Working with tramatic memory.


5 thoughts on “Working with tramatic memory.

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  2. I am so delighted you are giving these things attention. Most people do not understand the hidden storage of traumatic experiences. And the sorts of discomfort we might feel and not understand as nothing is going on at the moment or in the present. These out of place feelings are actually links made by the inner brain so that if a time comes when we are in s safe place and environment, that the sub-conscious determines is enough to start to let feelings come up and out. Often you will have dreams sort of warning what is gong to be coming up fairly soon.. part of the purpose is that as those related symptoms are touched off be regular life, they get us thinking and if we are informed, expecting an arrival of something worse that need to come up and out. The inner brain decides when the time is right.

    many who help mind control victims and SRA victims or just incest victims, want to maintain the outdated concept of office appointments for therapy. The sub-conscious may not be able to work with that. the traumatized person may need to be able to reach the therapist at anytime, in order to feel safe and secure. Some will consent to that but many will not. My opinion is that anyone who is going to try to help these serious abuse victims will have to give more of themselves that is typical of regular therapy and violates standard procedures. In many respects, a trauma victim did not have the parents they needed and those lacks have to be relived so that they can now have the childhood over again, so to speak, to receive a more normal standard of life and its rules and to make adjustments in the present and future. The victims will need help in being their own parent and guide as they try to reform their lives and build a brand new life and state of being.

    Then you have the liars who accuse therapists of everything in the book. All governments are heavily inserted into psychiatry and psychology to keep those “under control.” Van Der Kolk is an excellent source for many aspects of this, but I think therapists who treat victims as well as the recovered victims, have many good suggestions. I think Brice Taylor and Kathleen Sullivan are the 2 best in that category. Mind you, therapists have come along way since those two wrote their stuff. I’d like to see more of these type of articles as most people are unaware of how their own brains really work. They need to understand these functions. Most Satanists and government spooks lie like hell about this stuff. They need to be refuted.

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