The Beast

The Beast

The days of mass hysteria
were the frenzied days of hate
they plotted and they schemed
despising while they lay in wait
Enjoying the cameraderie
The unity from spite
Piercing the backs of the enemy
Preparing for the fight
Not a day of reflection
Not a single day of morality found
No-one stood up for what was right
While the perpetrators were around
No questioning courage in the herd
Shocked at what they read
No changing the direction
While the beast was fed
Taken over by evil
Disguised as righteous indignation
The real intent was hidden
Behind a meaningful invasion
Every challenge rejected
As a defeat to what was right
While the victims of this travesty
Stood firmly through their plight
The victims hearts were hidden
Ignored and disregarded
The victims were dehumanised
When the urge to depose was started
Selfishness and poison
Was behind the collective creed
Never to relinquish
Until they meet their vicious needs
There are no winners or losers
Just wasters and users
The nature of the beast……..

Janine Rennie 

(10th Aug 2014)


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