Children of God cult beast caged for child sex attacks in #Scotland

10 NOV 2017
Alexander Watt abused youngsters in the 80s when he was a member of controversial religious organisation. 

A member of a religious sex cult who abused children has been warned he faces jail.
Alexander Watt, 68, belonged to the controversial Children of God organisation when he carried out sexual offences against two youngsters in Renfrewshire and on the east coast in the 80s.
Paisley Sheriff Court heard that father-of-10 Watt attacked a girl aged between four and eight and a boy aged between seven and nine.
Watt, of Dumbarton, pled guilty to four charges of assault and lewd, indecent and libidinous behaviour against the children.
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Fiscal depute David McDonald told the court: “The accused was a member of the organisation The Children of God, aka The Family. Publicly available information suggests it was a sex cult with fairly lax rules over members’ sexual contact regardless of age.”

Sheriff James Spy said: “These are serious charges. I am going to continue bail and you should not take it as an indication there will not be a custodial disposal.”


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4 thoughts on “Children of God cult beast caged for child sex attacks in #Scotland

  1. What you can be sure of is that no adult from this cult is going to tell the truth. What the children of the cult reveal should be enough. Many “branches of the Cult have former kids in that cult blowing the whistle.. Further, the artwork published by Moses David is most revealing. Women, as well as children, were very abused in being required to prostitute . . . for God, of course. But had they read a bible, they would have seen that God forbid prostitution and that the hire/wages of a prostitute could not be given in the temple as a donation. In other words, the ends does not justify the means. That’s Satan’s teaching that OK’s that! Satan: “win at any cost! . . . or else!”

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