Clouds, Castle Craig, McCann & Aleister Crowley??

1st published Dec 11th 2015 ~ Last updated June 2nd 2016

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Pupils at Badgeworth Court and Dowdeswell Court, near Cheltenham, along with Clouds House, in Wiltshire, claim they were subjected to abuse

Former pupils claim the headteacher oversaw a regime of terror Anthony Hurley appeared in court on cruelty and sexual abuse charges In 2000 he was deemed unfit to face trial and he died three years later

More than 80 potential victims have been interviewed in connection with allegations of abuse at three former boys’ boarding schools.

Police are investigating allegations of physical and sexual abuse at two boarding schools in Gloucestershire and one in Wiltshire used by social services in the 1970s and 1980s. 

The investigation involves pupils who attended Badgeworth Court and Dowdeswell Court, near Cheltenham, along with Clouds House, in Wiltshire, who claim they suffered ‘horrific’ abuse while at school during the period.

The schools closed in the late 1980s.

More than 80 potential victims have been interviewed in connection with allegations of abuse at three former boys’ boarding schools. The investigation involves pupils who attended Badgeworth Court, in Cheltenham. The school closed in the 1980s

Dowdeswell Court, near Cheltenham, is also at the centre of historical allegations of abuse. Staff who worked at the schools during the period under investigation have ‘categorically denied’ any involvement in abuse

Police say they hope to bring the case to the Crown Prosecution Service early next year.

Staff who worked at the schools during the period under investigation have ‘categorically denied’ any involvement in abuse.

In 2000 the former owner of the schools, Anthony Hurley, appeared in court on allegations of cruelty and sexual abuse of children, but was deemed unfit to stand trial. He died in 2003.
Former pupils at the school claim the headteacher oversaw a regime of terror and beatings, the BBC reports.

Clouds House, in Wiltshire. In 2000 the former owner of the schools, Anthony Hurley, appeared in court on allegations of cruelty and sexual abuse of children, but was deemed unfit to stand trial. He died in 2003

Det Ch Insp Steve Porter, from Gloucestershire Police, said the force was assessing whether there was enough evidence to bring a prosecution: ‘We’ve managed to trace and to interview over 80 potential victims so far.’

Wiltshire Council said it would ‘constantly work with our partners to ensure safeguarding is at the heart of everything we do’.

‘Once we have received details of any specific allegation we will investigate it thoroughly.’ source


Former pupils claim they’ve been let down over school abuse

Clouds, Dowdswell Court and Badgeworth are no longer private schools and the current occupiers have no connection to any of them. Gloucestershire County Council says the schools were privately run, and therefore they had no power to prevent them operating or responsibilities to oversee the way they were run.
“As this happened more than 40 years ago, none of our staff involved still work here and our records are extremely limited. However, we have found evidence that shows the council advising other authorities that it was no longer using the school and we have shared those records when requested. We always take allegations of child abuse extremely seriously. In this case we understand there is an active police investigation and we will, of course, assist in any way that we can.”








ACTION ON ADDICTION is a UK-based charity that works with people affected by drug and alcohol addiction. It works in the areas of research, prevention, treatment, aftercare, as well as professional education and family support.[1] Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has been patron since January 2012.[2][3]

Found In Comment Section Of Wonderful Chris Spivey’s Blog

(Julia Hobsbawm is also a trustee of the Jewish Community Centre for London – supported by none other than Sir Philip Green – loaner of jet and reward provider to the McCanns)

-When the ‘abduction theory” first spun its webs, there was mention of the Tapas 7, and one party who could not be named.

Could the unamed person be Peter McCann who is supposed to

be an Uncle and who has a house in Gozo, Malta.
-There was also mention of sighting in Malta, in amongst Morocco, Spain etc

-Castle Craig is an exclusive private hospital (but gets NHS funding) in
Scotland and all the directors are as follows:


About Us & Key Staff Castle Craig Hospital
Peter McCann MA, ICADC Chairman
Dr Margaret Ann McCann, MB Bch BAO Medical Director
Dr. Michael G. McCann , MD , MA , DIH, MFOM Director
John L McCann BA ACIS Financial Director/Administrator

Castle Craig Hospital is located in 50 acres of grounds in the Scottish Borders. It is a residential hospital for the inpatient treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction. The hospital is registered with the relevant statutory body, namely the Scottish Care Commission. It is a major contractor to the National Health Service and is recognised by the major medical insurers in the U.K. Many insurance companies from other countries fund the treatment at Castle Craig. The hospital is a Preferred Provider to the U.S. Government under the Tricare programme and it is also recognised by the Dutch insurance companies.

There is mention of a holiday home in Gozo, Malta. Is this the same uncle?
Peter and Dr. Margaret Ann McCann says
“We have worked together in the field of alcoholism and drug addiction since the early 80s. We founded, in the first instance, Clouds House in 1983 and ran it for five years before moving to Scotland and opening up Castle Craig which we have been running ever since.

Both myself and Margaret Ann have presented at many conferences, written papers and belong to a number of professional organisations. In particular Margaret Ann served on the Executive of the Medical Council on Alcohol and I have just been elected a Board Member of the International Council of Alcohol and Addictions. I was also the Founder of the European Association for Treatment of Addiction (EATA).

In our personal life we have been blessed with four delightful children, now aged from 18 to 24. Victoria is a graduate of Newcastle and Stirling Universities and has obtained an MSc in P.R. from the latter. Dominic is final year History at Edinburgh University. Felicity is in her second year at Bristol University Medical School and Peter is awaiting a place in Medical School. We all share an interest in sailing and are fortunate in having a lovely house in Gozo which was paid for many years ago with a small inheritance. We continue to have family holidays together. We also allow staff at Castle Craig and close friends to use the house and it has been a charitable auction prize on several occasions.”

Castle Craig has an extended contracts with the US Defence Department treating military personnel for addictions.

Des Browne (our own Defence Sectretary – and another Scot) has been under increasing pressure to deal with our own force’s drink and drug problems (in light of the scandal brought about by the HMS Cornwall affair in April).

http://scotlandonsunday.scotsm/ (link broken)

It is entirely likely that given Castle Craig’s experience in treating US military personnel they have sough Peter McCann’s advice on treating our own military personnel.

Perhaps Caslte Craig even treated servicemen on board the HMS Cornwall, who knows.

That would certainly explain why they slipped into Iranian territory.

Here is something that Peter McCann wrote last year. It might lend weight to rumours about cabinet members and family members having used Castle Craig. See what you think:

“We also read today, about the inappropriate way that Liberal Democrats covered up on their former leader’s alcoholism. This is a typical response we see throughout industry and institutions when members of organisations try to cover up for their sick colleagues. It is quite disgraceful that politicians weld so much power while addicted and when their judgment must be warped. This applies to all political parties. Addiction must be confronted at all times and “tough love” applies to politicians just as much as to doctors, lawyers and family members. ”

http://blogg.castlecraig.co.uk…..89228.html/  (AGAIN link broken)

Castle Craig has a branch in Holland. Gerry worked in Holland

-Jill Renwick is a friend of Gerry, and she lives down the road or same
strees as John Brown, who is Gordon Brown’s brother.
-maybe nothing here, and just poor John Brown caught in it all.

SO WE HAVE MEDIA, POLITICS, DRUG REHAB, NUCLEAR…anyone join the dots and clarify all of this which is a combination of internet sleuthing? SOURCE









Castle Craig Hospital Independent healthcare unannounced inspection date: 1 and 2 September 2015 Summary of inspection


Castle Craig Crest (L) & Logo (R)


Do I need to say anything?! I suppose I should point out the glaring obvious symbolism.

  1. The Butterfly.. THE SYMBOL of Monarch Programming see here
  2. Fleur de lis, A Lily (don’t get me started on lilies!) see here. Each has 3 points & there are 6. 6 6 6 (nothin satanic here)
  3. Harp is the symbol of Ireland see here
  4. The camel is often used as symbol of 12 step program here



Castle Craig in the media


Castle Craig has gathered a degree of media coverage in the first quarter of the year

In the first case the Scotsman picked up on Castle Craig’s introduction  of dance therapy in the form of Scottish reeling. Elsewhere a former  Castle Craig employee Stephen Curran was running for the Scottish Parliament against the Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon:

The Herald wrote, “Stephen Curran made his pitch for a seat in Parliament. Soft-spoken, personable and bespectacled, he claims Lithuanian and Irish genes as well as those he inherited from his Argyllshire great-grandmother. Thirty-eight-years-old and married with two children, he studied law as a post-graduate in Dundee after which he worked in IT. Later he was employed at Castle Craig hospital, which specialises in treating addiction and where Steven Purcell, the former leader of Glasgow City Council, sought help last year.

Elsewhere Castle Craig chairman, Peter McCann (pictured) wrote a robust defence of the Rehab services on offer in the UK, which appeared in the comments section of an article in the Daily Telegraph entitled, “Have we lost the Rehab Battle.”


Steven Purcell a “CLOSE FRIEND” of Gerry Mccanns

I have just received some information that you may find interesting in connection with Castle Craig. I cannot vouch for the veracity of what I am about to impart but my source is usually a reliable one. Firstly the McCann who owns Castle Craig is, I am informed, a close relative of Gerry McCann though how close I don’t know.

Further I have been told that the McCanns are good friends of Steven Purcell, the former leader of Glasgow City Council who stood down in March amid allegations of drug misuse and financial irregularities. At the moment he is awaiting the decision of the procurator fiscal on whether charges will be brought in connection with the above irregularities. Shortly after stepping down he checked into Castle Craig siting stress and exhaustion.

WIKI Gerry obtained a BSc in physiology/sports science from the University of Glasgow in 1989, qualifying in medicine in 1992. In 2002 he obtained his MD, a research degree, also from Glasgow

Borders clinic methadone death ‘avoidable’ 4 June 2010

Kieran Nichol died 2 days after being readmitted to the clinic

Kieran Nichol

A sheriff has ruled the death of a man given methadone at a Borders private hospital was “entirely preventable”.

Kieran Nichol, 20, was put on the heroin substitute shortly after being readmitted to Castle Craig Hospital at Blyth Bridge in December 2005. An inquiry heard the valium addict was given methadone after he claimed to be hooked on heroin. The sheriff said it was “difficult to identify anything that went significantly well” in his treatment. Mr Nichol spent six weeks “detoxing” at the clinic before discharging himself in October 2005. Two months later he lapsed back into depression and drug use and his mother Jacqueline Nichol, 49, rang the hospital to ask for her son to be readmitted. “It shouldn’t take until a young man dies before changes are made” Jacqueline Nichol, Mr Nichol’s mother. He was taken in the following day, 9 December, but died two days later. Read in full source

What does Castle Craig REALLY do?

According to their website, Castle Craig treats  Post-traumatic stress disorder; Gambling addiction; Depression; Anxiety or panic attacks; Burn out / work-related stress; Grief & loss issues; Eating disorders; Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD); Sexual compulsivity; Brain damage; Other psychological disorder & Problems with housing, social care and the criminal justice system. (WHAT?? problems with housing etc cannot be “cured” Well, not until we sort the corruption that’s destroying our country! What bizarre thing to list!!)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at castle craig (working with the department of haemotology in Edinburgh)

Afghan Veteran Ben Parkinson Gets Oxygen Treatment at Castle Craig

“Ben Parkinson, the most injured British soldier to have returned from Afghanistan, arrived at Castle Craig Hospital in the Scottish Borders today for a month’s treatment in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).”

Ben Parkinson MBE, a paratrooper from Doncaster, was almost killed by a landmine blast in Afghanistan in 2006. He survived the blast but suffered severe head injuries, lost both his legs and broke his back, hips and ribs. He was unconscious for three months.

Peter McCann, the Chairman of Castle Craig, described the objectives for the two servicemen who came to Castle Craig, in The Scotsman:

“We are hoping that there will be some improvement for them. Flooding the brain with oxygen under pressure allows nutrients and oxygen to flow into damage cells and revitalise them. Some damage is due to inflammation and oxygen can have an effect in reducing inflammation.”

The treatment is being funded by Pilgrim Bandits, a charity for injured servicemen that believes in “pushing boundaries” according to a spokesperson. Extracts from source

NOT PROVEN to work, To quote their video, It’s a “PILOT STUDY” So, that would make it human experimentation!

Cognitive behavioral therapy wiki (CBT) is a form of psychotherapy.[1] It was originally designed to treat depression, but is now used for a number of mental disorders.[2][3]

It works to solve current problems and change unhelpful thinking and behavior.[1] The name refers to behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, and therapy based upon a combination of basic behavioral and cognitive principles.[1] Most therapists working with patients dealing with anxiety and depression use a blend of cognitive and behavioral therapy. This technique acknowledges that there may be behaviors that cannot be controlled through rational thought, but rather emerge based on prior conditioning from the environment and other external and/or internal stimuli.

CBT is effective for a variety of conditions, including mood, anxiety, personality, eating, addiction, dependence, tic, and psychotic disorders. Many CBT treatment programs have been evaluated for symptom-based diagnoses and been favored over approaches such as psychodynamic treatments.[6] However, other researchers have questioned the validity of such claims to superiority over other treatments.[7][8]

An old house, a stately home, you were hearing the word pebbles or peebles.

Castlecraig in Scotland is a clinic to get over addictions. they also help soldiers in Iraq. The nearest town to Castlecraig is Peebles.

The owner is a Peter McCann. He is part of the Order of Malta. He used to be the covenor of companions. He owns a boat and has a home on Gozo.

In the last week I’ve learned a lot about secret societies on the net. The SMOM is part of it too, in fact they are very powerful as you know. Blackwater is of the order of Malta which I discovered.
Rupert Murdoch is in the SMOM as are various members of the White House past and present.

In the UK we have an organisation called the Common Purpose. It’s in schools, councils, colleges, police forces up and down the country. It has been described as a ‘Trojan Horse’ by another truth seeking individual, all I did was google Common Purpose and the SMOM. I hope you find it, but I’m sure you don’t need any evidence.

It was reported that the tapas met up for secret talks in Rothley Hotel. Well, this house has a freemasons lodge in the grounds. Google grand prior , Rothley please, you’ll find a link to the templars.

So this is why there is a pact of silence from the tapas. Mabye one of them had a child though pioneering well connected methods too.

Madeleines coloboma, her eye, is the perfect physical logo for their agenda. It would also be a very important symbol as the Vatican has a keyhole layout, it’s Masonic symbol, I could go on.

Gerry went to Washington. Why. Well it’s the freemason heartland that’s why. Mabye the Vatican is too. Washingtons layout is based on Masonic symbols.

Diagonally across from the apartment where Madeleine McCanndisappeared is a small pyramid monument with an eagle on top (the head of the eagle apparently looks in the direction of the apartment). It is described as a mausoleum in the garden of a private villa called ‘Casa Niobe’ (Niobe is the Greek goddess of mourning) owned by a German couple (the Kunz), and is at the opposite end of the street to ‘Casa Liliana’ (where Robert Murat lives with his mother). SOURCE

Castle Craig Hospital commemorative coin




W i l d C a t


8 thoughts on “Clouds, Castle Craig, McCann & Aleister Crowley??

  1. It’s interesting stuff, not necessarily sinister unless mixed with an overactive imagination. This society may well have had good motives for keeping their “clubs” secret, time will tell. Can’t wait to see the connection with Hollie Greig if the dots start joining together a proper investigation needs to be carried out (don’t rely on the Police or any Safeguarding Teams) we know if certain people are involved we can’t trust them. I’m keeping an open mind about all I’ve read so far, I’ve heard about this Common Purpose Society a few times now and find them sinister and secretive as well. Keep digging everyone but please keep it real and only state facts, as soon as you get it wrong everything you do will be discredited and the powers of influence will state your misjudgments befor the things you’ve got right to prejudice the Public seen this done a few times.

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