Aleister Crowley’s Boleskine House: Since The Fire in picture & video (update 23.06.16)

‘Unexplained’: Interviewing Creator Richard MacLean Smith TVOvermind‎ – 7 Jul 2016
wp-1467866674151.jpgabove pic found HERE


Look at above pic & compare it wi these that i took from google images…


Say what you see!!

You can tell (roughly) the time o day by the light. You can also see how the fire is spreading..

Who took the 1st pic? It is a great pic! Local or Journo? Both are easily possible. But the fire has been goin a wee while, so IF it wasn’t taken by someone that lives within a mile or two.. Then the closest Journo is Inverness. Same place as the Fire Brigade. So 12 miles away.. 15/20 mins TOPS. So the Fire brigade, who’d have been notified before Journo, would have got there 1st.

It really is a BLOODY GOOD PIC!! Crystal clear & unless you have a real decent camera. NO HOPE that was taken from the road (remember the hedge SO THICK u canny even see outline of house)

So a local, wi expensive camera IN the grounds..  Only 1 wee tiny problem wi that. Below the very dense hedge is a stone wall, right infront o tbat is a big ditch!!! Seriously, why would some 1 climb up, over across and through?? When there is an open gate 100m down road? As its a single track road. Nearest available space is at the gate/entrance bit.

So musta entered by the gate… The gate is at the other side o house! Which would mean unless they walked all the way across infront o the burning building (takes 2 mins) the angle o pic is wrong!

WHY THE HELL would any local do that?? Or journo for that matter? Why wouldn’t they just take it from the side the gate is at?

Second pic.. You can clearly see the wall/ditch/hedge barricade & the incline up towards the house.. smoke & hot air rise… THEY DON’T SINK!! & I certainly hope that the Fire Brigade here bloody well know that!! 

The 3rd pic smoke is RISING & floatin AWAY frm road..

Pic 5 is taken behind house. Again opposite side to gate & is clearly taken from further up the hill. Proving the house is way above the road..

Also the daylight & the time taken for fire spread… HOW THE HELL did 6 fire engines not put it out WAY before it got as bad as it did? Compare the spread of fire to daylight. The 1st two are probably about same time… 3rd is definitely darker, but no flame? 4th doesn’t look too much darker than 3rd. But the fire has now spread to to different areas. How is there no huge flames between the two areas? How did it spread from the far right to the middle without there still being flames between??

NO WAY that fire wasn’t deliberately started. Nobody was there. Owners were away back home in different county. So everything was turned off…

NO WAY it was local kids.

There is STILL nothing concrete from fire brigade. Other than – we dont know how it started but it WAS NOT DELIBERATE. How do they know that? Surely they need to know how it started before they can rule out arson?

We only know FOR FACT of one set o people that were definitely there. 

BOTH sides o the road (that is 200 metres away, lower than house & wi thick hedge) were totally closed off to the public. So who was it that took the pics?

The side of the house that wasn’t destroyed conveniently had 75% of the furniture in it. 

Makes ya wonder eh??

Boleskine House Wikipedia

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Feb 2016











Pics Received from Anonymous 

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Following videos I came across on YouTube! The first from Everything Scotland 

Many thanks to Drumho1 & anonymous 

Events in 1792

Events in 1992


6 thoughts on “Aleister Crowley’s Boleskine House: Since The Fire in picture & video (update 23.06.16)

  1. Regardless of what you feel about what may have gone on here in the past, I am very saddened to see this part of history gone. The owners who suffered the fire loved that house and did not believe it was haunted. I saw the house a couple of years before the fire, when it was painted yellow. Didn’t look eerie at all – it looked quite nice, actually. And it’s in a great location. I still hold out hope that someone may buy and rebuild it.

  2. There’s a gap in the fence at the front of the house. It’s easy to get up the wall and through the gap. Went there in May.

    1. Help yersel!
      I’ve studied them & there is 1 or 2 things that I find interesting! I started 2 blog but then i just kinda stopped!!

      D’ya know, 1 o these days i’m gonna actually finish a blog!

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