CSA Inquiry: Chairwoman’s Letter of Resignation to John Swinney


I cannot trust myself to comment other than to say a big thank you to Ms O’Brien & Professor Lamb. Their integrity, honesty and courage is truly appreciated.


1 thought on “CSA Inquiry: Chairwoman’s Letter of Resignation to John Swinney

  1. I agree with you. The entire thing smack of a government who had, tongue in the cheek, appointed the Enquiry to humor the survivors’ call for it but has already beforehand decided how they would undermine the Enquiry. That government has no interest whatsoever to help CSA and RSA survivors or to prevent future of same.

    Worst of all, it seems that this kind of crime is increasing throughout the world among all classes of all societies in all countries. Those we had thought would or could help, seems too busy with their warmongering, fearmongering, selling of weaponry for more wars and making money.

    Conclusion: God alone can deal with this and he hopefully will eventually but that does not mean that we survivors of these and other horrors, must wait until he does. No! We must ask ourselves: if our respective governments cannot or will not help us and seeing that the god of the churches is too busy with other things, who else but ourselves can help ourselves?

    There is no money or compensation needed to help ourselves heal from these pain, horror, trauma and shocks. Just go into your inner self, each one of you, and start delving. Dig deep and let the memories come up to the surface of your mind, no matter how much it hurts or how much you want to push them back into the dark; no matter how much the memories want to push you back into trauma and apathy. Just do it and as each memory comes up, relive it and then tell yourself there is nothing more to fear. It is done and neither you, the memory, the perpetrator nor the fear/trauma is my master. I am master of myself; I am in control of my own life, mind heart and body; I am strong and I will stand in my strength and own resilience until the day I die; I am my own person and I have no alter personalities created inside of me by other people – all that are illusions and therefore they don’t exists.

    Stand up for yourself and say “Fuck you world, fuck you all governments, queens, presidents, prime ministers and MPs, priests and popes and pastors and ministers of religion, imams and rabbis. Fuck ya all. I am alive and well and my own fuckin person!!

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