The Highlands & Islands & The Gender Agenda

with thanks to  @Albion_Rover 

Fri June 8th 2018

Heres a another prime example of the gender agenda at work in the Highlands.. They are teaching our kids weird crap, & all with council and tax-exempt foundation backing

MisstahCook (left) is running reading for children in Highland

he is pushing the diversity “gender agenda”

meaning lesbian and gay and three partner and other divergent lifestyles


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Misstahcook wins awards (From Stonewall)

MisstahCook’s personal  reading material: gay fantasy-romance with demonic themes?!

“Set in modern day Inverness, Elected: The Book of Daniel is a fantasy novel with a biblical twist. It introduces the smart and feisty Leo Alexander; a twenty six year old, fresh faced teacher with a secret talent for spell casting. When the enigmatic and impossibly gorgeous Lucas breaks into his flat and delivers news of an apocalyptic threat, Leo is plunged head first into a vicious war between the angels of heaven and the demons of hell. The reason? It just so happens that Daniel, Leo’s favourite student, carries the divine power of creation in his soul and Baal, the son of Satan, wants it. With the demons closing in, Leo must accept that he’s one of God’s Elect and master his magical gifts so he can protect an innocent child from a fate worse than death. Because if he doesn’t, Daniel will die and all hell will be unleashed.”



MisstahCook provides the resources for teachers

Oddly, it’s exactly the same pattern in Aberdeen

& when @Albion_Rover asked MisstahCook if he had parents had consented to LBGT teaching for their kids. He was told it was none of the parents business and he, as an educator would ignore their views (he deleted the tweet, both @Albion_Rover & I have been looking for a copy, but as it was back on the 25th March we have had no luck)

But it turns out MisstahCook teaches teachers how to teach LBGT in, you’ve guessed it, Aberdeen


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He is a one-man gay missionary movement, and he, not parents, will decide what is taught.

I wonder if there are more. Is the threat of bullying being used as a wedge issue to make young children’s education such that roles and identities are confused?

Remember how they sold eugenics, cash prises

to the tune of one million dollars…

Fri 1st June 2018