3 Fires, Keil School, Convicted Paedo William Bain & Royalty!

I noticed a few days ago that NONE of the online newspapers actually named the school where Bain abused the 5 children. They all, very clumsily, skirted around the name (herewhich set off my bullshit radar! So I started digging, trying to find the out which school it was & the reason why they wouldn’t name it. Especially as they all happily named Glenalmond where he apparently didn’t abuse (He didn’t?! Ok then!)
He taught at Keil School in Dumbarton from 1980s until it closed in 2000. (& numerous others listed below)
Then I saw that the gentleman named below attended Keil. Could he be the reason for the secrecy?
Is the Royal link also why Keil School -oh so conveniently- went on fire twice before finally burning to the ground the third time in 2013?? (Presumably records all gone along with any DNA evidence) This would also have been around the same time Bain’s paedo-ness was coming to light. How handy was that last fire?!
Alexander Douglas-Hamilton, 16th Duke of Hamilton
5 June 2010 – present: His Grace The Duke of Hamilton and Brandon
He inherited the following titles: Duke of Hamilton, Marquess of Douglas, Marquess of Clydesdale, Earl of Angus, Earl of Lanark, Earl of Arran and Cambridge, Lord Abernethy and Jedburgh Forest, Lord Machanshyre and Polmont and Lord Aven and Innerdale in the Peerage of Scotland, and Duke of Brandon and Baron Dutton, in the Peerage of Great Britain.[7]
(W O W  His birthdays must be hard going. Can you imagine trying to fit all that on a gift tag?!!)
The express (article below) is the only paper to actually name Keil School. Fair play.
It would also appear that William/Bill/Billy Bain got around a fair bit and taught in several schools in UKSOURCE Did he leave a trail of abused children in his wake?  Take a look at who was at Robert Gordon’s at same time…
Robert Gordons & Convicted Paedo Bill Bain/


A few more bits & bobs about Keil School….

Bill Bain ZoomInfo 
KEIL SCHOOL  KeilSchoolOldBoysClub  Keil wiki
Glenalmond (Reids House)  Glenalmond wiki

Glenalmond College, Perthshire boarding school teacher, William Bain GUILTY of CHILD SEX ABUSE
Paedophile Teacher William Bain JAILED for 6+1/2 yrs

Teacher jailed for abusing boys at top Scots school  By STEPHEN WILKE May 17, 2016
Bill Bain, who was head of electronics at £22,000-a-year Glenalmond College in Perthshire, was suspended immediately when the allegations emerged.
The 62-year-old was accused by five boys of abusing them when he was a housemaster at the now-defunct Keil School in Dumbarton between 1989 and 1995.
The pervert was finally caught last year when one sickened victim discovered his abuser was still teaching and called police.
At the High Court in Glasgow yesterday, Bain was jailed for six-and-a-half years after pleading guilty to five charges of using lewd and libidinous practices while employed as a teacher.
Judge Lady Scott told him the crimes were “persistent” sexual abuse and that he appeared to not have any “contrition” for what he had done. She said the jail term had been cut from eight-and-a-half years due to his guilty pleas.
Shamed Bain – who lived with his mother in Crieff, Perthshire – did not show any emotion as he was led handcuffed to the cells.
The 62-year-old was accused by five boys of abusing them between 1989 and 1995
He had been a teacher at Keil – one of Scotland’s leading fee-paying schools, which closed in 2000 – and was subsequently promoted to housemaster.
Detective Inspector Grant MacLeod
Bain targeted boys in an empty classroom, a photography dark-room and in his private flat at the school.
The first boy was aged 11 when the abuse started. The next victim was a year older when Bain began molesting him several times-a-week.
Around the same time, Bain repeatedly preyed on a third boy, who was also 11 when the predator first pounced.
The fourth pupil was the same age as he was abused a total of 50 times.
Prosecutor, Ross McFarlane said the final victim – aged 12 – had spoken because he was being bullied at the school.
Bain left the Keil in 2000 and moved to exclusive Glenalmond College, which counts actor Robbie Coltrane, ex-Scotland rugby captain David Sole and the late newsreader Sandy Gall as former pupils.
After the hearing last month, a spokesperson for Glenalmond said Bain had been “immediately suspended” when the accusations first arose.
The statement went on: “Police Scotland made us aware of allegations of a child protection nature made against a former member teaching staff. These related to his previous employment and were not in connection with Glenalmond College.”
Detective Inspector Grant MacLeod, who helped bring Bain to justice, last night said: “He is a dangerous predator .” SOURCE EXPRESS

Keil School aka Helenslee House
A fresh bid is being made to transform a crumbling historic building in Dumbarton.
Avant Homes, the new trading name for Bett Homes, wants to convert Helenslee House into 13 new flats. The developer has lodged plans for the former Keil School, and also hopes to create 26 new homes and a block of flats at the site.
The application, recently made to West Dunbartonshire Council’s planning department, also includes a request to increase parking at the site from 10 spaces to 95.
If permission is granted, the revamped 19th century mansion would become a mixture of one and two bedroom flats.
This new application comes after Bett Homes failed to keep its promise to restore the former Keil School as part of a bigger development. The firm was originally given permission to build 11 houses and 12 flats on the site – on the special condition it renovated Helenslee House.
But a debt crisis stopped all works and, in February last year, the developer requested the condition was removed due to estimated costs rising to more than £4million.
This was unanimously rejected by councillors, and the firm was left in limbo as it had built 10 houses and a block of flats at the site. The next planning committee is on Wednesday, January 27. SOURCE DailyRecord

Firebugs have been targeting the former Keil School in Dumbarton.
Vandals struck at around 9.10pm on Saturday when emergency services received reports of pallets being set alight in the grounds of the Helenslee Road building.
A similar call was then received at around 2.15am this morning (Tuesday). The fire service extinguished both blazes and police have warned of the dangers associated with setting such fires. SOURCE DailyRecord



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