Dr Ewen Cameron, The Douglas-Hamilton's, Hess & Hobgoblins

Gartnavel, Cameron, Hess the Douglas-Hamilton’s & Hobgoblins

Dr. D. Ewen Cameron with his memory “expertise” was brought in to assist Dr. Nolan D. C. Lewis who headed the American medical & psychiatric team. Cameron examined Hess. Hess claimed selective amnesia, brought about after his parachuting into Scotland on May 10, 1941 and being arrested.. SOURCE  He later claimed to have faked the amnesia & therefore made Cameron look like either a total fraud, a fool or a downright liar…  
Cameron began his training in psychiatry at the Glasgow Royal Mental Hospital in 1925.. {Gartnavel}  In 1926, Cameron served as Assistant Medical Officer there and was introduced to psychiatrist Sir David Henderson, a student of psychiatrist Adolf Meyer.
He continued his training in America under Meyer at the Phipps Clinic, Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland from 1926 to 1928 with a Henderson Research Scholarship.
Cameron focused primarily on biological descriptive psychiatry and applied the British and European schools and models of the practice. Cameron followed these schools in demanding that mental disturbances are diseases and somatic in nature; all psychological illness would therefore be hardwired, a product of the body and the direct result of a patient’s biological structure rather than caused by social environments. Characteristics were thus diagnosed as syndromes emerging from the brain. It is at this juncture that Cameron became interested with how he could effectively manipulate the brain to control and understand the processes of memory. Cameron furthermore wanted to understand the problems of memory caused by aging, believing that the aged brain suffered from psychosis.
Cameron believed that mental illness was literally contagious – that if one came into contact with someone suffering from mental illness, one would begin to produce the symptoms of a mental disease. For example, something like rock music could be created by mentally ill people and would produce mentally ill people through infection, which in turn would be transmitted to the genes. Thus, this group would have to be studied and controlled as a contagious social disease. Police, hospitals, government, and schools would need to use the correct psychiatric authority to stop mental contagions from spreading. Cameron also hoped to generate families capable of using authority and techniques to take measures against mental illness, which would later be apparent in Cameron’s MKULTRA and MKDELTA experiments. Cameron had been hoping to correct schizophrenia by erasing existing memories and reprogramming the psyche. He commuted from Albany to Montreal every week to work at McGill’s Allan Memorial Institute and was paid $69,000 from 1957 to 1964 to carry out MKUltra experiments there. In addition to LSD, he experimented with various paralytic drugs and electroconvulsive therapy at thirty to forty times the normal power.[24] His “driving” experiments consisted of putting a subject into a drug-induced coma for weeks at a time (up to three months in one case) while playing tape loops of noise or simple statements. These experiments were typically carried out on patients who had entered the institute for minor problems such as anxiety disorders anpostnatal depression; many suffered permanent debilitation after these treatments.[25] Such consequences included incontinence, amnesia, forgetting how to talk, forgetting their parents, and thinking their interrogators were their parents.[26] His work was inspired and paralleled by the psychiatrist William Sargant, who was also involved with the Intelligence Services and experimented extensively on his patients without their consent, causing similar long-term damage.[27]
Hess claimed selective amnesia, brought about after his parachuting into Scotland on May 10, 1941 and being arrested.
According to a Nov. 20, 1945 memorandum addressed to Brigidar-General Wm. L. Mitchell, General Secretary for the International Military Tribunal, Cameron examined Rudolph Hess on Nov. 15 and 19, 1945 (Rees 1947, p. 218).  The four signatories to the memorandum were Cameron, Dr. Jean Delay, Col. Paul L. Schroeder, M.D and Dr. Nolan D. C. Lewis of Columbia University.  Lewis was an early supporter of both Sakel’s insulin coma therapy (ICT) and Kalinowsky’s electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) treatments. The April 27, 1945 article in The New York Times alludes to “irreconcilables” and their “permanent internment,” but no mention is made of giving ECT to 12-year-old Nazis.  Maybe such a suggestion was put forth by Cameron, the 1944-1945 Columbia meetings likely produced many different ideas and approaches to the problem of reintegration, but without an exact citation further speculation would be counter-productive.  As that memorandum was introduced into evidence Nov. 24, 1945 at Nuremberg (the signatories were not required to be present and, indeed, had already begun to return to their respective home countries), it stands as significant that in the official commission appointment, the list names three Russians, three Brits, then introduces “Dr. Nolan D. C. Lewis, assisted by Dr. D. Ewen Cameron and Col. Paul Schroeder, M.D.”  The tenth and final name is “Professor Jean Delay,” a French psychiatrist from the School of Medicine at the University of Paris.  By this account, Lewis headed the American medical and psychiatric team and brought Cameron along for his expertise in memory.
Hess claimed selective amnesia, brought about after his parachuting into Scotland on May 10, 1941 and being arrested.SOURCE 

According to historian David Irving  “Rudolph Hess was almost certainly murdered”

Quoted from YouTube vid – David Irving, The faking of Adolf Hitler for History {time set for 1 hour 04 mins}

The British actually welded Hess’s body into a steal casket and they turned it over to the family, implying strongly that they would be very grateful if the Hess family then buried him without any further ado. But instead of turning left they turned right. The family took it down to Munich and the family then had the casket then cut open, and had the body then properly autopsied. The autopsy in particular refers to the fact that the scar on Hess’s neck…. Eh, Hess was meant to have hanged himself, well, there were various medical reasons why he couldn’t have. He had eh, he was so old and senile that he couldn’t tie his own shoe laces. He couldn’t raise his arms above his shoulder level. Em, he couldn’t tie the noose and put it over the hook which is what the… the allied version said. Em, but quite apart from that, the scar around his neck was horizontal, where as the scar of a hanged man is usually diagonal. {demonstrates, puts his hands under each ear pointing back and upwards} And I’ve.. I’ve got I think, links on my website to photographs showing the actual neck with the scar marks and the pathologist said that in his opinion it was a suici.. {Irving corrects himself} eh, it was a case of strangulation by a third party rather than suicide. Em the British government actually stopped the German police investigation – because we had control of that sector of Berlin at that time

The Hess Mess & Duke number 13

On 10 May 1941, Hess parachuted into Scotland; to meet with  The  13th Duke of Hamilton, Alfred Douglas and plot a secret peace treaty that would lead to the supremacy of Germany within Europe and the reinforcement of the British Empire without. ALLEGEDLY.

Daily Record Front Page 13/5/41 1941 World War 2

But as you can read here, perhaps all is not what it seems. It is also alleged that Duke number 13 was sympathetic to neo-fascist groups like the Nordic League and the Right Club. This activity was monitored by MI5 and it was reported that he had “many Nazi contacts in this country”. This included Archibald Ramsay, Lord Redesdale, 5th Duke of Wellington, Duke of Westminster and the Marquess of Graham.

Anyhoo, Hess crash landed at Floors Farm near Eaglesham & gave his name as “Alfred Horn”. Hess was injured in the crash & taken to hospital. He was imprisoned until the end of the war and the subsequent Nuremberg trials.

Hamilton came under pressure to explain his role in the affair, with suspicions being raised that he might have been in prior contact with Hess. Questions were asked in the House of Commons. On 22 May, Sir Archie gave a statement on his behalf,  which to cut a long story short, went something kinda like this…

Hess who? Well, it’s nothing to do wi the Duke! He didn’t do it, it wasnae him! Okay, he once visited Germany but that was only for ice cream. Oh yeah, & he MAY have gone to the Olympic games which MAY have been attended German ministers & possibly Hess. Did the deputy Führer see him there? Maybe, maybe not. He & his 3 brothers are serving in the Royal Air Force ya know, so it is clearly ridiculous to question his integrity & hound a respectable, honourable & decent man. You can read the long-winded claptrap here

According to wiki  IAAEE was founded in 1959 and has headquarters in Edinburgh, Scotland. According to Russ Bellant, it was later also incorporated in the United States through the personal agency of Lord Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton, a member of the British Cliveden Set which supported appeasement of Adolf Hitler prior to World War II.[1][2] Other historians, including Bruce Minton, give differing evidence.[3]    http://www.douglashistory.co.uk/history/malcolmdouglashamilton.htm#.WIDypRuLTIU

A. James Gregor was a founding director of the IAAEE which was, according to Gregor, established to restore “an intellectual climate in the U.S., and throughout the Western World, which would permit a free and open discussion of racial … problems.”[4] Gregor would later assert that his association with the organization was based on his concerns about congenital birth defects and the reproduction of the mentally retarded, as opposed to racial matters. Other members included Senator Jesse Helms and the oil billionaires William Herbert and Nelson Bunker Hunt.
The IAAEE’s main benefactor was Colonel Wickliffe Draper, a segregationist who opposed the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and sought to fund research that would provide scientific justification for segregation and revive the concept of racial hygiene which had been discredited as a result of the Nazis. In the 1970s Gregor was criticised for accepting grants from the Pioneer Fund which had been established by Draper to advance his views. IAAEE received $82,000 in grants from the Pioneer Fund between 1971 and 1996.

The Douglas Hamilton family history is INCREDIBLE. Never a dull moment!

Anyone who is anyone has been married to a Douglas Hamilton!

Duke Number 15

15th Duke of Hamilton Allan Warren.jpg

Angus Alan Douglas Douglas-Hamilton was premier peer of Scotland {I assume that has nothing to do with walls!!} He was the son of the Number 14 & Lady Liz {daughter of 8th Duke of Northumberland}  One of Angus’s wee brothers is James the Tory & Unionist politician. The seat of the Dukes of Hamilton is Lennoxlove House, replacing the now-demolished Hamilton Palace.
Number 15 was a Flight Lieutenant with the RAF & by all accounts, a wee bit of a posh boy racer & adrenalin junkie! He was a member of both Air Squadron & Queen’s Bodyguard for Scotlandwas a Knight of St John & Hereditary Keeper of the Palace of HolyroodhouseHe was also hereditary bearer of the Crown of Scotland to the Scottish Parliament & he fulfilled that duty by carrying the Crown in front of Queen Elizabeth at the ScotParl opening ceremony.
He was very friendly with the Royal Family, so friendly in fact, that Queen Lizzy mourned, when number 15 died.  Duke of Hamilton Dies After Battle with Dementia
Number 15‘s first wife,  Sarah Jane Scott, was the daughter of Major Sir Walter Scott, Sarah & Number 15 had four children, the second youngest being Alexander Douglas-Hamilton who is the current Duke Number 16

Duke Number 16

The Duke and Duchess of Hamilton cropped.jpgAlexander Douglas Douglas-Hamilton (DOB 31 March 1978)
Upon the death of his father on 5 June 2010, he became the 16th Duke of HamiltonNumber 16 inherited the following titles: Duke of Hamilton, Marquess of Douglas, Marquess of Clydesdale, Earl of Angus, Earl of Lanark, Earl of Arran and Cambridge, Lord Abernethy and Jedburgh Forest, Lord Machanshyre and Polmont and Lord Aven and Innerdale in the Peerage of Scotland, and Duke of Brandon and Baron Dutton, in the Peerage of Great Britain.
Number 16 was educated at Keil School & Gordonstoun. Oddly, both schools had major paedophile issues.  Keil here, herehere  Gordonstoun  here & here.
Also educated at Gordonstoun was Ian Douglas-Hamilton, son of Lord David Douglas-Hamilton. Ian’s grandfather was Duke Number 13Other Royals who also attended include Prince Phil,  Big Ears,  Never Ready Eddy,  Andy Pandy Pal of Paedo & Norton Knatchbull. More Gordonston VIP here
On 7 May 2011, he married Sophie Ann Rutherford (DOB 8 Dec 1976) Who’s an interior designer.  Best man at their wedding was the Duke’s wee brother, Lord John Douglas-Hamilton, who was his heir presumptive at the time. The Duke and Duchess went on to have 3 children.

Duke Number 11

William Alexander Anthony Archibald 11TH DUKE OF HAMILTON Stock Photo

William Alexander Archibald Hamilton Son of Number 10 & Susan Euphemia Beckford. Susan’s dad was novelist William BeckfordIn 1843 Number 11 married Princess Marie Amélie of Baden, daughter of the Grand Duke Charles of Baden and Stéphanie de BeauharnaisStephanie was the adopted daughter of Napoleon I

Duke Number 10  is by far my favourite. What a total FRUIT  LOOP

Alexander Hamilton 
Number 10 believed himself to be the true heir to the Scottish throne. Where as the rest of the population of Britain believed him to be the most pompous, arrogant, self-absorbed man that ever walked the earth!
In recognition of his own magnificence, Number 10 -when making his own funeral arrangements -commissioned a mausoleum for his final resting-place! here
His intention being to build “the eighth wonder of world” as he saw that to be fitting tribute to just how far up his own arse his head was!
Number 10 had a strong interest in Ancient Egyptian mummies, and was so impressed with the work of mummy expert Thomas Pettigrew that he arranged for Pettigrew to mummify him after his death.
But the piece de resistance was his coffin. This was the sarcophagus of an EGYPTIAN PRINCESS!! which he had purchased for £11,000, which was an absolute bloody fortune at the time & still is now!! 
Pitifully, this is where ego and sanity part company {Yip the above is normal in comparison to what’s coming next!}
Once the old crackpot popped his clogs, it became apparent that there was a considerable difference in height between the Duke & the poor unfortunate princess, who was being forcibly evicted from her coffin so as to make way for Number 10.. 
The only way that they could cram the old dingbat into the pokey cramped space was to cut his legs off at the knees.

So they did!!

The final irony however occurred later. In 1927, during a re-examination of the “Egyptian Princess” coffin. They  discovered that it had in fact originally been constructed for use by an Egyptian court jester.  Guess you could say that was the final nail in the coffin!  Source

Duke Number 1

The 1st Lord Hamilton was Sir James Hamilton In early 1474, he married Princess Mary, Countess of Arran, who was the eldest daughter of King James II Number 1 was succeeded by his only legitimate son Number 2, James

Duke Number 2

James, 2nd Lord Hamilton aged only 15 he was married firstly, c.1490, to 13-year-old Elizabeth Home, daughter of Alexander Home, 2nd Lord Home. The marriage was dissolved in 1506, when it was discovered that Elizabeth’s first husband was still alive at the time of the wedding and the marriage was annulled & then…..

She turned 14!!

Elizabeth’s first NON DEAD husband was Thomas Hay, son of John Hay, 1st Lord Hay of YesterYester also has has a very interesting history.. 
Yester Castle is now a ruin, the only remaining structure is the subterranean Goblin Ha’ or Hobgoblin Ha’ {pic on the left is the entrance to hobgoblin hall which is on the right}
It was begun in the 13th century by Hugo de Giffard, the “Wizard of Yester”, who was reputed to be a warlock or “necromancer” {ye olde Savile springs to mind} The wizard is said to have made a pact with the Devil and raised an army of goblins who built him a subterranean chamber where he could practice his dark arts. – There is a lot more information & fantastic pictures found here & here 
Oddly enough, Hobgoblin Hall featured in Sir Walter Scott‘s Marmion..  Guess it really is a small world eh?!


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