The Children Rise Again

The Children Rise Again 


I watched you crawling in the gutter

As the rest saw you suited into respectability

Smug and emotionless

Hid a sea of bile and poison

While your victims hid in the daylight

You came out in the darkness

I stared at you across a room of people

Saw into your lack of soul

Through emotionless eyes

Narcissistic intensity

Holding court

“What a fabulous orator”

We heard your victims voices

Through the barriers you built through fear

Before again they ran to safety

We know you and we see you

We will always see you

Those who can be bought to hide your crimes

Will one day hang their heads in shame

The warriors of justice

Will never be corrupted

Or compromised by threats

The abusers of the powerless

Will sink

As the children rise again


10th Feb 2017