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This open letter was written by Mr. Harry Joost, a man I never met and who died only a few years after he wrote this.
A lot of the information I have on Fr. Shay Cullen is from the files of Mr. Joost. I am sure he would be pleased that someone is able to post it – 18yrs later. It explains a lot.

Harry E. Joost
Baloy Long Beach Resort
Bo. Barretto, Olongapo City



Since I am confronted almost every day with your baseless assaults, slander and libel in newspapers, on the Internet, in letters to the editor, in almost all your affidavits and wherever else you can find, including public meetings, I see only one remedy, and that is to answer these attacks in an open letter.
You were unopposed for many years for attacking every single critic of you right away with unreasonable and harsh measures. You silenced your critics with attacks intentionally designed to cause the greatest personal damage to their reputations, that other people would call slander and libel.
You forced your critics into silence by labeling them as pedophile supporters and suchlike knowing that such labels can do untold damage to the reputations of honest and upstanding members of the community.

You give the impression that because you are a priest you are above the law and that you could be guilty of no crime!, yet it is a crime in your own country – Ireland – to libel with malicious intent as you have been doing.

People would rather stay silent than to go into a “clinch” with a priest. With a priest who according to public perception would never lie, is always right, would seem on the face of it to protect children and who has a vast amount of donated funding (donated I assume to assist the children you are claiming to help) to spend to destroy anybody who might dare to criticize you or your methods, if needed. In fact, you have built up a wall of fear around yourself.

I honestly believe you have little respect for any human being but yourself, worse you do not seem to have any respect at all for any Filipino. I am married to a Filipina more than 22 years already. I respect and love my wife, the children we have together and I love her country the Philippines and her people too. Anybody putting a “question mark” on this will raise my anger. You have raised my anger.

People became aware that our generation needed to protect our future generations, our children. The protection of our children could be achieved only with an international understanding for their needs and their rights. Slowly, not to say too slowly, an international awareness developed and the implementing of children’s rights made progress.

Many people and many organizations are now involved and working hard to reach the goal, which should have been reached a long time ago already. But many people grabbed the opportunity to “surf on the wave” to make some fast money. Many people became rich, constructing mansions and acquiring a fleet of cars but in fact are not caring for children in the manner they portray to the public. They just pretend to do so, talking clever, pretending to be indispensable and making it appear that nothing would be achieved without them.

A couple of years ago you realized that some good “Pedophile” cases would boost up your ego and your publicity. Your “Drug Business” was not lucrative anymore and you were one lone priest among others fighting this terrible phenomenon of the modern age. (the drug problem did not go away, did it? was it not rewarding enough for you?)

You got your pedophile cases. I will not elaborate on the different cases. I just remind you about the “Alpenblick” case, which turned out to be a fiasco for you and your group of so-called journalists. Please remember that I called and warned you when I received a fax from the Television people who told me that they were planning a fictive “show” and needed the name of any place owned by a German or Swiss, they would do the rest. You did not listen to me and conspired with them.
With full intention, you and your journalists destroyed the reputation, the honor and the future of at least one man. Still you are not ashamed to brand him “Pedophile” during your trips abroad despite his acquittal by the former Secretary of Justice. A shame for you!

I was lucky at that time, I realized how rigorous you would be in your operations, how without regard for individuals you would destroy people for just one goal. Publicity for yourself!!. You wanted publicity on Television by any means. This was the time I denied you future support and assistance as I had previously tried to support you for several months. I was searching for the priest in you but could not find him. When I saw the suffering of the victims in the “Alpenblick” case I even tried to appeal to your conscience, do you remember?
I tell you quite honestly that I was ashamed for what the TV-People and you did.

I approached the real victims of that “Alpenblick” scandal and offered my help. My help to them was not only for free, but on my own expenses. I hope you will believe me if I tell you that they had their serious doubts about me because they knew that I was in contact with you before. They did not trust me, thinking that I was a part of your scam.

The initial impact of the “Alpenblick” case, which was well staged, made you restless and greedy for more publicity. Publicity was what you badly needed to become somebody in the “world of the fighters against child abuse”. The Fitzgerald case was in its initial stage and not yet ready for the sensation you needed, you needed more and that “more” you needed badly.

For me there was only one alternative left, and that was to turn against you and to help these poor innocent men after you denied my pleadings, my begging for your concessions and insight. You wanted the televisions show, even though it was disastrous for that man and you got it.

This was the time I looked into other cases you filed against various people, mostly against foreigners. I will not go into the details. It was enough to learn your way of operating and I believe I understood your reason for it.

Also at this time you “fell in love” with the word pedophile. You made it your catchphrase and used it at any given chance. You took advantage of the ignorance of the ordinary people who were not aware of the actual meaning of the word pedophile. Seeing the impact of that word on these people you extended this catchphrase many times. You invented Pedophile Rings, Pedophile Syndicates, Pedophile Support Groups, International operating Pedophile Organizations, Child molesting Syndicates and what else, you name it.

Everybody crisscrossing your path was labeled with one of these titles. Even the Philippines as a Country became the Pedophile Capital of the World in your mind (You seem to forget to mention that Ireland has a much publicized pedophile problem, and that Priests are being convicted there practically on a daily basis of this heinous crime of sexually assaulting and raping children in their supposed care.

I am told that one convicted lately was personally known to you, and even studied at the same time as you and in the same place as you in Ireland, he says he buggered young boys because as a missionary Priest in the Far East he was lonely!! and yes in Ireland the people at first would not believe any Priest would commit such an offence, now the people know that not only some but very many of their trusted priests buggered young boys and were responsible for the deaths of so many young children!) In Ireland, the Priest is no longer trusted to be alone with children, and you Father Shay Cullen dare come here and preach to us!

These descriptions coming from you as a trusted Priest sounded bad and that is what you wanted. International reaction and sympathy for your cause, along of course with many, many monetary donations which you did not even have to account for, at least in your own mind!

It was not long before you labeled me with all the titles mentioned above and you even invented more. Honestly, it affected me only in a minor way at that time, because it at least opened my eyes to your warped mind, a wolf in sheep’s clothing able to change colors like a chameleon. Yes, you could change colors depending on your needs. You are great in twisting words around and you have the Irish charm and the gift of the Blarney to convince people to believe what you are saying. You bring shame on your fellow Priests that follow the Word of the Scriptures in what they practice as Priests ministering to the people.

Sir, you noticed that I never filed any complaint for libel, slander or what else against you before. This would have been against my nature as a peace loving, family father. More importantly my decision not to sue you was because I did not want to sink to the low level you are operating on.

You have published nonsense about me at any given chance, accusing me of any crime possible in connection with child abuse or prostitution. These wild accusations just confirmed to me that you were on the warpath ignoring the truth and reaching a low level I do better not to describe. I felt sad that you had to resort to such tactics and felt pity for you as a Priest. As I felt you had lost your vocation to God.

You have your own way of interpreting the law. In one letter addressed to a prosecutor you described it very well, YOUR LAW. You actually played with the law and practiced ways to find out how much you could extend laws, how much you could twist it around, how far you could influence or manipulate the laws. If questioned you indulged yourself in endless attempts of explanations and self-glorifications. In short, you wrote clever sounding nonsense. Ordinary honest people just listened and took for granted that as a Priest you must be telling the truth!

I could not interpret your Counter-Affidavit dated May 14, 1999 and issued in connection with a libel case filed against you by Mr. Edmonds other than to express my honest concern about your condition. The Indian saying applies: “He is speaking with two tongues”. You are stating under Paragraph 5 of this affidavit:

“Besides, even if such a allegation, that Edmonds is
a suspected Pedophile, it is not defamatory or libelous
since Pedophilia in itself is not a crime, it is a condition,
a deposition of a person or persons. No statement was
made that Edmonds actually committed an act of sexual
abuse against a child.”

Forgive me if I said before you are talented at twisting words around. At least in the above-mentioned affidavit you are doing it. to intentionally damage the reputation of a father in the eyes of the public!

In all your writings, publications and justifications you are calling Victor Fitzgerald a convicted pedophile. He was not convicted of physically or mentally abusing any child as you well know. Nothing is stated that he is convicted for being a pedophile. It is just confirming my thesis about your catchphrases. You just want to hurt; you want to hurt for the hurting.

If pedophilia would have to be considered to be a condition, it could be called illness too. You are calling the foreign community and all people helping Victor Fitzgerald Pedophile Rings, Pedophile Syndicates, Pedophile Support Groups, International operating Pedophile Organizations. You have even called me many times the leader of these groups or organizations.

While we talk about Mr. Victor Fitzgerald, “your” convicted pedophile. May I remind you that his conviction is not yet final and that it is the constitutional right of everybody to defend himself until the judgment is final. Since I honestly believe that Mr. Victor Fitzgerald during the time of his trial did not have the liberty to gather sufficient evidences for his defense for himself, because you filed one rape case after the other against him (a non-bailable offense), he was solely depending on other people to look for the evidence he needed to defend himself against a misguided and sick minded man. You did your best to keep Victor Fitzgerald totally isolated, harassed him with a broad spectrum of insults and almost threatened everybody who just went near him. You harassed the warden of the jail, you harassed the Judges, you harassed the people you claimed were the victims of Fitzgerald up to the extent of forcing at least one child to file charges against her own family. Fitzgerald has every right to claim he is innocent until the decision against him is final or until he will be proven innocent. You are talking about law but you are talking about your “own” laws. You are denying Fitzgerald the basic laws.

You conducted your own trial by international media against Victor Fitzgerald long before any Court conviction took place, but you omitted to advise that same media when Victor was acquitted of the heinous child rape charges manufactured to cause him the greatest possible harm and to ensure he would die resulting from the death penalty being handed down to him in Court.

You modus operandi doesn’t work this time. You accused me that I was the one to bring the girls involved in the Fitzgerald case to the Solicitor General to retract their statements. That sounds bad! And you wanted it to sound bad.

In fact, who are you to forbid anybody to go to that office for whatever reason, especially if it is to help an innocent man find justice by uncovering the real truth, the real evidence!
One girl, driven by her conscience traveled on her own and on her own expenses to the office of the Solicitor General. She was told to bring all girls over there. Yes Sir, I gave them a ride because I had to go to Manila too. I was invited by the Assistant Solicitor to join the meeting. I joined. Sorry that I forgot to ask for your permission. You are writing about this as if I committed a heinous crime. It was my obligation as a human being to do what I did. Don’t make a fuss out of it.
Even all your alleged rape cases fell apart and one court decision mentioned this was not very favorable for you!

Don’t forget that all the “rape victims” turned out to be virgins. Please forgive me if I don’t elaborate the Merlyn D. case. You really tried desperately to explain how a rape occurred and why the victim remained a virgin. You described it so clearly and with such perverse detail that I almost vomited for disgust. You mentioned her full name with the result that everybody at this time knows the identity and anatomy of this poor girl. Disgusting. In your own Country – Ireland this also is a criminal offence but why should you take any more notice of Irish laws than you do of Philippine laws.

I remember too that you were loud to demand the death penalty for Victor Fitzgerald who was sitting in his cell like a goat waiting for slaughter. Can you understand now why some people are saying you might have exceeded your bounds? I go so far to say you did. Was this your way to attempt to silence Mr. Fitzgerald by having him executed in case the true evidence might come to light acquitting him of any crime, and questioning your involvement in the case and your motives?
It is very remarkable that you are suddenly pretending to be an advocate against the Death Penalty. I am sure that the reason for your change of mind is still pending at the Department of Justice.

You as a Priest should welcome any attempt for a reopening of the case against Victor Fitzgerald. If you are for Justice as you are claiming at any given chance, then let the people see you allow him that Justice. You are claiming that all the evidence is clearly against him. If that is truly the case then should you not welcome the opportunity to be proven right!


I am sure, as a Priest and an honorable man you have nothing to hide. Come on, prove yourself and let us work on a reopening of the case to have your claims confirmed, your claims that Victor Fitzgerald is guilty.

May I remind you about the very and good statement Father Silverio Deltour made in a personal letter dated March 4, 2000, which was addressed to you and distributed by your own staff. Father Silverio Deltour said very striking:


“You appeal to our being Christians and priests. A Christian will certainly be glad of any evidence which may show that, after all, an alleged crime was not committed and the Lord was not offended. So why would you, as a Christian not welcome such evidence, if any, and have it tested in Court? Wouldn’t we all be happy if Fitzgerald were not as bad as we thought he was? The contrary feeling would be devilish, wouldn’t
You may think his guilt is too obvious and that no new evidence can ever stand up in court. Again, you are entitled to your opinion, but other people think differently. Who then can decide the issue? Not the priests of Zambales, and not you either. Only the court. If you are so sure of the man’s guilt, why would you object to a review of the case? You trust the court, don’t you? Why else would you quote so extensively from the court’s decision? Or would you trust the court only if it convicts your man? Then you are biased, not seeking justice.
I am absolutely sure that in this case you will show that you are a real Priest and work together with everybody to find the truth.”

Finally, never forget:

Jesus said: You are in jail and I visited you!

Harry E. Joost
April 23, 2000
Easter Day