogs calling me paedo etc, they have even used a pic of my kids (they did blur faces but that’s hardly the point)
They have also made HEAPS of vids about me (same as they do to many others, including Ange Power Disney although she gets it far worse than I ever did)
And that all happened BEFORE i outed Coyote Ugly! 
But rather bizarrely David has never been attacked by them.. NOT EVEN ONCE. Nor is he one o the 60+ people they keep massive files on.
Funny that eh?! Sheva The Deceiva even went as far as to make a youtube channel AND a blog named The REAL Fresh Start Foundation in which they slated fresh start & myself & Janine in particular.. & what did FSF do? NOTHING. They just let it happen? I brought it up numerous times but they all cared so much about the reputation of FSF that they did…  NOTHING.
see amendment here

Horrifyingly the meeting BTB attended was held in DUNBLANE! Which i think is very relevant. Cause in my opinion, the whole lot is about protecting the Royal Paedo Inbreeds. Dunblane, Mel Shaw, Haut De La Garenne, Andrew Ash, Docherty Family etc, they ALL include at least one royal inbreed and “coincidentally” are ALL surrounded by the same so called “campaigners”. The very same campaigners that SCREW UP EVERY SINGLE CASE they have ever been involved in.. AND they are miraculously involved in EVERY SINGLE CASE that is VIPaedo and/or Ritual abuse. 

You just have to look at all the “intelligence” agents.. Among BTB’s “friends” & “co workers” we have…..
TWO confirmed GCHQ – (Maggs & Thompson) 
TWO confirmed MI5 –  (Shayler & Machon) 
TWO accused & heavily suspected to be MI5 – (David Scott & Gerrish) 
ONE claiming to be ex intelligence – (Farrell)

Anyhoo, back to BTB & the 2nd time i know of her recently being in Scotland.  I was told about this by the person i have called LSI.
LSI will not go on record. Nor will I ever name them or disclose what they said unless i have their consent.
But i can safely say that LSI saw BTB with Stephen Crielly (Jah cult minion) & Rob Ess aka Robert Sproul (common law idiot). They were attending a funeral (i cant remember who’s funeral off top of my head) but LSI said that they were ALL SITTING TOGETHER! & i absolutely believe LSI, apart from anything else LSI’s story is so unbelievable that you cannot make that shite up! At the time, LSI didn’t even know who BTB was! LSI just described her too me & i suspected BTB so showed LSI a pic. The second i did, LSI promptly screamed THAT’S HER! at me! LSI had absolutely nothing to gain by feeding me lies as they very firmly told me that they would not be going public & they don’t want me to either, which i never will.   
Unconfirmed but i am 85-90% sure this is correct…
THE ONLY PERSON, who’s still in contact with Anne Greig is……
Yup… BTB!
Apparently Anne hasn’t even spoken to Robert Green for ages but is still in contact wi BTB. Seriously, what is BTB doing? 
WHY THE HELL is she so involved in all things Scottish? It’s not as if England doesn’t have enough paedo of its own!! But as i said, unconfirmed so please do not quote me on that!

ADDITION – 13.12.18 – 14.26
The person who gave me the following info was & is more than happy for me to say who they are but to be honest, i don’t see any real need. If it becomes an issue then they can be named, if not then there all good!

The past few months i have done nothing but gather all the evidence i can & make the files that help back up what I am saying & what I KNOW to be true. & there is so much more to come, but I best leave it there for now as you’re probably sick to death of me! & i had better move my arse anyway as i have yet another school christmas concert i have to endure (sssh, dont tell my kids i said that!!)

These vids give a quick, brief outline of SOME of the info i have gathered
 part 1 https://youtu.be/NIM0YZA-zRM
 part 2 https://youtu.be/mAT84hqMOQE
PDF Files containing links etc to show where i found all my info are here
Please feel free to use whatever you like


Apologies if this was all a bit jumbled but thankfully my abilities as a researcher make up for my blatant lack of writing skills & while i have all the info sorted in my head, it never seems to come out the way i intend!!

There WILL be more to follow, & it shouldn’t take me too long, so please bear with me,    I’m on it!


SpyCops, Child Sex Abuse & Chief of Police Scotland https://youtu.be/ZF6ncIZSpmo
EVEN MORE on the I.T.N.J https://youtu.be/-wlxIMIxLzE
I.T.N.J & End Of Empire Conference https://youtu.be/k-ZJGJBp8b4
ITNJ, CIA, MI5, BCG, Gerrish, Walker & Stone https://youtu.be/pCixxw1AaCk
I SPY THE SPIES & THEIR LIES https://youtu.be/M1ShfN_mFSY
JOKESTEAD’S CLOUD & THE 87 GCHQ FILES https://youtu.be/-kK-zN-8vkk
COMMON LAW-ERS https://youtu.be/GrEiSWp_lDQ
ANGE, EDDIE & CAT https://youtu.be/O0am53tw6NI
GCHQ CONFIRMED Maggs Shaw https://youtu.be/rTHkmFEaBSI
C for… Campaigners https://youtu.be/NIM0YZA-zRM
D for… Dick’eds Dossier https://youtu.be/mAT84hqMOQE
Jarvis & Hayes convo about Gerrish https://youtu.be/PkmgVodpwCs
Tatchell accused of child sexual abuse https://youtu.be/muKcrZB8uN8
https://youtu.be/F6SWjmmrJk8   https://youtu.be/-LXH9pKZ4b4



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